Sarasota in Spring!

This March (15th thru 31st) I will be returning to Sarasota, Florida to offer another seminar, and this time we are adding several workshops as well. I am very excited about reconnecting with all of the wonderful souls at the Cosmic… Read More ›

Coming to Sarasota!

This November 1st through the 7th, I will be offering readings in person and hosting a week long series of events at the Cosmic Center of Spiritual Light in Sarasota, Florida. While I was channeling the first telecourse, Archangel Metatron… Read More ›

Emma in Bali

Just received the most beautiful video testimonial from Emma Martin, an Australian client in Bali.  Emma is a health and wellness coach, specializing in colon hydrotherapy, who loves modeling a healthy lifestyle for people who are seeking to improve their… Read More ›

Coping with Emotional Sensitivity

Many people struggle with emotional sensitivity and empathic abilities, and often develop coping mechanisms that are difficult to deconstruct. Below is part of an email response to a client that I thought might hold some relevance to others that struggle… Read More ›