Regarding ET Contact

A Galactic Alliance

Last night on the inner plane, I found myself talking with a group of people about the extraterrestrial presence in the galaxy. There seemed to be an opening within this group to impart some information about the connection between Earth’s… Read More ›

Channeling the Arcturians

  The first time I channeled my Arcturian guide was in 2001, in a little German city called Munchengladbach. It was one of the first workshops I ever hosted and the channeling took me by surprise. I was already accustomed… Read More ›

ET Contact: The Verdants

For those of you who enjoyed my article “Is the Galactic Federation of Light Fake?”, I am sure you will appreciate some further discernment regarding specific ET races. I intend to share a little about each of the groups that… Read More ›

Reclaiming the Sacral Chakra

Many of us chose to shut down, displace or shield the full presence and power of our sacral chakras in childhood, so as to protect ourselves from attracting unwanted energy. For some, this was about preventing further distortions, confusion and… Read More ›