Angels and the New Peace Consciousness

This is a video segment from the very beginning of the seminar I hosted recently in Sarasota.  There are some camera adjustments unfortunately in the beginning but this video segment is a great introduction to the whole series of talks.

There is some very good and hopeful information here so please reblog, share this on YouTube and give it a good rating. And check back soon for more video releases from the Sarasota events.


And thanks again to the Cosmic Center of Spiritual Light



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  1. LES chemins sont divers Mais La Lumière est pour toutes les Créatures…
    DE l Homo sapiens vers l Homospirit.. Now New Conscience , Ré initialisation de Disque dur Humain en DIVIN , Welcome in this Light, Together we are strong,
    ETERNELOVE every body in URANTIA…

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