Messages or visitations from Angels

Angels and Intuition

Here is a short clip about Angels and Intuition from the seminar I hosted in Sarasota, Florida. Speaking of intuition, a number of people followed theirs to make the connections that led to me hosting a seminar in Sarasota, and… Read More ›

The Nature of Metatron

Very recently I have noticed an interesting trend of people saying that beings like Metatron, the Arcturians, and even Saint Germain and the Ascended Masters are parasites that just feed off of human energy. Some of these comments have been… Read More ›

Metatron’s Embrace

Channeled by Saryon May 15th, 2013 At this time, many of you are experiencing an acceleration of light: an increase in your light quotient. I am reaching out to embrace the Whole Light Worker Community. I Am Metatron. The Metatronic… Read More ›