My Journal

Exiting the Corporate World

For the last 8 months I had a unique opportunity to work in the corporate world, selling and implementing a pricey software package and providing tech support. The job involved getting to know people’s businesses inside and out, and I… Read More ›

My Training as a Channel

This morning (April 10th, 2012), a visitation with the Ascended Master Saint Germain inspired me to blog about my training as a channel.  It is a fascinating story, but one I have never told publicly.  This is my lengthiest post… Read More ›

We Made It!!!

After four long months of working at Goodwill, GOD began removing the obstacles to my family’s relocation.  When I wrote, Getting Grounded, I was just beginning to face that I would need to work a minimum wage job for a… Read More ›

Getting Grounded

I have recently moved to a whole new level of my discipleship with GOD, Christ, and the Ascended Masters, by realizing one simple key: in every moment, in every way, our example matters. Now this was not an unfamiliar concept…. Read More ›

GOD is My Elephant

After four blessed years of being sponsored while I work on a series of books, my family and I are letting go of our home in Oregon to pursue new and exciting opportunities. I know you are all wondering: “When… Read More ›