What Can We Do to Raise Our Vibrations?

This question was posed by a student from the Arcturian Telecourse and I was encouraged to share my response publicly. If you are interested, there are two upcoming telecourses: “Allowing Divine Manifestation” (starting on Friday, Oct 11th) and, “Working Within Your Angelic Blueprint” (starting on Nov. 14th, after the completion of  the Allowing Divine Manifestation telecourse).  Click Here for details.

“What Can We Do to Raise Our Vibrations?”


Let me start by saying that there are things that we can do to raise our vibrations, and yet, much of this process is also in the hands of the Masters, Arcturians, Metatron and the Angels, and our higherselves. That is the good news. It’s not all up to us. In fact, many of the vibrational leaps and increases that are in store for us will just come to us at the right time and we don’t have to do anything more than surrender to greater infusions of light when they come. Some of this comes through experiences of contact (with the Masters, Angels, Arcturians, ect.) which we know are in store for us, and some of it comes from Metatron’s Embrace of the Lightworkers, unifying us so we can all be uplifted together, thus uplifting the world.

Before I get to ways that we can raise our vibrations as individuals, it is important to also touch upon how ascension, and thus the greater part of the process of raising our vibrations, cannot be forced by self will. Our determination to overcome what impedes us and our hunger for GOD can bring us to the doorway of initiation (which is where the biggest increases in vibration can take place), but crossing over into a higher vibration of being involves dedication to applying the wisdom the Masters teach us and obeying our Divine Guidance.

We can do the work to become more refined, trustworthy, and ready for infusion with more light, but when and how we are lifted up in the kind of dramatic ways that we aspire to must be left to the timing that GOD and the Masters have decided for us. Until then, we must not be concerned about when such an experience of initiation will occur but, we must continue serving and perfecting ourselves as unconditional love as if nothing else matters.  In other words, trying to achieve a spiritual initiation can become an egotistical pursuit and will only hold the doorway of initiation out in front of you, like a carrot at the end of a stick; but if your heart is purely motivated towards service and dedication to self mastery, the Masters will want to sponsor your training into higher levels of vibration, and thus, influence in the world.

Many people still believe that ascension is something that they are racing to achieve as a personal achievement, or that it is like some place they have to get to. In this view, raising one’s vibration becomes the concept of how to achieve ascension or make an evolutionary leap to another plane of existence. What the Masters are teaching us is that it takes way more than raising our vibrations to make the leap and, consequently there are many factors that go into raising our vibrations are not often addressed in the teachings of others.

To put it simply, raising our vibrations has as much to do with balancing our vibration. Think of a spinning top in a state of almost perfect balance. That is the balance needed for the Masters to spin the top even faster so that it stays aligned with its true center of power while ascending. If the top starts to wobble out of balance it crashes and falls, and, the faster it is spinning, the more chaotic the crash if it goes out of balance. So we have to constantly refine our balance so that we can both receive more light and be trusted with more power by GOD and the Masters.

Balance is the container for Divine Power.


There are degrees of light and power that are withheld from us until we are responsible enough, and that is for our protection and the protection of others. We could never achieve these higher degrees of light and power by simply practicing techniques for raising our vibrations without addressing psychological imbalances that would be dangerous to self and others if they were amplified with more light and more power. More light and more power is something that, at a certain level, can only come from being conferred directly by GOD, and through the Masters that are overseeing our evolution.  Here we are talking about the spiritual initiations that act to complete our purification with the Flame of GOD’s Love, and that cause a dramatic increase in our light quotient.

So the question of “How can we raise our vibrations?” should equally focus on “How can we balance our vibrations so that they can be raised?”  Here we can address both, now that we have established how they are interconnected.

First, there are many things that we can do that will raise our vibrations temporarily, but without addressing where we are still entrained with our density, we will just return to virtually the same place until we have addressed what holds us to our current level of density. Prayer, meditation, self purification, fasting, exercise, pranic breathing, praising the beauty of life, selfless service: all of these activities can raise our vibrations when we are engaged with them, but it takes a combination of many if not all of these things to help sustain a pathway of raising one’s vibration. You could pray every night for others and you would experience being infused with the light and blessings that you are wishing upon others, but if you continually deny opportunities to practice compassion in action, you would withhold from yourself the fullness of the blessings that you invoke because you would deny the blessing that your own life was meant to be to others in the physical.

By far, the greatest tool for raising one’s vibration is pranic breathing:  taking slow, deep, pranic breaths with the intention of breathing in love and light from the universe and exhaling negativity. I practice this every day, usually in the morning to start the day, and sometimes throughout the day when I remember, and during exercise or before a meditation or a session with a client. I often take walks in my neighborhood and practice breathing consciously and celebrating life with my breath, praising the beauty of life around me. This practice has led to many experiences of feeling the chakras open to receive infusions of love and light from the Masters. Every time this has happened, I can feel how much potential there is to continue mastering this practice and go higher, and there is nothing more ecstatic than sharing your experience of breathing directly with the Creator.

BREATH Energizing the pranic layer.docx_shutterstock_50144476

There is also a potentially constant flow of prana that we can tap into and channel through the art of praising the beauty of life and blessing all the life that we see with gratitude and loving thoughts. Complimenting people, telling them you love them, listening unconditionally – these are all acts of being present and affirming a loving reality that is always seeking to establish itself so that we can all access a state of connection with a greater whole that can help us all to raise our vibrations together.

Selfless acts can do more to transform where we are stuck in density than almost anything, and this helps raise our vibration. It has the effect of balancing karma, which is also important in this process. It is part of being in the flow. The abundance of light and love that we need to raise and sustain our vibrations can be accessed through trusting in a flow of abundance and unconditional giving – which can often mean being responsive to the needs of others, even if they are unexpected or seem like an inconvenience. There are opportunities all around us to make a difference in the lives of others, and this helps raise our vibrations because it puts us in that flow of gratitude, both for the opportunity to serve, and for that return flow of gratitude that the universe reflects back to us when we serve.

When a person has become whole and one with the truth that we are all a part of love —  all worthy of unconditional love — and you are sufficiently aligned with Source from within by your resolve to always quickly return to your most loving nature no matter what happens, it gets easier to raise and sustain one’s vibration just through the breath because the acts of selfless service, praising and blessing life, surrender, forgiveness, compassion, loving detachment – all become your way of being, keeping the spinning top balanced in its proper place.  You can just raise your vibration really high and then come back down and ground whenever you want, because you are trusted with access to those levels of energy, and you are able to contain those feelings and expressions of being from those higher vibrations through what they compel you to do with your life.


Being committed to being here and serving will afford you greater access to the higher vibrations than the desire to ascend as a way to escape physical reality.  The Masters need to know that we are going to come back down from the mountain and share the blessings of GOD, not wink out and say “WooHoo, I made it to the next dimension . . .   so long humans.”

Know what it is you are asking for when you ask the Masters for more light. Raising one’s vibration is truly an experience of moving into more sensitivity and oneness, and thus deeper surrender to GOD, and if you are not prepared to surrender to what GOD is asking of you, your ego will keep you in a state of being diametrically opposed to that higher vibrational state.  The ego just wants to take care of itself and not be bothered by others.  The ego doesn’t want to have to give up any of its power to control the outcome of the day, whereas the purified heart and soul inside of us just wants to serve. Most often, people want to dictate the terms of their ascension, but who are we to think we know better than GOD what will serve us best.

I can remember a time when I had to take a minimum wage job for a while, long after I had opened as a channel and was capable of doing readings. At first, I protested the assignment, which came straight from the Masters as a grounding initiation. I remember sitting in a morning meeting and asking the angels, “When am I going to get to move on and pursue my spiritual path of helping others?” Their response was: “These are the people you are here to help now.” They wanted me to make no distinction between the opportunity to help raise the vibration of my coworkers by being an uplifting and committed team member and the opportunity to work one-on-one with people as a lightworker. I decided in that moment to make no distinction and to treat my present circumstances as an opportunity to be of service without dictating the terms of my mission to GOD. Wherever you end up is where GOD most needs you to be.

Raising one’s vibration inevitably involves becoming more vulnerable, more surrendered, more open in your heart, more connected to all life and to the feelings of others.  It means you are not able to turn a blind eye to the suffering of others. You are less able to pretend that you don’t hear your guidance. So raising your vibration goes hand in hand with letting go of control and surrendering to a higher power and what that higher power has in store for your life.  The deepening feeling of connection with others may compel you to do things that are out of your normal comfort zone – to go out of your way or trust in leaps of faith that the light is empowering you to make. To resist the calling of Divine Guidance is to stay at the same vibration. Divine Guidance is always seeking to take us higher in vibration, so you can be sure that the quickest path into a higher vibration is to follow your guidance.

Gaining more light does not come from knowing any one special technique. It comes from a deepening willingness to surrender to where the light wants to take you, for it is like a wave that builds and wants to impulse you with guidance in a new direction. If we are aligned and prepared, these waves will keep coming and we will be able to make the most of them, allowing them to lift us up through our surrender. The Arcturians showed me a vision once of the waves of their light coming in and it looked like one wave after another that would boost the lightworkers up into higher vibrations. First there was a wave that boosted us up a little, then another that boosted us even higher.  They kept coming in, with some time in between them, but when I saw how many were planned and how far this would go, I was terribly excited.  So, again, we don’t have to know how to raise our vibrations, as in knowing any special technique for causing it – what I feel guided to share is that Arcturians, Masters, and the Angelic Realms will do most of the boosting – we just have to take care of preparing and surrendering.

I use to have great experiences with accessing more light in my meditations by just calling in the Masters, Metatron, and the Arcturians.  I did lots of “Ascension Activation Meditations” in the beginning of my training and I felt an increase in light happening, but simply calling upon the light and meditating to receive it can only take you so far without many other areas being addressed.  I do recommend inviting all of these beings into your meditations and asking them to help you anchor more light.  This has some benefit, but that is just one of a long list of things that I would recommend. I found, for instance, that I experienced more light coming into my channel when I would exercise first before meditating with the Masters, though once I became more devoted to my service and training with the Masters, they just started coming to me and having me meditate to receive their light upon waking in the morning.  You know you are doing something right when Kuthumi asks you to meditate with him each morning to allow his Heart to merge with yours.  I did that for many months before he passed me over into the care of another Master.

My point here is that I did not enter an accelerated path of raising vibrations by having that as a goal, or practicing a special technique. It was because of my dedication to serving and obeying Divine Guidance that the Masters started coming to me and saying “Meditate with us so we can help you raise your vibration by merging with you.” That is what you want. You want to become pure in your intentions that the Masters want to lift you up and elevate your example.

Purifying one’s diet is just as important.  Drinking purified water is hugely important. If all you are drinking is caffeinated beverages all day long, you cannot meditate away the effects of that on your nervous system.  Decreasing or cutting out meat is also beneficial. Unless your doctor has recommended a certain type of meat or fish in your diet for some specific deficiency, there are plenty of other ways to get your protein. Just listen to the guidance of your body and your higherself. I am not saying that eating meat is flat-out bad for you, but becoming vegetarian is a natural part of humanity’s spiritual evolution and it will lead to an increase in our vibrations because a part of that process is happening with the animals. Everyone will want to have a good relationship with animal kingdom because of how this impacts our global ascension process.


Refining one’s diet is a challenging one because we can develop so many food-based attachments but, it is important to be able to distinguish the difference between something the body needs and something our egos want. Abstaining from some of our food-based attachments is a good practice.  Maybe that starts, for some of you, with just cutting out meat one day a week. Maybe you want to start by reducing or eliminating your intake of a certain junk food. The point is that you don’t have to become militant about changing your diet but at least recognize that this is an excellent place to do some work in disciplining the mind away from just following habits, cravings, and attachments.  We want to become less led by attachments in life so that when we make choices we are choosing because it is what our soul wants to experience in a given moment, not what our egos have to have.

I can remember a time when I had not eaten meat in many years and one day I started to feel the onset of a flu-like symptom. I felt suddenly guided to eat a piece of meat and I felt better. Not sure what that was about, but if I was pious or militant about not eating meat I might have denied myself something that I needed in that moment for balance. I didn’t end up eating any meat for many more years after that and it’s probably been about six years since I last had any. I don’t believe that I started feeling ill because I wasn’t eating meat, but my point is that you should follow your guidance about your diet and not just follow a belief because of what anyone else has said about what is right for you or not. Just wanted to clarify that.

I still eat some fried foods occasionally; still enjoy a combination of both natural and regular carbonated beverages (if you are a caffeine drinker, try Mate’ instead).  What I take in that is not the highest potential, that is still based on a food attachment, is balanced with all of the other fresh water and healthy vegan food that I eat, and I am gradually refining the balance – consuming less of things that I know are not the highest good, and listening to my guidance about it. If my guides told me not to eat one of my favorite foods, they know I would obey. It is that willingness to surrender to guidance and obey that takes us across the threshold. If we follow our attachments we will ignore guidance and choose not to listen. If we practice abstaining from cravings we become more powerful and more capable of the discipline needed to move into deeper levels of surrender. Little steps every day can help us get there. My experience has been that when we continue to take little steps, our guides will not challenge us as much with a need for drastic change, because, overall, we are headed in the right direction.

Choosing to have a green tea instead of a coffee, or an apple instead of a piece of cake when our egos are screaming for a coffee and a piece of cake – that is where becoming obedient to Divine Will gets developed. It doesn’t mean giving up all that we love about life’s pleasures. It means that we evolve to not be a slave to our cravings. Just defeating food and substance cravings like that can help us to become disciplined enough to be ready for higher levels of training. I have practiced fasting several times this year for up to 5 days on just water and coconut water, and I definitely felt an increase in vibration, and I definitely felt that my mind craved food more than my body did. We don’t really need a lot of the food that we eat. Much of it is to satisfy a mental or emotional craving.

I also highly recommend that if you use table salt you switch to something more natural. Normal table salt has been stripped of all its minerals, and there are plenty of natural alternatives that are much healthier. Pink Himilayan Crystal salt is the best and most healthy salt on the planet. Celtic Sea Salt is also very rich in beneficial minerals and there are other brands as well that are way better than table salt. You do not have to be as concerned with high doses of salt in your diet if you are using these kinds of salts, and the trace minerals in these natural salts to help your vibrational balance.


Back to techniques:  I have personally found that it is easier to raise your vibrations when you are working in concert with other lifeforms, whether you are doing this with people, animals or plants. I use to have a large potted indoor plant that I would meditate with. Plants are sensitive to human energy and can grow and produce a love vibration just like they can produce food for us to eat. We can actually cultivate a form of love and prana when we practice sharing love with plants. It’s amazing!

I would meditate sitting in front of this plant, sending it love and imagining that I was sipping the light of its aura, which was also growing brighter as I practiced appreciate it. Sharing energy with another lifeform is a practice of loving, appreciating and noticing its beauty and uniqueness, honoring the presence of life within it, giving thanks to GOD for that lifeform’s existence and, engaging the flow of energy-exchange with the breath and with your intentions. I first learned, or remembered rather, how to do this when reading the Celestine Prophesy books, and it really worked for me. I often would practice these techniques in nature. There is a radiance that living forms, like trees for example, give off, that you can tap into with your breath and through the intention to breathe in light and acknowledge your oneness with all life. Also, when you appreciate the beauty of a tree or plant, they can feel it and will start to vibrate with energy that you can tap into that gives you a sense of your own presence as love and light. Trust me, when more people discover this potential, you will see way more public gardens, houses filled with plants, and protection for natural areas.


These practices also form the basis of tantra, which is a way to raise our vibrations through aligning human chakras through the dimensions. Tantra is partly a practice of consciously praising, both giving and receiving from that flow. That is a whole other teaching but, I will simply touch upon the celebration aspect of that practice because, while there are more deeply personal ways that couples can practice combining fields, in general, it is much easier to raise our vibrations through a group experience of celebration and praise. Tantra was originally a practice of raising vibrations and even when couples practiced together, they did so for the benefit of the community they were holding vibration with, but this later became distorted into ideas about sexuality that did not contain the fullness of the original teaching.

When you have a group of people that come together to celebrate each other, appreciating each other, singing together, praying together, intending for healing together – this can help raise our vibrations. That is a tantric way of being present with the community of our higherselves. Also, chanting or singing mantras either by yourself or with a group can help raise one’s vibration. Even though there are certain thresholds of vibration that we may not cross without being directly initiated by GOD and the Masters, we are all operating in a certain range of vibration that can fluctuate, and so, using techniques to practice raising your vibration or, to help maintain a higher vibration, become very important for our protection.

Going back to diet for a moment, the worst psychic attack I have ever had came after I had just crunched down a couple of small boxes of candy. I had not been eating much candy in recent years, and usually just used Stevia to sweeten my tea but, there was some candy laying around, probably leftover from Halloween and, on a whim, I thought it would be fun to crunch on a little. Crunch, crunch, crunch . . .  and about a half hour later I could feel how it had weakened my immune system and compromised my vibration. Then came the attack.

We don’t realize that our immune systems are much more than something physical. We have an emotional and mental immune system as well, and we usually don’t get physically ill if our emotional/mental attitudes are in the right place, able to repel vibrations of fear and negativity, but the body must also be fed and cared for properly to support our vibrational immune system. I actually felt how the body became distracted and I lost enough of my balance that, emotionally, I did not feel supported.  So, not only do we need to know how to get back on track and to get our vibrations up again but, all of the things I mentioned for raising and sustaining our vibrations are important to help protect us from things that will seek to weaken or lower our vibrations.

Most important is that we do things that are joyful to us, or inspire joy in others. Raising our vibrations is not all about accessing more light. It is about opening ourselves to be conduits for love. I like the fact that the person who asked this question was asking “How can WE raise OUR vibrations,” not “How can I raise MY vibration.” Big difference. We can definitely help each other raise our vibrations through group prayer, group invocations, group intent, and helping each other with whatever each person needs support with to surrender more deeply. I have seen miraculous experiences of transformation come from groups coming together and exploring a shared purpose to access the Wisdom of our higherselves. Whenever such group healing occurred, it always came with a boost in vibration that made it easier to stay in the light of unconditional love.

Sometimes people participate in something that provides them with a boost and they want to just go for more of the same. They go to a workshop and feel uplifted by the group work and think, just one more workshop and it will put me over the edge and I will be in the light for good – and they will go workshop hopping or guru hopping, hoping that the next blessing or benediction from a Master will bring them right into their enlightenment. “Just one more ascension book, just one more crystal, just one more trip to the mountain and I can make it across that threshold.”

Or some people might have an experience of Contact that temporarily lifts their vibration and so they believe that if they can just get themselves into position for another contact then they can ascend. Often people have an experience of connecting with their own initiation/ascension experience in the future through simultaneous time, and they don’t realize how much more time is involved in evolving to the point where you are ready to make such a leap. We are given previews to encourage us and show us what is possible but, we always have to ground the light and stay focused on why we are here on Earth. If you are here, there is nowhere else that GOD wants you to be. This is where the action is.

There is certainly some benefit to spending some time alone in nature, unplugged from the telecommunications grid. Being properly grounded and connected to the Earth is an important part of raising our vibrations. Those two things go hand in hand. Personally, I feel the best approach is to focus on “How can I help everyone around me raise their vibrations?  How can I help uplift others?  What do the people around me need to shift into a more positive, balanced, peaceful, harmonious place?”

Make no mistake. The Light is coming. What we really need to do is focus on unifying humanity and building the human container collectively for these new and higher vibrations of love and light, and we do that by caring about and cultivating community, family and, relationships that are based on trust, honesty, and unconditional love.

You can always ask your guides and higherself what you can do to raise your vibration. You might receive a difference answer every day. I would listen for that guidance and see where it takes you but, if all you ever think about is how to uplift, activate, empower and inspire others, you will be on a fast track for your vibration being raised.  So the answer to the question is really a combination of all of these things.

  1. On a physical level, a healthy diet and some form of regular exercise are important.
  2. Drinking plenty of fresh clean water and cutting out addictive substances is important.
  3. Abstaining from cravings is also important, no matter what they are.
  4. Meditation and using positive affirmations can also help us maintain balance and stay aligned with a path of raising our vibrations.
  5. Working with sound, like toning, chanting, or devotional singing can help raise our vibrations
  6. Practicing prayer and blessing others, praising or thinking loving thoughts towards others
  7. Selfless service and being service-oriented.
  8. Pranic breathing and breaking the pattern of unconsciously taking shallow breaths all the time
  9. Praising the beauty and uniqueness of all the life around us
  10. Generosity and random acts of kindness
  11. Addressing nonloving thoughts and nonloving ways of being towards self and others through forgiveness, self-acceptance, and self-purification.  Becoming wholly responsible for our creation and transcending victim consciousness and blame.  In general, doing our inner work to become more unconditionally loving.
  12. Aligning with the Masters, Angels, Arcturians, and all our inner plane teachers and guides.  Aligning with them in our prayers, meditations, invocations, and inviting them into our lives.  Always turning towards GOD and the Masters for help and guidance about where we need support in our spiritual evolution, and caring enough about ourselves to seek the counsel and loving support of others human beings to help us change self-defeating habits and patterns.
  13. Self purification, letting go of the past, making peace with the past and with unresolved relationships.
  14. Communing with nature.
  15. Last, but not least, receiving the Darshan of a Living Master is one of the most accelerating things we can do to help purify our vibrations. Being personally blessed by someone that has already crossed the threshold of enlightenment and who already holds these higher vibrations of light inside their physical body helps accelerate the process of self healing.


These are just a few things that, practice together, create the greatest alignment with the incoming waves of love and light that are being added to us as an act of Divine Grace. These waves of light are coming no matter what, but if we are not prepared to surrender, we can encounter resistance from within ourselves if we haven’t done the work to be ready to assimilate our own divinity.

Imagine if you were struck by an incoming wave of light and you were still holding onto a bunch of lower vibrational patterns of shame, fear, guilt, self judgment, attachments to things that don’t serve you, or denial about your true calling. In that case, the light would be calling you to a higher vibration and you would be filled with resistance saying “No, I’m not worthy” or “Not me, pick someone else, I don’t want to be responsible for what this light demands of me as a servant of the Lord,” or “Go away, I don’t like how the light reminds me of all of my unloving ways and shows me the truth of what I am doing to self and others with my patterns.”

I was given a preview of what these incoming waves of light would be like almost 20 years ago when I still had a lot of these patterns and reacted in exactly these ways. You see, if you are doing the work I am outlining, you will be prepared to ride the waves and experience how they will only accelerate a self-purification process that you are already engaged in. When the waves come, you will be saying “YEAH! I am ready to shift beyond where I was before because I am really done with that lower vibration.”

The Light will show you where your attachments lie, and where you are resisting or living in denial about something. When you are in the practice of addressing those things when they come up, you will be well prepared for what the light will offer you as an acceleration of that self-purification process. So, raising our vibrations is partly something we can affect by techniques and behaviors, but a large part of it is about being prepared and well qualified to assimilate infusions of light that will come from Christ and the Masters in Divine Timing to restore our Divinity. It is also good to have other spiritual goals besides raising our vibrations, which will come naturally as we are fulfilling other parts of our potential.

Light Earth

If we all focused on healing humanity, making sure everyone has clean water, food, and shelter; and if we were to dedicate ourselves to finding a balance with the environment that can sustain life on Earth indefinitely for us and all the animals – naturally this would clear away the fear vibration in the world and build a community that can raise our vibrations together as a planetary whole. If our goal is to create a culture of peace and service to others, naturally our vibrations will collectively increase on such a path. My point is that we don’t have to have raising our vibrations as a goal at all, because there are other goals that we can focus on to give back and support others that will naturally solidify our own personally pathway into the higher vibrations. The better we become as examples to others, the more the Masters will lift us up and boost the influence of our resonance in the world.

It is a different approach to raising our vibrations.  Too many people have raising vibrations as the goal and want to do whatever it takes to achieve that. If we made self-improvement and selfless service the goal, we would attract training and opportunities for more growth and transformation so that we would more rapidly evolve to become candidates for the maximum acceleration from the Masters. That is why I am dedicated to helping people achieve those inner shifts that bring people into the wisdom and mastery of their higherselves. Every step we take is important for how it demonstrates a potential for others, and the more we can work together as a team to heal from the separation, the more we can bring forth our gifts to the world.

This is part of the reason why I have been guided to help bring more people into Training with the Angels and Masters. The courses they are designing and directing through me are grounded through all of the kinds of practices I have outlined, and can help us to balance each other into a higher vibration. I hope that if you have gotten all the way to the end of this article that you will consider joining us for one of the upcoming courses. Training with the Angels and Ascended Masters is always a pathway to greater acceleration.

Click Here for more info about the upcoming courses for the School of Manifestation.



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  1. Thank you for sharing this Saryon! It is very informative and methodically stated. Very grateful for this guidance and your experiences! Warmest regards! _/l\_ Kay Withers

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