Sarasota in Spring!


This March (15th thru 31st) I will be returning to Sarasota, Florida to offer another seminar, and this time we are adding several workshops as well. I am very excited about reconnecting with all of the wonderful souls at the Cosmic Center of Spiritual Light.

Last time there was a beautiful download of energy from the Masters, Angels, and the Arcturians as well, who made an appearance one evening as I was channeling. Sarasota seems to be one of those hotspots that I only recently discovered where there is a lot of light anchoring on the planet.

You can read about the full list of events and purchase tickets at the Event Website.

This venue can only hold about 60 people and last time it was standing room only, so get your tickets early.  Every evening will be a unique cocreation with Spirit as we explore the invisible realms and the sacred knowledge of the Masters.

I will also be doing both private readings this time as well as 30 minute healing/energy attunements.


There are already people planning on driving in from as far away as the New England States, so this will definitely be a gathering of soul family from far and wide. The Cosmic Center of Spiritual Light is a wonderful vortex for meeting and connecting with our Family of Light.

Hope you can make it, and please help spread the word.


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