New Website, New Beginnings

Ammonite Crystal, a symbol of New Beginnings.


This year I have decided to switch to so that I can add new features to the website. Though I will continue to post on this site as well, the domain name now points to the new website, through which I am developing many new features.

I am most excited about the fact that I am about to launch a new subscription service for the School of Manifestation Courses, making them more affordable and accessible.  And, I will be going on a bit of a speaking tour, starting with another trip to Sarasota, Florida in March.

I will be making announcements very soon about some of these upcoming speaking engagements and though I haven’t posted much since I returned from the last Florida trip, I have a lot of new content planned that is soon to be released.

In his annual address from the New Year’s Eve Retreat, which was held in Palm Springs this year, Pranananda declared this year (2014) the Year of New Beginnings. On New Years Day, over 40 of us witnessed an ET ship that appeared in the sky as a pulsating cluster of glowing, white orbs, just as we were coming out of an Earth meditation. What a way to start the new year!

Check out the video about New Beginnings and hear about this theme for the new year. I definitely feel a lot of change is in the air, and I hope all of you are feeling optimistic about what the new year holds.


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  1. Lovely to hear louis dor speak xxx see you soon ….will take afew days until i get response from all the friends regarding our time scedule of our trip xxx

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  2. Good news about your upcoming courses. I have to sit this one out but I can’t wait to participate next time.

    As to this video – it struck a cord. It’s so accurate it’s baffling. I want to thank you Saryon for this video because when I checked out his webpage I found many messages that blew my mind wide open.

    Be blessed, Saryon!

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