The Next Outbreak . . . of Super Immunity!




Last time I was on the Judy Show, I promised to write about the next outbreak.

We constantly hear about Ebola in a way that energizes fear and awareness of the destructive potentials that exist in the world, but you will likely not hear about the other major global outbreak that is happening . . .  the Outbreak of Super Immunity!

Quite a lot of where the mainstream news media focuses reveals to us the opposite of what is manifesting as an emerging new paradigm behind the scenes.

These two processes of activity in the world are actually inextricably linked.  As more and more peace consciousness dawns on the world, we see violent skirmishes happening in places where people are repelling away from the emerging field of oneness.

The angels have said that for every war or outbreak of violence that the media focuses on, there are 10 more that were averted on our present timeline into the Promised Age of Peace.  You will never hear about them though, because the news does not report on all of the negative potentials we have averted through peace consciousness.

Likewise, while the mainstream media focuses on the Ebola Outbreak, you will never hear about the fact that humanity is developing a new collective immune system. 

This is one of the most exciting developments that I have been tracking over the last decade, and I have been given many visions and keys regarding this element of what we are evolving into as a species.

Once such vision came to me as a gift from the Holy Spirit.  I have only received a few such visions over the years.  It is hard to describe what it is like when receiving a vision from the Holy Spirit.  Her presence is such a vast and all encompassing, cosmic awareness.  The visions usually show me things that open my awareness into a level of multidimensionality that the mind cannot even fully contain — like being able to see every human being on the planet at once.

Seeing with the gift of such vision is a little like being Dr. Xavier in Xmen, using the Cerebro Chamber to see all of the mutants on the planet and locate any one of them by focusing on their unique signature.

The exciting things about such experiences is that they show us a glimpse of what our nervous systems are actually capable of, but, for now, such openings are more rare than normal.

In the vision I had about immunity, I found myself standing in a position out-of-body that was slightly above the world, and the Holy Spirit was showing me what viruses look like from a higher dimensional perspective.  I saw what looked like these long and very large electromagnetic astral worms.  Their movements through reality were happening through the human energy field, as if we were like a large body of water and these astral worms were slithering through various channels of fear that were made up of a pathway of contagion.

It was very clear in this vision that people attracted the viruses through the resonance of fear and denial of oneness, and these worms were like collective thought forms that were made up of a combination of people’s collective fears and the various groupings of astral entities that had joined with these collective thought forms to absorb energy through these channels, as if the worms were like a shared vehicle for astral parasites.

The Holy Spirit then said to me, “You can become immune to all diseases.”

I knew this was not just a statement being made to me but to the whole of humanity within me.  I felt it was a statement made to all of us potentially, and I know that others have felt the resonance of this revelation appearing in our consciousness as I am only witnessing a truth that has been spoken to all of us.

As I received these words into my heart, I was shown that potential immunity as an experience of holding a oneness vibration in the body with all human beings, and I understood it is fear and denial of oneness that makes us susceptible to such thought forms.

I have very rarely gotten sick since my childhood.  After a certain point, I just stopped getting sick.  I have only had flu like symptoms a few times in the last 25 years, and when I have come down with something, I have often been able to identify the resonance of fear or unresolved energy that was coming up so that I could release it.

Because of this vision, I would immediately go into a focus of discerning the presence of the astral level of the virus, and from there I began to go to work on changing my resonance and resolving the energy.  The healing process became more than just drinking lots of fluids and eating soup.  My illnesses have been major multidimensional adjustments to the way our bodies are releasing collective forms of density, based in duality.  This is part of how we are birthing a new immune system.  We are becoming immune to duality and fear, and this is actually strengthening our biological immune system so that we don’t resonate with the forms of electromagnetic energies that are connected with physical disease.

I am writing this from Cambodia where I initially was intimidated to go because I have not had any of the recommended shots. I didn’t even research it until after I spontaneously booked a flight to come here, and then I started reading about all of the health risks with only a couple of days before my flight. Not enough time to even think about how to go about getting immunized, but then the angels reassured me to trust the green light they gave me to buy the ticket in the first place.

This has been an exercise in letting go of fear, and how fitting to have made this leap, just when I was finishing up this blog post. I am beginning to trust more and more the love vibration I am holding and to practice the wisdom of keeping my vibration up in a variety of aways, so as not to attract negative experiences, or health conflicts.  

There are so many keys I want to share with you about healing, self healing, and where the story of our new immune system is going.  I have barely touched on the subject here, but I have had many more visions that tell me that a genetic shift is already under way that will not only change our resonance to disease, but, increasingly, it is giving us access to the strengths that we have to share with each other, as healing codes of empowerment.  

This coming Tuesday, Feb 10th, at 6pm Pacific, I will be sharing some of these keys in a very special live interview with Karen and Salma from the Go Beyond Show, based in Canada.  

Click Here to sign up and listen live to this inspiring, activating, and informative interview. 

I can’t wait to share more about this part of humanity’s transformation.


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  1. Hi Saryon Michael, What fabulous insight! Thank you for your sharing! Blessings and joy, Pamela


  2. I am happy to see this discussion out and active among us. The seed has been planted! Thank you for your courage, Saryon.

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