Sananda’s Welcome Message

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Welcome students.  We welcome you into the company of the Ascended Masters.  I am Sananda, and I am joined here with Saint Germain to my right, and to my left, the being that you know as Mother Mary.

We thank you for answering the call of this message to be here for we see before us a great assembly of souls who have aligned with our calling.  At this time the Masters are extending our reach and increasing our contact with those on Earth who aspire to be trained. 

To come into the influence of the Ascended Masters is to come closer to the divine spark within your own soul.  Our love is fanning the flames of that divine spark within you.  We seek to amplify the divine essence that you are, to bring it out and to the forefront of your expression as human beings.

To come into our influence is to come into a field of consciousness that can show you many things.  We can show you the true contents of your being.  We can show you the many lives in which you have trained with us.  We can show you your strengths and we can show you your weaknesses; and most of all, we can show you the love that you are.

Though we are speaking to you as a group, we wish for you to know that we know each of you personally. We hope you will feel the personal invitation of our words as we welcome you into our presence to be nurtured and to grow.

There are many different ideas present about what it means to be trained by the Ascended Masters.  There are many souls that have not even dared to approach the position you are in now, because they fear something difficult, something limiting — something that may represent a loss of power or control.  To be trained by the Ascended Masters is to allow our love, our guidance, and our perfected visions into your life; so that we may show you through our loving ways – our loving attention – the opportunities you have to make more empowering choices.

In the advanced levels of training there are tests.  It is true.  Just like with any school, you are tested to bring out your mastery.  You are tested to demonstrate the knowledge you have learned, but we cultivate your inner knowledge and nurture your strengths to a point of ripeness before we initiate you through tests.  So there is nothing to fear because we know your potential so well, we would not force you to experience anything that your soul is not asking for and demanding of us. We are willing servants.  It is we who are here to serve you, to help you to achieve what you came here to be.

How far are you willing to go?  In order to excel, your willingness must become a match for our own.  This, again, is an invitation.  We live in an ocean of new being and you are standing on the shore as we are calling you to enter and learn how to swim.  We cannot offer as much to those who remain on the shore but, for those who have the courage to try new things, the resource of our guidance and our presence is capable of meeting you from within, to guide your movements, your breathing, and to encourage your determinations so that you do not have to experience a single stroke of movement without our loving assistance.  So we hope you will dive in and experience the joy of a more fluid way of being. 

There are so many unique potentials from among you.  And while our love is extended to everyone, we are able to sense quite easily those in the world who are actively listening for our guidance.  Among those who listen, we would like to see more of you become qualified as teachers and emissaries of our love.  This is more desperately needed in the world than you can imagine and more possible for you than you may know. 

Fortunately for you in these times there are many in the world who have responded to our calling and the work is well underway to form a unified field of consciousness through which many teachings, dispensations and blueprints can be more easily disseminated.  We have been cultivating a system of consciousness — through language, through technology, through your psychic resources and the assistance of the angelic realms — through which insights can flourish and spread very rapidly throughout the world.  We seek the dawning of global truths that can spell the end of what we have considered a very dark age for humanity.

As the unified field strengthens in human consciousness, you are better able to feel the presence of the Masters, but to live in conscious unity with the field at this time is still a choice.  There is still plenty of room for resistance, and there is still a reality here on Earth that is rooted in a denial of oneness. And so you see the need is very great for more examples that can inspire humanity to choose love and surrender.

Love, we found, is a far easier way of life.  We are bathed in the gratitude of all those who came before you that allowed us to remove from their consciousness the distortions of humanity’s unloving ways. 

When I walked with you as the Master Jesus, I was awestruck by how quickly you remembered your essence as love; how quickly you became like little children in love’s presence, laughing joyfully, rejoicing together, celebrating the freedom from fear that washed over you.  I was as much a recipient of that revelation of love as you were.  It is that revelation that we seek to awaken inside each of you now. 

We are your companions, and you will be hearing from us many times and in many ways throughout your training with us.  We want you to feel at home with us, and to know that we feel at home with you.  We are one humanity, after all.  We share the same world as our home.  Even though we guide you from another plane, our presence is also on Earth.  We would have you share your lives with us so completely that you no longer experience a separation from us through the body.

Your journey with us as companions, as guides, as teachers, is part of your journey to return home to the presence of God.  You are journeying home to the Source of your origins without leaving your bodies.  The creation, the activation, and the realization of this bridge between Source and Creation fulfills your purpose and the very reason why humanity came into being.  This is a more extreme shift in consciousness than you have ever undertaken before in any incarnation, on any world, for the contrast here is so great.  Many have gathered to witness the event of your awakening. 

Your bodies were designed to house currents of living energy that connect you through many dimensions.  To house these energies is to wield a great deal of power and influence, which is a great responsibility.  So great is this power that we seek to restore in human consciousness that you would dare not misuse or abuse it.  The amount of power that you have now is there to test you, to give you the opportunity to demonstrate the right use of will.  The more responsible you become with how you use your human gifts: the gift of language, the gift of your physical presence, the gift of your emotional energies – the more qualified you become for the gifts of our mastery.  We are training you to prepare you to be gifted of ourselves, to receive many enhancements whereby our mastery, our shared power, and our love and light can become yours. 

My expression to you now is one of delight, as you have heard us.  We wish for you to know that we are available to you at all times.  The greatest key we can give you now, about how to engage your training with us is simply to allow our presence to be with you.  By doing so you are allowing a divine manifestation of the Creator’s Love and Grace in your lives.  That is what this teaching is about.  It is the first volume of many teachings designed to support you and nurture the growth of inner transformation that you seek. 

We will be watching you very carefully, those of you who will be assimilating these messages.  We are looking for those who are dedicated to refining themselves, for they will be candidates for acceleration.


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