Defense Against the Dark Arts Class


I am very excited to announce a theme for the upcoming live webcast series beginning on Sunday, July 27th.

Because there is such a need for training and information about psychic self defense, I am inspired use the opportunity of this new series of 7 monthly webcasts to focus on Defense Against the Dark Arts. I have known that I would be doing a course like this for some time and it is exciting to see it take shape.

Having extensive knowledge of the unseen, and having worked with and developed techniques for dealing with astral energy in action, I have a wealth of experience to share with you.  I will tell you, for example, how I fended off the worst psychic attack of my life (no different than dealing with dementors) and how to not only protect yourself but remain in awareness of how to heal and create sacred and protective space around you so that you continually rise above the influence of the astral plane.

 Angel 10

By the end of the first class we will create our new protection grids. Throughout the series we will learn to work with the magic of the Angelic Presence and demystify the powers and techniques that the dark forces use to manipulate us through fear. You will learn more than ever before what’s really out there, and how powerful you really are in the face of darkness. This will be a profoundly interesting and enlightening journey.

Though this webcast series is included as part of the New Journey through the School of Manifestation — a full seven month program through all of the current courses — you can also subscribe to the separately. The first of the seven calls is on Sunday, July 27th.

If you have participated in at least two of the School of Manifestation Courses, you can subscribe at a discounted rate of $77.

If you have not participated in more than one of the School of Manifestation Courses, please consider joining the new group for the Full Seven Month Program, which includes all three courses.

1) Allowing Divine Manifestation

2) Teachings from the Arcturians

3) Working Within Your Angelic Blueprint

PLUS – the new live webcast series of 7 monthly calls on Defense Against the Dark Arts

The Full Program is just $333 and you get to bring a friend, so if you split the cost it is only $166.50 per person.

CLICK HERE to register for the Full 7 Month Program, or for details about the courses, click here.  I WILL RESPOND VIA EMAIL ASAP TO THOSE WHO REGISTER WITH PAYMENT

If you have taken more than two of the above courses and want to register for just the Defense Against the Dark Arts at the discounted rate, please contact me at

Otherwise, I will allow newcomers to register for just the Defense Against the Dark Arts Webcast Series for $112. CLICK HERE to register for this series separately.



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