Soul Psychology

The Devil Insight

I witnessed something incredible while out-of-body the other night.  At first I was on the inner plane, observing the physical world from an angel’s eye view.  Then, I noticed a lot of energetic movement taking place. There were illusions being… Read More ›

A Four-Fold Increase in Intuition

Last year, I channeled an exciting piece of information about intuition that has been proving itself true ever since.  My guides told me that, in the coming years, humanity will experience a four-fold increase in our intuitive abilities.  For people… Read More ›

A Visitation From Yogananda

Last August I visited Encinitas for the first time to receive Darshan from Pranananda. Darshan is a spiritual blessing from a self-realized master.  I have been blessed to receive Darshan from a number of male and female Masters and I… Read More ›

Getting Grounded

I have recently moved to a whole new level of my discipleship with GOD, Christ, and the Ascended Masters, by realizing one simple key: in every moment, in every way, our example matters. Now this was not an unfamiliar concept…. Read More ›