How Do I Open My Psychic Abilities?


Awakening to one’s inner senses can be a profound element of the spiritual awakening and evolution of consciousness that is happening in the 21st Century.

For ages of time, humanity has lived in a state of consciousness where our inner senses were predominately closed as we were engaged in a pattern of civilization that was entranced with the world of form. For that reason, there is a lot about our ability to perceive that we have hidden from ourselves and, thus, there is a lot to discover.  

Often the first taste of awakening psychic perception can leave you wanting more or, the awareness that there is some latent ability that could be developed if only you could find the golden key can evoke a desire for growth in this regard that is worth addressing here.

There is a lot I could say about the process of developing such abilities, but often when I hear people ask how they can become more psychic there is a mix of both a sincere desire to learn and also, often, a desire for more sensation, more power, more ability because of how such abilities are glorified or because of how this might be of some benefit to the individual.

I have worked with people at many stages of psychic development, from people that were struggling to overcome denial of their abilities to people that were struggling to gain some control over something that created confusion and attracted a lot of boundary issues. What inspired this article though is the desire that some have in their spiritual development process that can get in the way of real progress.

Suppose you feel as though you have little access to such abilities, but you desire them.  Why do you want them?  It is important to get clear on where the ego can get involved in such pursuits before going further. The soul may want to become more useful to others, or to become more aware of the living multidimensional universe through the body, but the ego may want to seek the attention that comes from having awakened abilities, or to use them for personal gain.

I am making a point here that it is not a lack of techniques or even a lack of potential that stands in the way for most people but, rather, it is the ego that is getting in the way.  The ego must be purified. Self-will must become aligned with Divine Will. The mind must become aligned with pure intentions, and the heart must lead.

In my experience, I have found that spiritual practice, such as meditation and focusing attention in various ways can lead to developing one’s abilities. I have even heard of powerful techniques that, if misused, can force open one’s inner senses in a way that can do more harm than good. Practice can strengthen one’s abilities, but my guides have taught me that practicing for the sake of greater attainment is not the most accelerated and blessed path, so I am going to tell you what is.

This applies not just to the development of psychic abilities, but also to the development of any latent talent that one may have.  The key is not to focus on yourself and seeking after greater abilities, but to purify one’s self and seek to serve others through unconditional love and selfless service.  This is what will naturally lead to the fruition of all of your talents in any given lifetime.

When a person first becomes psychically activated, it is natural that they may want to go further, to explore and see how far one may go with such experiences. The great news is, the Masters that are over lighting our evolution are very aware of every person that awakens to their abilities, and the evolutionary process is more highly cared for and guided that most of us realize.

The Masters will allow a certain amount of expansion for the sake of expansion. Once a person experiences an activation of their abilities, the Masters expect that you will try to extend them by self will, or to flex your psychic muscles or play with your ability to perceive. This is allowed to some degree, but it is like giving a kid a sparkler to play with instead of an atomic bomb. You have to demonstrate a certain degree of responsibility before the Masters will allow you to go further.

They take requests for more ability and the desire for such expansion very seriously, because they want to guide us appropriately into our considerable hidden abilities and talents. They know that we are seeking the restoration of many aspects of ourselves that are very powerful, and that the process of integrating with these needs to happen in a way that is most beneficial to self and others. That is why if you take the approach I am describing here you will stay aligned with the Grace of the Masters.

I remember a conversation I had with the Masters about the use of my abilities not so long ago because I had literally given myself a headache trying to see something in the future that it did not serve me to see. Over time, the Masters have expected me to surrender more of my self-will regarding the use of my abilities, whereas in the beginning I was allowed to play and experiment with my perceptual capabilities.

Even though I understood what was appropriate, a part of me was attached to seeing something and I was struggling for answers. Finally I realized that the problem was not that I was incapable of seeing what I was trying to see, but that I was very out of integrity with the source of my abilities and needed a readjustment. When I let go of trying to see, I received a whole discourse from the Masters that started with these words: “Your abilities were not given to you for personal use.  They were given for the service of others.”

This was but a reminder, but it was a powerful one as it prompted me to surrender more deeply than ever before and to just enjoy normal perception, trusting that if there is something the Masters need me to see psychically for the greater good, then it will come without my self-will needing to be involved.

With that being said, here are the most important keys I can share with you regarding the path of developing one’s abilities.

1) Self purification — This involves becoming free from desire, or at least not being led by desire.  As Pranananda says: “Train yourself to want what God wants for you.” When we purify ourselves of physical, emotional and mental impurities and distortions — releasing attachments, conquering cravings, resolving unhealed dramas, balancing karma and addressing our own unloving behaviors — whatever talents we have will naturally open and flourish. The Masters and Angels are more interested in working through people that are psychologically clear as well, so doing your self purification work will position you to be a greater service. This also means that we have to let go of pursuing spiritual abilities.

2) Selfless Service — If you make selfless service your focus, this will align you with a path of expansion of any of the talents you have been created with for the service of others.  I always experience that my psychic and spiritual gifts and abilities become more active and expansive when I am in the mode of serving others. I don’t need to be psychic all the time, just when God needs me to be to help another person. The Masters gave the such a visceral experience of this wisdom so that I could teach it because the difference I experience between normal waking life and when I am channeling for someone is often a very stark contrast. If God needs you to you will see auras, be able to function as a medical intuitive, heal people, see into the future or the past — but you might not have access to such abilities when you are not meant to be using them. Service is the best way to practice the abilities that you have. When you are in the mode of unconditional giving, everything flows from an inner wellspring. One should have no interest in attaining a specific ability but should recognize that if you put service to others first, whatever ability God needs you to have you will have, sometimes only in the moment when you need it.

3) Unconditional Love – This goes right along with self purification and selfless service. We must endeavor to practice unconditional love, to demonstrate it, and to also master our ability to receive it and be a conduit for it. Love is more powerful than any psychic ability, and yet it is the very thing that accelerates our abilities to the max. When we do all that we do with love, we will flow with “the Force”.

4) Meditation Without Agenda — It is certainly true that meditation and a various techniques can support the opening of one’s inner senses; however, I have learned to trust the plan the Masters and Angels have for the development of my gifts. There have been times when I have sought to use my gifts to penetrate the higher dimensions, seeking contact in some form because I thought that is what I needed, but when such intentions are not rewarded it has always challenged me to “Meditate Without Agenda”, and this is often where the greatest multidimensional breakthroughs have occurred, after the letting go.

5) The Focus of Equality – Having abilities does not make one superior, and one of the greatest things the Masters focus on when considering any requests for training is: who is making this request? Is this the heart and soul of the person, or is this an element of mind that is not based in equality with others. The Masters will look to see if you are holding superiority in your consciousness and will steer you in the direction of correcting such imbalances before the training can really accelerate. So, why not get a head start. Focus on holding everyone as your equal, and see nothing but equality in human relationships. Bow into equality with all beings humbly, and do not ever think that having abilities makes you more special than anyone else. That is the way to higher consciousness. For those that do not see through the eyes of equality, the expansion of such abilities will always be limited, but for those who see with the Eye of One, there is no limit to what one may experience by allowing the Divine to manifest through you what serves everyone as a community of equals.

6) Patience is Everything! — If you are aware that you have abilities and feel excited about going further, just be patience. You are being trained, you just may not know it. We tend to think that down here it is all up to us, as if no one knows our potential and is looking out for it, but every one of us has a divine blueprint and if you feel that opening your inner senses more is part of your calling then you can be sure that this is already part of the plan. You don’t have to personally be in charge of how or when this occurs. The whole world is going through a shift and this is awakening our inner senses to a larger energetic world. It just comes with the package of this lifetime for a great many of us. That being said, there is no rush. The awakening of our inner senses is happening as part of a natural evolution and we can trust that this is happening in divine timing. It is not up to you to figure out mentally the next step so you can keep progressing but, rather, to just follow your heart in all ways and allow the evolutionary process to unfold.

7) The Technique of Oneness — In terms of an actual technique you can use, I would not recommend any particular practice or focus over that of practicing oneness. Acknowledge oneness with everyone and everything around you. Talk to the trees and plants. Talk to your angels, even if you can’t see them or sense their physical presence. Don’t pretend that you don’t have access. Instead, pretend that you are just being tested to have faith in the unseen until such time as the unseen reveals itself. Communicate as if there are no barriers. Talk to your friends silently and see who is listening actively to your thought waves. Practice listening for inner signals from others. And most of all, see everyone as a reflection of you. This is part of the practice of oneness. It involves more than just seeing all beings as equals great and small. It is a focus of compassion and empathy that will continually take you deeper into the presence of a collective heart that is everywhere and a part of every relationship.

These are just a few thoughts about the keys I have discovered again and again in my own training with the Masters. Please feel free to comment and add your thoughts about developing one’s latent abilities.

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Many Blessings,



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4 replies

  1. Thank you Saryon for this illuminating information. It makes great sense to me, except I am wondering about one thing. This month I am participating in a “Peace Project” whereby thousands of people are daily sending positive (meditative) intention for crime reduction in a particular city. Results will be measured by local police stats. So we do have an agenda. Is this the kind of meditation you recommend against?

    Also, I struggle with seeing those who act mean or demanding as equals. In others words, I do feel superior and have trouble praying for their happiness. How can I love those who hurt me?

    Thank you for showing me that I don’t need an agenda when volunteering at the local jail. I do believe I am shown how to interact with each inmate. Even though I have my own disability, I am often granted just the right knowledge or inspiration to help my students see their own strengths and abilities. I truly appreciate these blessings and, thanks to your encouragement, can wait patiently to be shown more.

    I had a near death experience at age 10; that has carried me through to my sixth decade.

    The Opening to Channel One Day Seminar is very helpful. Thank you for giving it to us.
    In gratitude,

  2. This is an excellent article, Saryon. For me, it is all about “allowing” divine manifestation rather than forcing its appearance in one’s life. I have known people who wanted to do it all and all at once and right now. It is a slippery slope and huge challenges result. Thank you for your words of wisdom.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this !!!!!!

  4. EXCELLENT article! Its content reflects my deepening in understanding that and how much ALL of LIFE is an unfolding of… ‘ALL-GRACE’.

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