Spiritual Development

Coping with Emotional Sensitivity

Many people struggle with emotional sensitivity and empathic abilities, and often develop coping mechanisms that are difficult to deconstruct. Below is part of an email response to a client that I thought might hold some relevance to others that struggle… Read More ›

Obedience to Love

In my last post I talked about my obedience training, and how all of my resistances to surrender fully to Divine Will were being broken down. Words like “discipline” and “obedience” do not always connect with people when they think… Read More ›

The Examples

In one of my channelings this last year with my partner Susan, I heard the Masters referring to us as Examples, and they talked about “the Examples”, meaning those of us on the planet who had come to live the… Read More ›

Loving Our Human Needs

So many of us learned to deny our basic human needs when we were little, thinking we were making things easier on others or sparing ourselves from feelings of shame, guilt or embarrassment. For some this began before we could… Read More ›

The Fourth Initiation

Ahhh, the 4th initiation.  Many of you may be going through this one, though if you are not, it is good to be prepared.  And if you have already passed it, I hope the review in this post is worthwhile…. Read More ›