Saint Germain’s Introduction to the School

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It was I who spoke the word “Manifestation” that was the beginning of this exploration of your potential.  I am Saint Germain, and as you may know I am a teacher of manifestation.  I am here to welcome you to the School of Manifestation.  It is a part of the outer work of Shamballa to entrain students into these sacred spaces, which occupy a place within our beings.  You are welcome into my heart space to receive this discourse also as a transmission from the heart. 

We see the manifestations that want to occur for humanity, great and small, and this is why we have come to instruct you about allowing manifestation.  Were you to allow the Divine Presence to work through you unhindered by the limitations of your earthly minds, you would most certainly do many extraordinary things.  You would accomplish many feats that you cannot even imagine as possibilities, only perhaps in your wildest dreams . . .  but this school is the place where dreams become reality. 

It all depends on how much of your old perceptions you are willing to let go of.  Here we are talking about perceptions that do not contain the full realization of your human potential; but what we are offering you is very simple.  We are offering a trade.  Would you be willing to trade all of your old perceptions for new ones if the new ones were to grant you greater freedom, greater abundance — greater alignment with divine manifestation? 

It is a compelling offer is it not?  I came here to make an offer that you could not refuse.  We are delighted to see that none of you are turning back yet, so this is a good sign.  We wish to transfer into you an awareness of your divine potential.  There is a push, very gently, to bring through more of this awareness, but to do this it involves addressing blockages to manifestation that you did not even know were there.  And that is how we may serve you.  It is also how you may serve each other.  You are all mirrors for each other.  You will help each other to see.

We are calling you together now to work in groups.  There will be many opportunities for this.  Just as we have initiated many opportunities and educational projects and pathways before, there is a great deal more that we have to offer you.  Each group for a time might be clustered around a particular channel, like a vortex that contains our spiritual energies.  And here you will receive more of what you need until you are guided forth to explore yourself through other resources.  But our sourcing of you will not change no matter where you go.  No matter who you are guided to.  Our goal is always to bring each of you into a more direct relationship with us from within, to open the vortex of your own connection to the Heart of Shamballa. 

There are many dispensations on their way to you from the angelic realms.  These dispensations have the potential to rain down upon the Earth and humanity, bringing a much needed infusion of love and light.  This is always part of our work, to prepare you, to gather the assistance of those who can help hold receptivity to these energies on behalf of others. 

For many it appears that humanity is very misguided, and that you are all subject to a very chaotic and disorderly unfoldment of a historical pattern with no clear plan.  It might seem like we are merely interacting with you, helping you to find meaning within this chaotic pattern.  What is unfamiliar to many is the degree to which the Masters, and even I personally, have been orchestrating world events.  Yes, there is great chaos, but the chaos is being allowed.  It is accepted; tolerated from within a greater order and pattern for history that we have constructed.  We are working from behind the scenes quite invisibly to most people. 

We have more influence in the unfoldment of world events than most people realize, and one of our goals has been to cultivate a willingness inside of the masses to end poverty on a planetary scale.  You see, God is willing to end poverty.  There has never been a doubt in our experience concerning the willingness of the Creator to bring such balance and prosperity to the creation; but humanity has been allowed to willfully pursue other interests, to explore many lessons that have resulted from imperfections and imbalances that have their place in the current school of earthly experience. 

We knew that such experiences would bring you collectively to a realization about your potential — about the loss of potential occurring within these imbalances that currently exist.  We knew that these conditions would produce within you a determination, not only for personal freedom but also for freedom of the human spirit.  The realization is dawning that individual freedom only truly manifests through restoring balance to the world; that the human spirit can only ascend and be resurrected as one.  The elimination of poverty is a natural step in the undoing of the limitations that occur through the planetary ascension process.  We are cultivating this determination to end poverty.  There is a great momentum building up, and when we choose to amplify such collective determinations for change we can make these expressions be felt within the collective hearts and minds of those who are opening to oneness. 

This is why we have come to train you in the art of manifestation for we wish for there to be many inspiring examples of people: leaders, voices, and organizers for change that are aligned not only with the human determination for change, but with the expression of God’s willingness and God’s grace.  This was a form of divine expression that embodied through me when I was living upon the Earth.  I came to know this same determination and prayer, and of the willingness of the I AM Presence to bring this divine manifestation of balance and ascension into being.  I was touched by the same vision of prosperity that has appeared in so many of your hearts.  But now, I wish for you, most of all, to feel worthy of it yourselves. 

The work that you are doing now to open yourselves into the new prosperity consciousness is very important.  You have faced many difficulties and many challenges in this realm.  Your courage to undergo a shift in conscious as wayshowers will make it easier for a great many people to simply open their minds into the new prosperity consciousness; like opening a window for fresh air, not even realizing how stuffy it was before.  It is the difference between the stale, stagnant air that people breathe when they are invested in poverty and suffering, not realizing that when this window is open there is flow and there is life.  There are a great many teachings in the world about manifesting abundance, creating wealth, and how to attract money and resources in the material realm but, as your teacher, I would have you place your focus first upon manifesting more lifeforce, so that your primary focus is on breathing the air of the new world. 

Widening your access to that energy from within; allowing things to come to you that you need and that serve you.  This is not a school about controlling physical manifestation.  It is about allowing divine manifestation, which in many cases can be even more abundant. 

I have sent to you the gift of this channel known as Saryon, whom I have personally trained and prepared, and who is trusted amongst us as a conduit for our teachings.  This is an opportunity, for his willingness to surrender to our calling and our guidance demonstrates that which we are cultivating within each of you.  His motivation to facilitate transformation and healing is aligned with the pure intent that we bring to his work, and so, it will be a glorious collaboration.

He has understood our goal to empower your personal connection to us from within, and this gives us the opportunity to manifest our work more clearly.  We would like to manifest more clearly in each of your lives.  And though we speak on behalf of all the Masters, the three of us here are present to activate a new series of opportunities to work with us. 

Those of you who will feel drawn to this configuration of energies will receive an attunement not only to the Ascended Masters, but also the growing body of students who are opening to receive our grace and our love.  This is a golden opportunity, for what we wish to bring, we bring to you directly as a vibration in your consciousness.  The quality of such gifts cannot be measured in earthly terms. 

Many of you have earthly pursuits – goals of manifestation.  We suggest being willing to set those things aside momentarily to focus upon the new vibrations of being we wish to bring you.  You might recognize that these are a great deal more valuable and, as we see it, a necessary step to manifesting the fulfillment of your dreams.  Much of this miraculous and even magical manifestation will occur when priorities are in the right order. And so we invite you to make communion with us of the highest priority, for our communion with you is of the highest priority at this time.  We thank you for the gift of your presence.   


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