Sarasota is a Hot Spot!

beachy photo

The sands in Sarasota are made of quartz crystal, and they feel like a very fine powder. Some of the most beautiful beaches I have seen for this reason, and I am happy to be back here again.

Starting on Saturday the 15th of March, I will be hosting my first workshop on working with your spiritual guides.  This is just the first event to kick of a two week series of events and offerings, including private readings and energy work. I have people coming all the way down from New Hampshire for the seminars and workshops, and people are coming from all over. If you have friends in Florida, please let them know.

Last time I did this, there was a real spiritual momentum that built up over the week and the angels said that we helped to release some of the dark energy being held in other places. It felt like we anchored another part of the Peace Grid. I even experience a brief appearance of an Arcturian ship in the Sky after having channeled them for the audience on evening.

This time, I can feel the energies building again, and there is a such a wonderful group of people here to help anchor the light. The light workers here come from all over, but they all feel called to be here. Really enjoying all the trees, vegan restaurants, crystal shops, tea houses and, meeting other healers in the area.

Click Here to check out the Cosmic Center of Spiritual Light. I will likely be coming here again in the future.



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