Aligning with the Work of the Masters


As I write this now I feel the presence of the Ascended Masters in my heart, and I feel closer to the One Heart than ever before. The Training of the Masters, as well as that of the Arcturians and the Angels this last year has immeasurably enhanced my life and my mastery as a human being.

Today I am practicing the tools and techniques that they taught me through the channeled courses of the School of Manifestation and it is easier than ever to deal with the challenges of life and surrender more deeply to the Divine Overlighting Presence. There is great power and opportunity for the expansion of consciousness in working with the ascension energies that introduced themselves to us through the School and I am so happy to have been a part of it.

Last year, when the Masters first contacted me to offer the first course, I had no idea what was in store.  I am as much a student of the School of Manifestation as I am its earthly facilitator. Then, the Arcturians contacted me to offer a course, and then the Angels and Archangels came to offer their training. This amazing program is ongoing but, I now have 7 whole months of weekly content to offer and I want as many people as possible to receive the same benefit as I have.

I am launching a new subscription service that offers a low cost way for more people to participate in the School and link together as an online community. This is an amazing opportunity and I can feel the Masters reaching out to connect with more people that are meant to receive these teachings. Perhaps you will feel called. Just connect to the energy of Sananda, Mother Mary, and Saint Germain, and you will know if this training is for you. Also, I am aware that the Arcturians have already brought many people to me for this training, so don’t be surprised if they are prompting you as well.

There is a spiritual momentum building from more people entering this training together and I will be here to help cultivate the growth that is taking place as we all become more prepared for higher levels of training to come. Through this program you will have both the direct influence of the guides while you are going through the courses and my hindsight after having actualized the teachings. I will be available to people through the online forums, and also through a number of bonus calls where I will answer questions live whenever time permits.

To read my introduction to the work of the Masters, as well as their introductions to the School, Click Here.

Go straight to the registration page and read about the courses, Click Here.

This is not to be missed.

And 10% of all proceeds are donated to charity.



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