The Nature of Metatron

Very recently I have noticed an interesting trend of people saying that beings like Metatron, the Arcturians, and even Saint Germain and the Ascended Masters are parasites that just feed off of human energy. Some of these comments have been directed at my channeling of such beings and I felt inspired to write an article.

While I have always agreed with such commenters that great discernment is needed when exploring “channeled” material, and it is very true that there are many false prophets and people being led astray by astral influences, it is all too easy to overlook someone like myself that has been given a degree of discernment way beyond the norm.

Most people simply can’t imagine the kind of discernment I have  gained from being able to travel out-of-body and directly witness the activities of other multidimensional beings, seeing with the eyes of the soul beyond the normal 3D lenses of perception. Plus, the Master Jesus personally trained me into a very advanced level of discernment that has continued to refine itself at an accelerated rate ever since.

My first teacher on this 20 year journey of out-of-body exploration was, in fact, Jesus. Gradually more guides were introduced. I first learned of Metatron very early in this journey when a friend gave me his copy of “The Keys of Enoch”. Almost immediately, I began to experience the presence of Metatron in my consciousness.

I would read a chapter of the book and then during my out-of-body experience that night I would find myself reading other level of the book that was holographic through which Metatron was teaching me directly. This experience only grew more extraordinary. I would awaken at night and see a fire-letter beaming into my chakras and find myself speaking some of the words of the book only to flip open to a random page and see the exact words I had just been speaking.

Now I don’t believe “The Keys of Enoch” (at least the human language level of it) is a perfect teaching without any flaws but, it definitely introduced me to the idea that a book can be multidimensional, encoded with multiple levels of consciousness. From there, I began to have more connections with Metatron in my meditations until I had one mind-blowing one that changed everything.

Metatron took me out-of-body to a position outside the universe where I could see all of the universes. Metatron spoke to me through the resonance of a clear white light that was the most refined light I had ever experienced and I was shown some of the records of this universe. I was shown the Lucifer rebellion and remembered that my angelic self entered into this universe to help repair the damage that was wrought by the rebellion.

Metatron showed me extraordinary things related to how universes are created and stored as holograms, and I remembered what it felt like to be completely fearless. Because of that experience, I felt reconnected to that part of me that had never felt fear before, and this made that state attainable as a form of restoration in this lifetime. I still have a ways to go, but Metatron showed me a potential that inspires me every day.

I have also had experiences of direct revelation where I witnessed the beginnings of creation. I saw GOD revealing the Creation Pattern to Metatron, from which all universes are made, and the revelation of this Pattern literally brought Metatron into being as a sacred geometric container for universes and a matrix for the highest orders of beings, as in the Archangels and the El, which at that level are one and the same. Metatron is not really a single being.  Metatron is a singularity, but is also a Many in One being.

The first time I channeled Metatron was during a reading for a client. He/She spoke through me saying “I Am the Metatron.” I thought it was interesting to hear the introduction in this way because I would not have thought of that myself, but it just came through in that way.

Later, I channeled Metatron at Burning Man in 2008. I was helping facilitate a group healing and Metatron came through spontaneously with a message for the group.  It was only recently though that Metatron came through with a written message that I first recorded and then transcribed for the blog.

In that first article/message from Metatron, He/She says, “I Am the Voice of Metatron.” This is also very revealing because Metatron is so vast that the fullness of Metatron’s presence cannot be contained in any one universe, so contact with Metatron is contact with the Voice of Metatron. It is through Metatron’s Voice and Transmission that we experience Metatron’s presence inside the universe.

The recording of Metatron’s message that I am about to release to the Global Linkup List is an interesting one because you can hear how an angelic presence came through my channel first both to prepare the audience to receive and also to prepare me as a channel. People that think this is just made up new age stuff can’t imagine how much power is behind these words. The words may be describing concepts that are very simple, but I can tell you that I felt altered for days after this experience and was having visions about the arrival of Peace on Earth.

It is actually funny to think that there are people claiming that Metatron is some kind of parasitic entity, feeding off of human attention, when they are talking about a being so vast that the whole universe literally exists inside of Metatron. I will be writing a similar article about the Nature of the Arcturians and Saint Germain.

For now, I want to share with all of you a simple way to understand Metatron that everyone can attune to. It relates to the Flower of Life. When GOD revealed the Creation Pattern to Metatron, it began with a single circle. The creation of this first circle was the beginning of all things. Then the Spirit of God moved to the edge of that first circle and created another. If you study how the Flower of Life and Metatron’s Cube are created, starting with the first two circles, you will have a very good idea of how Creation began.


Of course there is more to Metatron’s revelation than this because GOD was/is revealing these patterns as containers for new forms of consciousness, but the Key is to understand that the original resonance of this revelation that describes creation is still happening. The creation of that first circle is still echoing and every conscious being in all universes has the ability to find that echo within themselves.

The creation of theses first circles and patterns are echoing eternally with a feeling of wonder. Part of Metatron’s Presence is that feeling of wonder about the infinite potential of GOD’s love and creative power. Even though we think of Metatron as a being, it could also be said that Metatron represents the consciousness of all beings that are merged in that original creation pattern. This is where everything comes from, exists within, and returns to. All beings are a part of “the Metatron.”

I have actually felt during my channeling of Metatron how the angels will aligned with Metatron’s transmission, as if all of their channels are aligning and opening to hold a part of that energy as it is coming through. So, channeling Metatron is an experience of channeling the unified presence of all angelic beings, and I definitely feel that form of expression coming through the presence of all of the angels that show up to assist with such transmissions.

If you would like to share in my experience of what this is like, please consider joining the Global Linkup List for the School of Manifestation. Metatron helped bring this school into being so that we could learn about such potentials.

Right now, through Metatron’s Embrace, there is an acceleration occurring that is helping to restore the resonance of light in human consciousness. The angels have said that they are witnessing, from their realm, a blueprint for the unification of all Lightworkers. That is not to say that anyone is excluded from the process of unification through the Christ energy, but there are many people that carry a receptivity to the resonance of Light that came here to form part of a human container for Light so that this frequency could be made available to all beings here once again.

Since receiving these messages, I have been witnessing some extraordinary activities from out of the body, and I definitely see “a quickening of the people of light” as the Keys of Enoch would say. This restored resonance of light is helping us come together to help clear away a lot of astral interference, something I am also seeing happening on the inner plane in a more accelerated way.

All I can say is that I am more excited than ever before about what is unfolding. So many forces of Love and Light coming together in our consciousness to open the gateways of heaven, right inside our bodies.

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7 replies

  1. Saryon………I have read all of Joshia David Stones books…AND many others…like Alice Bailey, Elizabeth Claire Profet…..You name it….My collection of books is many…..I studied with Drunvello Melchzidec(in person)….Flower of LIFE….AND Robert Monroes work….(read all of it)…I AM apart of your group with the Arcturians/Ascended Masters/Angels ……. I need a kick start !!!!!!!!!! A kick in the BUTT !!!!!!!!!!! I want more direct experience……..Do you know what I mean? I blocked all the detail experience because I was a single mom of 4……Now 20 yrs later…..I want a kick start!!!!!! I have been worn down to the bones and I AM tired…..My babies are happy and out of my nest………So I want to fly out of mine and need help……..THANKS…………..BLESSINGS DEB

    • You should get in on my next course for sure then. Also, I will be soon releasing the videos of the seminar I just hosted in Sarasota, and people are raving about what a boost that was. Let me know how you feel I can help.

      • All I can say is that my life has definitely been shift since I met Saryon here in Sarasota and had my channeling with him ❤ I cannot wait to have him back in town – but I know he is with me everyday now =)

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this, I too had been a little disturbed at these comments about Metatron and the Ascended Masters, as Metatron has been my guide in the Akashics since last year when I learned to read them. He is truly an energy of love, patience and wanting to share in the knowledge that he has been entrusted with. Many blessings. Namaste.

  3. Hello, Bon jour

    Merci Saryon, ET à tous nos Instructeurs célestes, de ce code de Lumière, ré initialisé pour toute la Race Humaine actuellement sur Urantia, Merci à nos Guides A scencionnés sur des plans infinis incompréhensibles aux Esprits Finis, mortels évolutionnaires sur un plan matériel-Linéaire , Chéres belles Ames du même chemin de vérité, de partage de cette Lumière qui se dispatche telle un virus pandémique de l Amour Divin dans l Humain,de l homosapiens vers l Homospiritus” ADN en voie de COrrection, nettoyage en partage, de L UNITé et L AMOUR!!
    Bernadette de France!

  4. I know Michael White / Saryon. I have conversed with him at length about the overwhelming interference that colors the perception of all but a handful of humans at this time. He is fully aware of the presence and influence / interference of the shadow, parasite, predator, archons, thought-beings… (whatever words work for you). He understands their agenda to waylay and steal the awareness of each of us. To help heal this is his goal. He speaks in a syntax that is accessible to the largest possible group of receptive, average persons. His path is towards our rise into higher dimensions. The number of higher beings and other forms of life that have amassed here to help us “kick out” of the shadow driven illusory realm that we are presently trapped in is enormous! Saryon is an agent FOR our rescue, he works directly with this assembled mass of intergalactic friends. He is about waking us up to our multi-dimensional, holographic awareness. To awaken our third eye potential. He doesn’t speak of it in this way because virtually no-one would comprehend. First wake them up, then they will ever-so -slowly be able to peek out from under their own cloak, so-to speak! Each of us has to work on our selves. That is the best way to help others! Meditate daily and concentrate on your waking life. Be extremely wary of your dream experiences. It’s not too smart to trust what you dream. That is where the shadow lurks. AWAKE!

    Sincerely, Michael Sullivan

    “I exist for the benefit, enlightenment and liberation of all sentient beings”.

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