PRICE:  $155

Visit to book a session.

WHAT TO EXPECT: These private sessions can involved channeled messages from your guides, intuitive reading, energetic/healing support (a remote transmission of energy), counseling/coaching, instructions/recommendations for spiritual practice, a practical approach to addressing issues and imbalances, or any combination of these and more. Most people tell me that they got just what they needed and are often surprised by receiving more than they expected.

MY RATES:  Bookings for 2015 are at a rate of $155 per hour, though I typically go about 15 minutes over to allow time for a little conversation before or after the one hour session.

SESSIONS VIA SKYPE:  For added convenience and savings I now offer sessions for people overseas via Skype. For sessions in the U.S. though I prefer to use the phone as this is usually a more reliable connection.

DETAILS ABOUT THE SESSIONS:  These sessions are about 1 hour and 15 minutes and are taped for you to download as an MP3 afterwards. You will have the opportunity to ask questions. The number and access code to the conference line will be provided once the session is booked through Paypal. Normal long distance charges to a U.S. landline apply.

REFUND/CANCELATION POLICY:  There are no refunds available once the session is booked; however, the session can be rescheduled if notice is given 24 hours before the scheduled time of the session. There are no reschedules allowed if you do not show for a reading or provide adequate notification. These sessions are also transferable once booked; a great gift to give to a friend who is in need of spiritual/intuitive support if you cannot make the reading at the appointed time. These rules are subject to change at anytime.

DISCLAIMER: These private sessions are not intended to replace the need for qualified medical advice or professional psychological counseling. They are for entertainment purposes only. No guarantees, implied warranties, or assurances of any kind are given, and as such, Saryon (Michael White) will not be responsible for any interpretation made or used by the recipient of the information and advice given in a reading. Please note that you must be 18 years or older to speak with Saryon. Scheduling an appointment and receiving a call from this consultant means you agree to this agreement.


Feel free to contact me at choosepeacenow{at} if you have questions.

I will also accept a check by mail if you request this payment option.

The value of a session can be priceless, and yet many people feel challenged to give this kind of gift to themselves. If you value the presence of Spirit in your life, this is a great opportunity to work with a source of spiritual guidance that will meet you where you are at and endeavor to take you higher.


6 replies

  1. Hi michael!
    My friend bianca white had an amazing session with you a couple of weeks ago….
    I am very interested in havIng one , too…. Just wondering if you do phone sessions to Australia ?
    Much love

  2. Hi. I went into my paypal account and it read reading for 2012. Are you still doing readings this year?

    • Absolutely. I had not edited that page since last year because I have been mostly working with 2012 clients and had not been actively promoting yet this year. The radio interview with Planetary Spirit was the first time I had opened the doorway for new clients in a while. I am totally open to new clients for 2013! Looking forward to it, and I have decided to keep the $100 price a little while longer. Thanks for letting me know.

      • I am so much trying to go into my paypal through your page to book a reading by telephone and I keep getting a problem with the connection, please help. Thank you.

  3. Hi Michael- this is your sister Mary Angelico! I keep getting a strong impulse today to send an image from the Blue Ray I have been working on, but don’t quite know how to do it on this site. If you want to send me your updated email then I will. I keep checking on you and always smile. I am constantly blessed by your sincere, succinct and profound sharings. Much love!

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