Shamballa – A New World Wide Program


Last December, I was pondering what the Masters would have me do after completing the series of three courses they had me channel for the School of Manifestation. During a deep meditation, I was surprised and delighted to feel the Light of Shamballa focusing into my crown chakra and all the Masters spoke to me with One Voice.  During the course of that hour they began to instruct me concerning a 1 year Mystery School Training that they would be offering through me. Here below are excerpts from their teaching to me.

What the Masters Said to Me

You are here to develop a worldwide program for training with the Ascended Masters.  This is not a training that can be encapsulated into simply a two-month course.  The depth and breadth of the teachings we will inspire in you will contain a deeper, richer, and fuller accounting of the human potential of the participants.  It is not something that we wish to stop and start.  We would like to work with those that are interested on an ongoing basis.  This is to be an annual school.  

The School of the Ascended Masters is going to teach more than the basic spiritual principals that you know and serve and practice.  It is going to delve deeper into the hidden architecture of human consciousness.  It is going to provide many new tools to help you develop in your ability to cocreate — to program reality through the transformation of the self. Do not try to put what this is into any kind of structure.  Do not see any limitation to the range of what will be offered in this course.  It is a channeled course and, as you know already, anything can happen. 

There are many forms of consciousness that will seek to interact with the group to play a role in expanding their consciousness, and as this group coalesces into a sealed and aligned unified field, it will make it possible for an acceleration to take place that could not happen without a greater facilitation in group consciousness.  

We are calling you together in groups on the physical plane to assimilate more of our teachings and energy.  It is our wish at this time to see the formation of many such groups that are willing to journey together in partnership with a learning process that is multidimensional.  We are taking great care in selecting students for these groups.  You do not need to promote this widely.  People will find you.

This is an opportunity to get to know the Masters more deeply.  Each one of us has something to bring.  There are many integrations that will come to you in this training that will be unexpected but very inspiring, and will address the needs the participants have for growth in their own lives.  You can only speak very generally at this point about what is in store.  This is a Mystery School Training, and, as such, part of it will be a mystery, both to you and to the students.




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