spiritual healing

Channeling the Arcturians

  The first time I channeled my Arcturian guide was in 2001, in a little German city called Munchengladbach. It was one of the first workshops I ever hosted and the channeling took me by surprise. I was already accustomed… Read More ›

Loving Our Human Needs

So many of us learned to deny our basic human needs when we were little, thinking we were making things easier on others or sparing ourselves from feelings of shame, guilt or embarrassment. For some this began before we could… Read More ›

Reclaiming the Sacral Chakra

Many of us chose to shut down, displace or shield the full presence and power of our sacral chakras in childhood, so as to protect ourselves from attracting unwanted energy. For some, this was about preventing further distortions, confusion and… Read More ›

Egyptian Clearing Meditation

With this link you can download the MP3 of the first conference call I was inspired to host last Friday/Saturday. The presentation starts about 4 minutes in. Egyptian Clearing Meditation  (conference recording) In this call, I share some of the things… Read More ›