Mother Mary’s Message


My Beloved Friends.  You have come into my field today so that you may all grow closer as one human family.  The love that I bring to you is a love that naturally has this effect on all it touches.  And so, you are invited into a field that is bridging many hearts together for the purpose of a group healing. 

There are many forms of healing that can occur through a group effort.  You are accelerating each other by opening together to receive the blessings and dispensations of the Ascended Masters. 

We see you as one.  We see you as a whole human family.  This is what you journey into as you come closer to us, for we embody this wholeness.  It is our gift to share this, to gift this, like giving you a piece of clothing to wear.  You can be cloaked in our wholeness.  It is not a stretch for some of you to open and receive this, and yet for others, there is more of a need for healing first. 

There are many ways in which you have lost trust and faith in human relationships.  We wish to enter into these places in your memories to help you see past what occurred that damaged your trust in being open and feeling your connection to the human family.  This is part of the healing that we bring to you. 

We see the potential of a great restoration of your light and of the connectedness between your chakras, between your earthly selves and your higherselves.  Shamballa is a focal point where many divine emanations of unifying love and light are being sent forth to strengthen the connectivity between the levels.  There is much healing work to be done to achieve this restoration, but the work will become easier as you all feel more merged in group consciousness. 

Your higherselves are already in a state of group consciousness.  You are in a state of being overlighted by the Masters of Shamballa, and Shamballa is a part of you.  It is a part of your being, like an extension of your own soul, and you can feel the vastness of your multidimensionality through it. 

We are amazed by what we see when we look upon you.  We see a dance of heavenly light, sparkling in your eyes, and feel touched by your laughter, by your longing to return home to the realms of love and light.  We see your souls’ uniqueness and we wish to join with that uniqueness through our love, to bring out and accentuate your very essence. 

We remind you that the goal of this time was always to bring a dimension of unconditional love here, firmly anchoring it and grounding it and, in order for this to occur, we needed you to be here to be the grounding cords, to be the pillars of strength. 

We seek to restore your core inner strength of a manifestation energy that was lost when human unity broke apart.  Without the resonance of human unity it is difficult to find your core strength as manifestation energy.  That is why our work with you now is about removing the obstacles, thoughtforms, and blockages that prevent the restoration of human unity in your consciousness.  We can and we will accelerate enough of you into a global resonance of human unity that your core strength can be activated.

We are calling you as our students to gravitate towards these activations.  There is much healing work to be done.  We are healing where your minds became distracted, misaligned from the source of manifestation energy through the heart. And so, also, we are healing your minds’ connection to the core frequency of the Earth.  

You are at the meeting point between Heaven and Earth.  And through the bridge that you are, you are being joined by the Spirit of the Earth. 

None of you are alone in shifting the density you have embodied, which you feel partly through certain patterns in your consciousness where you have felt a lack of love, honor and support.  You have struggled against these things inwardly, and it has felt like a lonely struggle, but the love that we bring will help you unite. The core strength we seek to restore will open the doorway within you to receive reinforcements of assistance from within, to change your resonance to these patterns of density.  You will accomplish far more working together as a team, as a collective.  We see a great potential for rapid growth and transformation on the horizon.  And I invite you to receive my presence within as part of the doorway to this potential.  I am part of that doorway. 

Some of you have doubted yourselves for not having been able to produce the transformations that you have called forth, but see yourselves are you truly are.  You have each been laboring against global patterns of resonance, and though you have gained much strength, wisdom and refinement from these inner struggles, you were not going to be able to shift all of these patterns alone.  It is a planetary healing that is needed.  And no one individual can escape the density without the support of the collective of love bearing, light bearing energies. 

To be embraced by an Ascended Master is to be embraced by the purest love, the deepest recognition of who you truly are.  This is what we bring you to accelerate your training: our loving embrace.  The more you can open to receive this, the more you can drink from it like a cool fountain of water on a hot day.  We would not expect you to embrace the world in wholeness before you had been embraced in OUR wholeness.  So remember this part of our calling, for we will come to embrace you many times in your journey with us.

Believe in yourselves, and believe in your ascension!  Believe in your destiny to enter a realm of love!  We are preparing you for those times when your faith will be tested and you will be called upon to demonstrate the strength of your faith while there will be many others who express a desire to give up.  The world is being initiated in many ways.  As humanity’s transformation accelerates, you will feel at times the gravitational effects of the density in the mass consciousness, even as you are rising in vibration.  These will be opportunities to clear yourself and change your resonance even further so that you may continue to lighten, but you must be determined to defeat within yourself the resonance of doubt, complacency, apathy, and fear, to distinguish yourself as a pillar of faith in the dawning of the new age. 

As you grow in the light you become more sensitive, more able to feel what is in the world, and you can be affected by the many miseries of the world.  It can be disheartening to feel the many ways that people are not supporting one another, but if you feel affected, disempowered to anything that you see or feel in the world, let go of your focus and turn within, and find me in your heart and mind.  Allow yourself to see through my eyes.  Allow yourself to feel my embrace of the whole.  Together we will continue to journey higher.  We will perfect our love and, in doing so, we will bring strength to those who truly seek it.  We thank you for turning to us in these times. 


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