The End of Vaccines



The end of all diseases will spell the end of vaccines, and I have seen with great certainty that this change is part of our destiny.

Many years ago I experienced leaping into the body of a future incarnation where I saw a version of humanity that had transcended all diseases. We all had a glow around us, like an extra layer of skin made of pure energy that encapsulated each of us into the vibration of what people now call the 5th dimension.

It goes without saying that we did not vaccinate ourselves into this collective state of perfect, radiant health; and I know for a fact that is not how the Arcturians achieved the same state on their home worlds.

The Arcturians showed me through their living records how they achieved planetary ascension, and it was clear that their shift into a collective state of perfect, radiant health did not come about purely from advances in medicine, but through a change in their collective focus of vibration.

They achieved perfect health through the same ways that every planetary civilization always has that has entered the garden of the 5th dimension as one. They did it through aligning with the universal presence of the One and becoming integrated with the code of oneness: the one-one vibration.

Like the Arcturians, we are on an ascension path, and even though we may have a ways to go to transcend the use of vaccines, there are things we can do right now to strengthen our individual and collective immunity through practicing a simple insight that was divinely revealed to me years ago.

Our language instructs our bodies cells. There is a direct connection between disease and the language of separation. If we learn to speak peace and clear away violent tones of expression from our language, we can being to program our bodies cells with a language of peace that connect us with the growing strength of humanity’s new collective immune system through oneness.

Even now, with as much self purification as I have done, I still encounter frustrating situations that can challenge me to remain in balance. I have to always think about what I am projecting and how I can be loving, calm and supportive to the people I am relying on to help me, even when things are going wrong. It is all too easy to project frustration onto another but, with every step I take to bring more peace into my expression and remain in that accountable place, I can feel the support of the Masters helping me to fully align with their dimension of pure unconditional love. Gradually, that energetic skin of super immunity is forming.

For some years now I have casually researched the issue of vaccines. There is a great deal of polarity on this topic currently in the media and I want to throw in a few observations here.

When I hear news anchors telling us that it is immoral not to vaccinate our children and I see them bringing on expert medical doctors to speak about the proof that vaccines work, I find the lack of unbiased reporting in the U.S. media appalling.

What I notice is the fear-based tone in some of the statements being made about what might happen if more people choose not to give their children vaccines. I have yet to see an honest debate of all the facts and I want to highlight what I feel is missing from the conversation been generated in the media.

When I hear experts talking about the scientific fact that vaccines work, this is a generalized statement that does not present an honest appraisal of the full spectrum of what we are dealing with. Of course there is well founded scientific evidence that some vaccines have done a lot of good for humanity. But there is also a profit motive that has become more and more involved over the decades, and there all all kinds of side effects that have gone unreported. Fear is being used to sell vaccines.

To just flat out say, “they work”, assumes that all vaccines are the same and that the benefits are the same and the safety factor is the same, and we know that is not true. The fact is, people have reasons to be afraid and to not trust the medical establishment that is pushing for vaccines. There are well founded reasons why we should not trust what we are being told, and yet we have to consider each vaccine carefully and differently and do our research because there is truth to both sides of the debate.

The anti-vaccine movement doesn’t currently represent a solution either.  It may be a little like throwing the baby out with the bathwater. It is also, to some extent, fear-based. I, too, am suspicious of vaccines but I prefer to do my research and make informed choices rather that make decisions from a place of fear.

There is, however, another reason why I feel great concern over the push for getting everyone vaccinated. It is not the potential side effects or the way in which this situation feels disempowering or contradictory to our ascending health potential. I have witnessed something very disturbing from my observations out of the body regarding plans for the future that has given me a whole lens through which to perceive the push we are hearing in the media.

Some time ago I was out-of-body and was witnessing a routine alien abduction taking place at night in a neighborhood somewhere. I saw a man being lifted into a ship where he we given a medical exam and I was aware that these ETs were making the rounds and contacting a number of people they had done this with before.

They apparently were working on developing a vaccine that could prevent a certain type of disease, and their reasons for doing this were nefarious. They are working on developing a series of advanced vaccines so they can use these as bargaining chips to gain more of a foothold here because if we appear to be allowing their intervention through a sharing of resources, this opens the gateway for more of their plans to unfold legally within the galactic community.

They can’t be here unless invited but because they are currently establishing this kind of engagement through back channels and in a clandestine manner, we could end up with more of our freedoms being given away in exchange for such technology without even knowing it.

Suppose a secret deal is made for a vaccine that will be passed of as a human invention, and yet, even as effective as it might be for preventing or curing a disease, the vaccine itself is like a form of ET resonance that, once injected acts like a badge of acceptance that we are agreeing to their presence in our reality.  Such a vaccine could further attune us to the reality of those who seek to control us by changing our resonance to become more alike to theirs, making us more susceptible to the influence of their minds. It is like a trojan horse  being injected right into our bodies.

I know this sounds far out, but there are many ways in which certain ETs are seeking to entice humanity through back channels with the promise of advanced technology, and the elements of our governments or secret governments that are involved have very little discernment about what they are actually dealing with.

The push for vaccines is, in part, a reaction to the anti-vaccine movement, but I have to wonder if there is more going on in both sides of this debate. The vaccine push might be trying to gear us up for the introduction of alien vaccines, and the anti-vaccine movement might represent something that is intuitive in nature — not just a reaction to the fraud in the system, but a sense that there is something ominous about where the vaccine moment is going.

Again, I believe that we must use a combination of research and intuition to assess the cost/benefit analysis of any medical technology. We are not yet collectively at a stage of human evolution where everyone can just never take vaccines again. At least some of them may still serve a purpose at this stage, and there may yet be new vaccines in the future that have an important role to play, but we must be very cautious, knowledgable and vigilant against manipulation through fear.

The key to understanding this debate may be in the observation that humanity is engaged in multiple stages of an accelerating evolutionary process. There is a portion of our society that is on a journey to transcend disease through a vibrational shift, but for a great many others in this time period, the vaccine paradigm may still be valid.

What I do know for certain is that we are not going to vaccinate ourselves collectively into a disease-free state. That will come about through our ascent into a state of oneness, peace, and alignment with unconditional love. We can become immune to all diseases without vaccines, and I believe that I am on that journey in this life.  Perhaps you feel the same.

The only question is, how close are we to that being a reality? Is the anti-vaccine movement also reflecting our proximity to another aspect of the global consciousness shift, or is it primarily just a reaction to the corruption in our system?

Please comment below if you have an opinion.  All opinions are welcome.

To be continued . . .


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