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Saryon is an author, intuitive reader, public speaker and channel for Spirit. Saryon has been writing on the Internet for ten years and offering private sessions by phone since 2006 that involve spiritual counseling, intuitive reading and energetic healing support. Saryon is skilled at assisting people with psychological clearing, spiritual development and finding clarity about one's life path.

"I work with angels, Ascended Masters, and all manner of high level spiritual guides to assist people to move into their mastery and achieve their dreams. I also have a passion for cultivating peace potentials in the world. I believe we are here to witness the emergence of a global culture of peace, and that the peace of the emerging new world of human unity begins in each of us through the art of spiritual peacemaking. My blog is a vehicle for many new teachings, spiritual messages, and keys to a future of energetic being, some of which hail from our own future selves who have already overcome the challenges of the 21st century.

My commitment to my readers is to deliver empowering messages of truth and wisdom designed to activate the promised future of global enlightenment -- activating the keys to the future within your heart."