The School of Manifestation


On July 31, 2013, Saint Germain inaugurated the opening of the School of Manifestation and a whole new teaching center from the inner planes was activated in human consciousness.  This center was created by Archangel Metatron with the Ascended Masters, and was joined by the Arcturians and a vast angelic presence.

This is the beginning of a whole new project of cocreation with the Masters and Angels.  They are going to bring a whole new body of work through me for the School of Manifestation and we are all very excited about sharing this opportunity with more people.  Here are the links to the welcome messages from the Ascended Masters.

Who Are the Ascended Masters?

Sananda’s Welcome Message

Mother Mary’s Message

Saint Germain’s Introduction to the School


Currently this new body of work includes three telecourses and a series of video presentations filmed during my work in Sarasota.

Allowing Divine Manifestation (5 weeks + 1 Bonus week) This is the first course and serves as an introduction to working with the Ascended Masters. During the course, the inner plane guides and spiritual energies of the School introduce themselves. This course is the foundation for a whole new body of work from the Masters and teaches us about how to allow manifestation to flow without getting in the way.  It also contains many prophecies about the manifestations being sent down from the higher dimensions, and our purpose to be divine receivers.  The School of Manifestation is not about the Law of Attraction and how to get what you want, like other manifestation courses teach.  It is about true cocreation with the Divine in a way that transcends the ways that self will can impede a manifestation process that is part of our natural birthright. Many of the people that have take this course have reported feeling as though a burden was being lifted in the process.

Manifesting Through Alignment With Spiritual Power (7 Weeks) This is the second course from the School of Manifestation, and is directed by the Arcturians.  During the first course, the Arcturian Ancient Seven introduce themselves and revealed that they would be directing the next course.  During this course we heard from two Arcturian guides from the group of Seven, and also received transmissions from Metatron and the Arcturian Angels.  This is an excellent course for deepening your sacred marriage to the Earth, one of the focuses of the Arcturian Teachings.  If you are not familiar with this highly advanced ET race, this is a perfect introduction, and you can also search for “Arcturians” on this website to find many other articles.

Working Within Your Angelic Blueprint (12 Weeks in Two Parts) This is the third course in the series of three that begins the work of the School of Manifestation.  This is just the beginning, but it unfolded as a well orchestrated plan from the higher dimensions, and I was blessed to be the channel for it.  This course is all about Angelic Integration and the role the angels are playing with the process of Higher Self Integration.  This course will bring you closer to the Angelic Presence and help you attune to a more intuitive way of being.  The tools offered by the Angels for tapping into your Angelic Blueprint are profound and give you a window into the leading edge of humanity’s collective awakening process.

The Sarasota Video Series.  Throughout the subscription, full length video presentations from my work in Sarasota will be released that complement the subjects of these courses, providing a break between them.  These videos are highly informative and activating regarding our connection with the Angelic Presence, ETs, the Ascended Masters, and the real nature of our spiritual training.

 At Least 10% of all proceeds are donated to charity.

Click Here to watch opening segments from some of the videos on YouTube.

Click Here if you would like to read testimonials from the students.


2 replies

  1. Wish it was free to those of us who find ourselves well educated but unemployed. Maybe you will consider that.

    • On the registration page you will see that that I do offer scholarships.
      These are paid for by former students who wanted to gift the course to more people, so if you feel worthy of receiving a real monetary gift from the kindness of a stranger, and your need is authentic, then you can request a scholarship. Just click on the registration link toward the bottom of the “Join the School of Manifestation” page. You can read the messages of the three Masters there and feel if this is right for you. I wouldn’t want a scholarship to go to someone who will just take it for granted, but if it feels right, let me know and I will get you registered so you can download the course.

      Sorry to hear you are unemployed. I have been there myself.
      This is a year of new beginnings though, and anything can happen.
      Hope you are well,

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