Testimonials for the School of Manifestation

These are testimonials from the students of the first course.  This first one is a great testimonial describing how Ray overcame his initial resistance to the calling of the course.  People can often resist things that are good for them when there is a monetary cost, but as we learned  in the Allowing Divine Manifestation course, “You can afford anything that is in alignment with Divine Will”.  When you trust in that, the abundance of the universe will always flow into what Spirit is wanting to manifest for you.  Enjoy!


At first glance I was not sure of what direction this web course would go.  If it would serve me, and if it would, was for the highest good of all.  I also was deep in the materialistic mindset of “How can I afford this?”

Having had the pleasure of having Saryon channel readings for me on several occasions I knew the answer to the second question.  He would not be a part of anything that was not for the Highest Good of all.  So that excuse was crossed off the list.  Now for the money part.  This problem was solved with a little bit of surrender on my part.  I live in Las Vegas and often dine at a local casino before my work shift starts.  Well, a very friendly slot machine and a $20 bill granted me the funds to register for the class.  I used the “bring a friend” option and invited my Reiki Master Teacher to the class also.  So this answered the 1st question “How would this serve me”? It served me by allowing me to give service to others, thus serving myself.

Now for the Manifesting experience.  This course opened my mind to the convoluted ways I was thinking about how to bring abundance to my life.  I learned that the long held values of materialism actually push away any possibilities of allowing Divine Will to work its magic.  This life lesson was brought into light with the help of many channeled guides/Masters that Saryon plugged into.  Even some surprise guests: the Arcturians.

For those interested in taking or continuing on this course I can truly say that to get the best results from this course you must take the time to let the information “Marinate”.  You have to be willing and able to set the time aside to be centered with this information.  Perform a calming meditation before listening, read the printouts and truly take in the words.  Highlight them if necessary.  This is a life changing/Divine course and needs to have your undivided attention to do you the most good.  Once you “Surrender”, the information makes sense and will change your life in so many ways.

How has the course touched my life?  Two very powerful, vivid and full color dreams about the violet flame were gifted to me during the second and third weeks of the course.  But more importantly I learned how to surrender to Divine Will.  I now have the courage to live and understand the serenity prayer.  “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference”.  My path is well lit, the way is clear, the manifestation for Divine Will and abundance is now engaged.  I can now journey on to the next chapter of my life here on the earthly plane with the tools in my satchel that will actually help me build the future.

Raymond F. Wheeler — (U.S.)


Dear Saryon,

In the past twenty-five years, I’ve known many people who channel. Some of them have garnered large followings, others just do private sessions and small groups.  I’ve always learned from them, and respected their work.

I must say, however, that I have never known anyone who channeled as many entities as you do; and you do it with such clarity and purity that it is an honor to be a part of the experience.

As for the course – “Allowing Divine Manifestation” – I believe I have been waiting for this all my life, and possibly many lifetimes.  I’m sure I have not even begun to assimilate all that has been given to this group; rather it is a process that has just begun, and will continue for the rest of my life. I have such great hope for the future – mine and all of Humanity’s. I am eager to fulfill my role in helping to bring about these glorious changes.

Thank you for all that you have done in order to be the messenger for us – I’m sure your path hasn’t always been easy.  Please know that you and your work are greatly appreciated.

Blessings to you,


Saryon – you really have an amazing way of answering questions!!  Thank you for addressing my question/fear around human unity.  Your answer moved mountains within me!   Thank you, thank you thank you.  There are just not words for how grateful I am for this class.  I feel a great homecoming.  It is joy, it is gratitude, it is comfort, it is relief, it is relaxing.  And thank you for the affirmation “I am open to receive from the Violet Flame”. I can usually work with it, but I can tell that there are things where this statement will be much easier.

I am so excited for all these teachings will light up, rise and bloom within all of us and for the exponential blessings you will receive for providing this.  I’ve taken sooooooooooooo many classes, seminars, webinars, modalities, in 20+ years,  but nothing has hugged my heart and soul like this class.

With love, joy and gratitude,


I’m really enjoying this course!  I am feeling more connected to the Angelic realms than I ever have, and I had an experience yesterday of feeling one with my Higher Self, and am able to surrender to my Higher Self.  This was very exciting for me.  (It happened as I woke up, it was quite spontaneous).

Suzanne – (Australia)


It has been a great honor to participate in School of Manifestation. The class has been great and our Teachers have been literally out of this world! This class is all about learning to Surrender to Divine Will. A lot of seeds have been planted and a lot of programs have been downloaded into us. And when the time comes it will be a glorious harvest.  And all that is asked of us is to be Open To Receive. In addition to that we have anchored love and light to Earth and Humanity.

After having many personal sessions with our channel, Saryon, I can assure that not only is he incredibly accurate channel, his integrity is undeniable. I have paid more than $400 once for 90 min reading with another psychic  and haven’t gotten nearly as much detailed and accurate information.

Be blessed,



I wanted to take a moment to share my experience with the Manifesting with the Masters course.  This was a very powerful experience with profound results.  It has opened me to a deeper clarity and confidence as well as my becoming a clearer channel.  Downloads received months prior to the classes were validated through the channels on the telewebinar.  My mission and vision have become much more clear.  My intuition is heightened as well.    The activations, the attunements, the messages we received, the connections to The Masters, The Angelic Realm, The Arcturians, our Sacred Classroom, the intensified Violet Flame — just a few of the  life-altering blessings from On High.  Thank you, Saryon, for facilitating.
Arlene McGuire


The Manifestation course with the Masters has been a beautiful experience of connection within myself on deeper levels. I am grateful for Saryon’s ability to be a clear channel of the Divine. The messages that have come through him are supportive, empowering and imbued with the essences of peace and love. I am grateful for the energy downloads. They have facilitated awareness and clearing of old patterns as well as expansion of my gifts. The value of this course has been way above the monetary exchange that I invested in attending.  Thank you for your generous spirit, Saryon. Thank you for your commitment to be as clear as humanly possible. Your work is a gift to this world.

Love and Light,


Allowing Divine Manifestation is a course of the highest teachings of truth and love. Thank you, Saryon, for holding such a pure space of support. We have stepped up even more into alignment with God’s Will for us as instruments for grace, and what is truly in Divine Order.

This course will challenge you to release your agendas for personal preferences and lovingly guide you towards a more fulfilling reality that requires only surrender and trust. I highly recommend it!

With love and gratitude,

Illumina Christos — (Australia)


I wanted to share a portion of my experiences from The School of Manifestation so that you might understand on a deeper level the opportunity present for you if you become a student in the school of manifestation.

It is so much more than I could have hoped for. To learn that true manifestation is not about what we can attract to our self but what we can attract and anchor here on our planet for the good of all, knowing that all of our needs will be taken care of as we inturn help and assist in this global project. There will be peace on earth and I shall be a piece of the process.

The amount of support available to us when we align with unity consciousness and that of the masters, angels and other beautiful beings present to assist us is limitless.

Everything has changed for me as I now open to receive. The concept, tools and profound information brought forth via this class room on the inner planes feels like what I have been waiting for for my entire life. I feel like my gifts align with the purpose of this material.

Saryon (Michael White)’s willingness and ability to be a clear and pure channel is what brings forth this amazing and incredible opportunity to rise above the chaos of our world in order to anchor the vibrations and wisdom needed to not only propel us into the new world but to assist in creating it with our Love.

Thank you Saryon

Janet – (U.S.)  Click Here to view Janet’s Testimonial on YouTube.

PS — I am excitedly anticipating the next class, the Arcturian Study group in the School of Manifestation.


Put your trust in Saryon Michael White and take this course*.  It is wonderful and will change life as you know it.  It is enlightening and empowering.

“We are never too young

And we are never too old

To find out who we truly are

And what we are all about…


And Oneness….”   ~ Pamela Falciani

Love and blessings,



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  1. A few days before this class started I was surfing the Web in search of messages from our Galactic brothers & sisters as well as the Ascended Masters for inspiration to embrace my stage of awakening in hopes to expand within and bring it to a higher level. Lo’ and behold Saryon Michael White appeared on my screen and invited all willing to choose to participate in this amazing new adventure through the School of Divine Manifestation five week Class Course. I had major chills as well as a sense of overwhelming trust within such excitement and instantly knew this was so right for me and ever since joining it has been an amazing journey. Within oneness I am opening up more to these gifts through unconditionally loving energy. Thank you for this opportunity to be apart of and alongside such beautiful members sharing our loving light as we are opened to Receive. Looking forward to the next seven week Course Manifesting in a a few weeks to co-create with its members and Our Beloved Arcturian Ancient Seven , The ascended Masters, St.Germain, sananda ,Mother Mary, Divinely Blessed are we~ Thank you Michael & Susan~ Much Love & respect~Toni~aka~Antoinette~xo

  2. It is difficult to find just the right words to convey the depth and wisdom that the telecourse “School of Manifestation’ has displayed for all of us in that group. I really wasn’t sure what I would gain from taking the course except that I had heard of both St. Germain and the Arturians, which led me to seek more understanding of who they both were. The first class, the first channeling was completely real and powerful. When Saryon stated that St. Germain is entering your presence, I thought he was speaking symbolically. Actually, it was very real. I don’t think I have ever experienced in my 60 plus years on this planet a presence that matched St. Germain’s. It was deep and powerful and I knew in that instance, this course was the real deal, that we are truly entering a new time on Earth where the Divine is ascending to be the source of harmonious existence. It is such a relief to know that the tide is turning and a place is being created where we can all co-exist on this blessed planet, in other universes and galaxies within the Code of Oneness.

    I have worked as a psychologist for 25 years, I have been blessed in my life with a spiritual mentor for 20 years, and I have been happily married for 32 years. I have been beginning to think that my life is coming to an end, that I have done what I can to help this beleaguered planet heal. I still do not know if that is true or not, but, I do know that I have begun a new adventure that will continue whether I am in this body or not. It does not make any difference. I am committed to being an agent of the Divine Violet Fire, to working with St. Germain, the Arcturians, the Ascended Masters, the Angels, the Buddha, the Christ, in whatever way I am asked. I am but a humble servant, I surrender to the Way, and I am open to receive….
    I have agreed to take part in the next telecourse to work further with the Arcturians. If they are willing to work with me (and I am not sure why when I realize how far I have to go in my evolutionary projectory), I am more than willing to work with them.

    Please come with us on this journey, you are needed, you are welcome, just come as you are. It’s okay to be just who you are now. Blessings to those already on this journey, blessings to Saryon for initiating this process and blessings to all of you who have decided to join the journey. Peace. Steve

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