Message from Melchizedek – A One Year Training

snowflakes and stars descending on a path of golden light

NOTE:  I always experience Melchizedek’s energy as a Golden Light from above. During this channeling experience, I meditated for quite some time, not knowing who was going to come through. I kept asking the angels and they just said to relax and that they were aligning me through the channel of all the Masters. It took some time – filling up with energy – before the connection completed, but when this transmission came through I could feel all of the Masters as One within the channel of Lord Melchizedek’s Golden Light

Feb. 19, 2014

I Am Lord Melchizedek.  I am coming to deepen your training with the Ascended Masters.  The Ascended Masters are a core group of teachers, healers and facilitators that represent a body of wisdom and love through which many higher forms of consciousness are able to impart dispensations to humanity.  They are channels and conduits for a cosmic consciousness that is also teaching them, and so, you are a student of students and a member of a growing student body that is aligning with a singularity of love that unites and guides many, many levels of progression in the human ascension process.

The ascension process does not end when you complete your series of embodiments.  It does not end when you become enlightened, or even when you physical ascend the body, which will be the case for humanity collectively in later centuries.  Ascension is a universal process.  You are learning about it on a planetary level so that you can understand and participate in larger projects of ascension that involve many worlds and many systems of consciousness. 

You are here to be a conscious participant in a grand, multidimensional work that is bringing new educational resources online globally, psychically, and in ever-wider circles of influence.  Do not underestimate your own potential.  Do not underestimate how far the ripple effects of your lives can reach.

God’s Eye is fixated on this world, and this world is being called into unity with itself.  There are opportunities present for rapid evolutionary growth, rapid healing, and the acceleration of many causes of social reform that hold a great deal of promise for humanity’s creative potential.  We are cultivating certain forms of collective intelligence.  This is why we seek to develop you as channels.  You each have your own strengths as channels and conduits of living energy, and Our training with you will concentrate on the progression of your individual channeling process so that you may tap into these new forms of collective intelligence as they become more available. 

God’s Gift to each of you, in the form of the Ascended Masters that overlight your progress, was designed very specifically to compliment your potential, and the potential of those living in this time period.  Centuries from now, many new Masters will have been cultivated into leadership positions, much like those of the Masters you know now, and they will be right for those times.  The Masters we are cultivating now are living lives to compliment the spiritual progress of those they will be instructing and guiding in the future. 

We see the potential for many of you being trained by the Masters to eventually take your place among the guides that serve in various capacities in the inner plane teaching institutions that We have established.  The education of humanity is Our goal.  We are training you now, giving you what you need, not only for your sake but, for the sake of those whose lives you will impact far into the future.  The goal to educate humanity about the truth of its potential to bring to fruition its divine gifts and qualities – this is a very long-term project.  It has been ongoing for ages of time, and it will continue on for many thousands of years.

There are certain individuals that have been marked for this training through this particular channel.  You will know if this training feels right to you.  It is a calling towards a deeper relationship with the Ascended Masters.  It is a calling to advance more deeply and fully into your responsibility to lead by example.  It is a training that is given truly as a gift and a dispensation to those who have demonstrated a devotion towards spiritual progress and service to others.

Through this training you will come to know Shamballa as a teaching center.  The Light of Shamballa is reaching out, increasing Its contact with the students of the Masters on the physical plane.  This is a rare opportunity to train with a model student whose career is being accelerated by the Masters.  The accelerated nature of his training will provide a springboard for many who feel similarly devoted to spiritual progress and refinement.  This training is designed to teach and cultivate a lifelong relationship with the Masters so that you will complete this one-year program with a newfound sense of the spiritual processes that are laying claim to your life.  As you learn to engage the evolutionary forces from within you will also develop in your capacity to rely upon inner guidance from many different sources, including your higherself.

We want you to be able to find access to higher consciousness more easily and to understand techniques for shifting your own consciousness out of limitation as the need for this is ongoing in your earth-life experience.

Special care will be given to address the individual needs of the participants while We will also seek to lay down a foundation for future students.  A full year will be needed to fulfill this work as it is a body of work somewhat adapted to the progression of the students.  Some flexibility of the timing and scheduling will be needed as there will be some periods of rest between segments of the training and we will be assessing potentials for all involved. 

We see in this group, however, a potential for many to become bonded together as friends, and this is an important part of your journey as a group process.  You will all become more highly reflective of each other through the work of the School. The presence of the School will be downloaded into your consciousness and your souls will be linked regardless of your locations.  This training is for those who are ready to bare themselves, to share their souls and be vulnerable within a group process.  In this regard, you will all get to know each other very well.  There is no part of your lives that this training may not touch in some way. 

The Melchizedek Vibration that runs through this training will seek to unify the student body through the consciousness of the Masters.  While you may be learning from them as individual essences, the golden vibration in My Name will align you with that still point of unity that the Masters share as One. 

The goal is to move into oneness with the Masters — to know them as aspects of yourself — just as you will also be treated as an aspect symbolically of the other students in the school.  We will all practice looking upon each other as reflections of the One.  And so, you will also see in Me your reflection as this golden light is here also to become a part of you, as one of the many integrations that We are offering.  And though these integrations are not exclusive to those who are going to be joining through this training, the training is designed to propel you into the dispensations being offered so that you may potentially model them for others who are opening to discover these potentials within themselves.

Now, the time has come to gather the students of this group together, to begin preparing them. We honor all of the light bringers in this world, and may you all be blessed and find within your hearts the same calling to connect with the global student body of world servers that are sourced through the Heart of Shamballa.  The blessing of Our golden light is upon you, and We will strengthen you as One. 




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