Recent Testimonials from May 2012 on:

Hi Michael,
Thank you so much for an incredible reading. I feel lighter and impassioned, like a great burden has been removed, learning more about the big picture of my life’s work and events that deeply effected my husband and his family. You confirmed so many things I’ve known, taught me new insights and also infused me with a renewed sense of my purpose and how very blessed I am. I can not thank you enough! Hope to speak to you soon. You are a gem!

With Love,

“Michael White is an amazing intuitive reader! My session unlocked some things I needed to remember, and unblocked some things that needed to flow.  He has a powerful gift of insight, and when it’s directed at you personally, the results are tremendous and profound. Thank you, Michael!!! Like his author page here at http://www.facebook.com/peacekeyper

-Amanda (U.S.)

“Michael, Thank you for bringing such clarity and Truth to your readings. Having been a seeker to spiritual pursuits for 22 years and being exposed to so many things. . . I recognize your level of ability as being far far above most people out there. You have a great gift to not only access information from the realms of illumined truth but to bring it forth in such an easy going manner which the heart resonates with. I find your work both informative for the mind an healing to the body, soul, heart. What has come forth for me through your gift is still working me on many levels. Anyone who has been guided to you and your work is in for a very special treat.”

-Jillian Auberger (U.S.)

“Thank you Michael for an incredibly healing and uplifting reading, and especially for connecting me with my angelic guides, who apparently have been craving a relationship with me as much as I them! What I especially loved about the session was the combination of many practical exercises you offered, as well as a profoundly deep and gentle healing accompanied by your remarkable intuitive insight – I truly felt supported by you throughout, and I deeply appreciate your care and commitment to releasing the old and transforming my life to my highest dreaming. Love and gratitude,

-Raquel (Australia)

“I thoroughly received specific divine guidance during our session, Michael, and am taking action steps based on the information you shared. I very much appreciate your gifts, and feel a huge relief which translates into a different perspective, which means, a different life. 🙂 Even other people, like me, who can channel need a little help every once in awhile. I know I definitely did! Blessings of love to you!”

-Susan (Canada)

“Hi Michael, Just wish you to thank you once more for our reading session that was amazing, fabuloussss…. It was so much on target on everything that is unfolding for me at this time….  The Masters were bringing forth some wonderful insights and guindence for myself that made lot of the sense in a precise, clear way. Much have i been asking to receive guidence for had been answered, and it was delightful to experience as the Masters were dropping in through the session…  I felt being held with so much love and support. So this was a great gift from you as a channel and I simply am humbled and grateful. I feel deeply touched and blessed, thanks beautiful brother… lots of love

-Brigitta (Europe/U.S.)

Testimonials from 2011

“My readings with Michael have been of tremendous support to my awakening process.  They have not only helped me to become even more clear about my own journey….. helping me to gain greater insight into what is unfolding in that process, but they have also been hugely beneficial to my navigation, and affirming of my own intuitive nature.  In addition, the readings have helped me to simply relax and fall into deeper trust of that journey……. allowing all to continue to unfold effortlessly.”


“It has been an honor and a distinct pleasure to know and work with Michael for a number of years now. He is exceptionally talented in his ability to assist people in sessions in understanding their Soul’s journey, spiritual path, and with their spiritual growth and development. Michael excels in his ability to tune into whatever is in one’s highest good to know at any particular time. He also has the talent of being able to go out into time and give insight about personal future possibilities and potentials.”

“Michael holds a beautiful balance of total unconditional love, along with much wisdom and insight. He will address whatever a person would like more clarity on as one of Michael’s talents is that he is very clear. He cares deeply about the well being of every person and all life on this beautiful planet. Michael is working continually and with great devotion for the transformation of this planet and all people on it. Michael is someone I would highly recommend to everyone, as I am forever grateful for the blessings and openings he has brought into my life. I know in my heart that much good will come to whomever talks with him and for that I am truly grateful!”


“Michael has given me two readings focused on my lifelong passion and work, which is music.  There is much energy and emotion that circles my beingness around the simple thought or action of “being a musician”that sometimes is overwhelming.  So, knowing I needed some support, I called on Michael to channel for me.”

“Our first reading confirmed for me much of what I already knew, yet I was so fogged by unfulfilled desire and self-doubt that having him channel for me what I knew deep down was true brought tears of relief to me: that I was here to do music.  He covered many areas of the spiritual side of the music and how it connected to my soul and destiny.”

“The second reading further clarified things for me as we got more into the nuts and bolts of my creative process.  He was guided to share with me several things again that I already knew in some part of my being, because I am someone who channels as well and is very meditative.  Yet still having Michael go in there with me provided an enormous amount of support so that I could actually sit with the guidance in a much more grounded way.”

“It has been about three months since our reading and it has indeed unfolded amazingly and continues to, day by day.  I will be in the middle of my creative process and I will hear or remember a sentence or word from the reading.  It has a focused calming quality to it.  There are other times when I feel lack of inspiration or fear and I will refer back to the feeling of tremendous joy I felt and ease during the reading when I felt a sense of supported confirmation.  It was one of the best choices I made to ask him for support with my creative process.  I recommend him to anyone.”


“I just re-listened to the tape of my reading from last summer.  Some readings just offer predictions – most of which don’t ever come true.  Your sessions are more constructive and are like counseling sessions that focus more on personal growth; so much valuable information that I had forgotten – things that I still can and need to work on.”

“For the second time, you gently encouraged a change of direction.  I’ve finally made it!  I didn’t make the change solely on your encouragement, but it did get me to think about where I was putting most of my efforts – and why!  I can’t tell you how amazed I am at the frequent feelings of contentment, gratitude, and, actually, Bliss, that I’ve felt since I made that tough decision.  I don’t even have to be in meditation to feel that!”



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  1. I have been blessed through Michael’s readings. For anyone on the Spiritual path, Michael’s readings are always timely, and in alignment with love for all aspects of creation. The information presented in his readings are high vibration, and provide food for the soul, in addition to assisting and guiding me , he has the ability to present the information with unconditional love!.
    Eileen Marino


  1. Testimonial from Jillian Auberger, PhD. - The School of Manifestation

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