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“Working Within Your Angelic Blueprint”


Each one of you has the power to envelop the world with love.  Each one of you has the power to align with and embody the full power of the angelic presence.  When you speak and command with the same words and intentions as the angels, you will align your voice and your vibration and your thoughts with the angelic blueprint for humanity’s awakening and transformation.  You have tremendous power, but you will need angelic assistance to direct it, to streamline it, and to source it.  You are here now to awaken into your angelic blueprint.  — From “The Pattern” — A Message from the Arcturians and the Arcturian Angels

This is the third and final course in a series of three telecourses that were offered this year to lay the foundation for the School of Manifestation; however, there are no prerequisites.  New Students are welcome and this is a stand-alone course about integrating more deeply with the Angelic Presence.

This is a 6 week course starting on Nov 14th. The main webcast events will generally be on Wednesdays at 6pm Pacific / 9pm Eastern, though you can always catch the replay, and we will have a series of optional conference calls as well. New messages will be channeled for the group from the angels and sent out in a written form before each weekly webcast event, and we will be hosting new discussions in the School Portal online.

If you have ever felt excited about growing closer to your angelic guides, this course is for you. We are going to go a step way beyond this though, because this is really about opening to the channel of your higherself through the bridge of the Angelic Presence. I speak from experience about this potential, and yet, this course will be directed by the angels, and I am sure they have something in store that will be just as exciting for me as it will be for you.


TO REGISTER for the 6 Week Course, starting Nov. 14th, 2013,  Click Here.

For the Angel Course, we are going to continue the same “bring a friend” gifting program as before.  With each registration of $144 you have the option to either bring a friend, or you can gift the “bring a friend” option to someone on the scholarship list. In this way, your registration becomes a charitable gift to another, and 10% is also donated to charity. Just include a note when you register to let me know what you want to do (either gifting a scholarship, or provide the name and email address of the friend you want to bring).

The “bring a friend” option also allows you to split the cost of registration and co-manifest the course with someone if you like.

If you feel called to participate but are in need of a scholarship, please contact me at to be placed on the manifestation list. Otherwise, please feel if the angels are prompting you to promote the course to someone that might want to gift you in. The more the merrier.

TO REGISTER for the 6 Week Course, starting Nov. 14th, 2013,  Click Here.

If you haven’t yet read Metatron’s Embrace, please do.  Metatron and the Angelic Presence have been speaking to us about a blueprint for unifying all Lightworkers and I know that the upcoming Angel Telecourse will expand upon this, as well as the theme of Manifesting and Cocreating with the Angelic Realms.



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