Sacred Pilgrimage to Mt. Shasta


WESAK 2014 (May 9-11) – Get Your Tickets Here

Have you ever experienced a pilgrimage to America’s Sacred Mountain? I remember the first time I went. It changed my life forever.

I was living in Orlando at the time and I knew I had to get there. I bought a ticket to the Mt. Shasta Wesak Festival even before I knew how I would get there, and then everything else felt into place. I manifested a car and drove clear across the country and made it just in time for the opening meditation.

Mt. Shasta is a place of initiation, and one of the places where the Ascended Masters have a sacred retreat inside the mountain. Saint Germain actually invited me into his retreat once, and shortly after, another trip to Mt. Shasta manifested for me. I always love going there and drinking from the natural springs that come from inside the mountain.

The veils are very thin in Mt. Shasta, and it is easier to experience the presence of nature spirits, ETs, angels, and everything that is in the invisible realm, especially up on the mountain. I saw the colors of my aura for the first time there, holding my hands out in front of the snow covered ground up on the mountain.

This year, I have the honor and privilege of being a featured channeler at the Mt. Shasta Wesak Festival.  I have always wanted to do this, and this year the Masters have made my dream come true. I am so excited to channel for Wesak, and this year this festival of the Buddha will be held in a meeting room that is at the park where the headwaters of the Sacramento River springs forth from the base of the mountain.

The theme this year is:  “Bringing the Sacred Back”.  I hope you will consider making a pilgrimage to Mt. Shasta this May to experience what the Masters describe as the most sacred time of the year, when all spiritual initiates are gather together on the inner planes to receive new dispensations from the Masters. Click Here to learn more about it or purchase tickets.

Once, this festival in Mt. Shasta was a rallying point for lightworkers across the globe.  And though it has remained a constant in Mt. Shasta since the passing of Dr. Stone, now, this year represents a new beginning as we endeavor to build it back to a level of connection that can really initiate people into a greater alignment with the energies of the Masters, as this festival once did for me so long ago.

This is is the year to be there, and perhaps if you come, the Mt. Shasta Wesak will become for you that annual place of pilgrimage that serves to recharge your spiritual batteries as you journey into the next year of your earthly mission.



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  1. Well that explains it! I drove by this mountain, in awe, every summer as a youngster on our annual pilgrimage north from CA to my state of birth, WA. As an adult, I once purposely stopped to spend the night at a hotel near the mountain and requested a room with a view. I was not disappointed. I again couldn’t stop looking at it and wondering what secrets it held. One day, I will get there again but I have more tools to more consciously discover its secrets with now. I miss my mountains.They are calling me. Florida is quite flat.

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