Cosmic Questions for Saryon

One of my clients recently read “Bringers of the Dawn” and posed a series of questions that I thought would be great to respond to on the blog. I remember Barbara Marciniak’s book was one of those that really helped my understanding and awakening in my late teens. That was before I started going out-of-body and learned to read the records and channel for myself.  My understanding has evolved greatly since then and yet there are definitely things in Marciniak’s books that have continued to resonate with universal truth.

In her books, the Pleiadians are quite clear about the fact that they are giving concepts at times that are stepping stones for people, and they are not always telling the whole story but feeding people the truth in stages. For me, there  was a point when my own understanding and exploration took me way beyond what any of these channeled books are telling us.  I have had the great fortune of directly witnessing, from out-of-the-body, the answers to many of the kinds of questions that come up when reading these channeled books.

Hope you enjoy some of the tidbits from that exploration below:

What would we see if we left our Universe, the part where the Universe expands to?

Answer:  This depends on how you exit the universe because space is organized in multiple ways. Metatron actually took me out-of-body once to a position outside the universe where I could see our universe as part of a large array of other universes. This answered the question “Are there other universes?”  YES, there are!

From this view I could see all of them as if they were overlapping each other in a single panoramic array.  I knew that this was Metatron’s view, and that each one was also in its own region of space. It was apparent that from inside the hologram of each universe there could be great distances between them. There are also many versions of each universe that overlap each other in the same holographic space with different versions of history, and consciousness CAN travel between them.

I have crossed over into alternative versions of our own history many times from out of the body and, in one case, I was informed that I had crossed over into an alternative version of this universe with a whole different version of Earth — not just an alternative version of our history — and yet there were certain things that were the same in that universe as well. Earth is apparently a key center in multiple versions of this universe, where very large blueprints for history in the local universe extend from.

The best way to answer this question about the space outside the universe is to first explain that what we call “the universe” is just a tiny part of a much larger construct that makes the hologram of physical reality possible.  Picture a diamond ring and imagine that the entire physical universe represents the diamond. In this case, the diamond/universe appears because of a band of focused energy that extends from a vanishing point behind it. The diamond could not exist without the ring, and if you think of how big the physical universe is, then imagine how big that ring must be by comparison to set the physical universe in its place.  The key to accessing the awareness of all of this in your consciousness is to understand that size is an illusion.

From inside the construct, there is a space that appears to surround the physical universe, even outside of the band of energy that contains it.  It seems to go on forever, and is connected to other universes, but if you were to travel so far into this space that you exceeded the limits that light had traveled, you would still be connected to the vanishing point, which is omnipresent.

I have observed the physical universe from outside many times, observing the nature of its rotation. This can be done without actually going anywhere because the light of everything is everywhere. It is possible to see, feel, sense, and experience the reflection of a greater reality through the reflective nature of light and consciousness. Our consciousness is mirror-like and can read the light of Creation far beyond the limits of physical perception. There are also different ways to view the whole universe. This is the really cool part of the Creator consciousness that we are a part of.  In order to “travel” outside of the universe, all you do is shrink the size of the universe by aligning your consciousness with ever expanded focuses of the lens that contains that reality.  Like I said, size is an illusion.

People have often asked the question in another way: “If the universe is expanding, what is it expanding into?”

Other way of answering it is to say that Creation is part of a Void, and the Creator found a way to fold the Void to create the illusion of Space. What vibration did to the Void is a little like when you place two mirrors in front of each other. There is an illusion of space in the reflectivity that appears to go on forever. That is what everything is expanding into. We call it Space, but its more like a form of reflectivity that is contained inside a larger pattern of vibration that has a basis in Sacred Geometry. One day we may be able to detect the light of other universes, and yet it is Sacred Geometry that will bring us closer to God.  So also, we will never travel to other universes physically, but if we wish to go there in our consciousness, we will just return to that point of origin where all of the beams that image all of the other universes are closer together, then choose a different beam to become a part of.  There is a way that all of this works that is perfectly natural for us to know, a forgotten science of reality that informs our very essence as souls, it is just that most have forgotten just how holographic reality is.

Where do energies dwell? Like Love, fear, peace? Are they always in movement from Universe to Universe answering calls or do they actually have a home from where they respond?

Answer:  Love is the very essence of Creation. It just IS. Just like God and Existence can never be fully explained in words, Love is a mystery to itself, but a beautiful one that continues to grow and expand infinitely with each new version of Creation. Love is inseparable from the Divine Matrix of Sacred Geometry, from which all universes are made. God is Love and Love is the Source of the Unified Field of Physics. Gravity is a form of Love.  Light is an aspect of Love. Form is an expression of Love. So the first part of the answer is that Love is more than an emotion. It is the very thing that makes everything spin and vibrate at a quantum level. Often what people think of as love is human love, based on biological relationships and the attraction between opposite poles, but Divine Love is the essence of life itself, and the eternal, ecstatic celebration of it.

Peace is also part of the foundation of existence.  It was established through the Perfect Order of Creation at other levels. The Promise of the Creator to return all cocreators to the Source and to continually renew Creation gives all being peace. The Promise of eternal life in the memory of God, and the Promise of unconditional love and forgiveness creates a peace that is sourced in all universes. We just happen to live in a world where there is still an ignorance of these things and so there is room for activity that disturbs peace.

Fear, however, is primarily a biological experience.  Most nonphysical beings at a higher vibration would never feel fear. There is no threat of death in those levels of reality. Fear was partly designed as a threat response system for biological creation. It acts as a warning signal to help physical beings avoid danger, but certain beings discovered that this threat response system could be abused and used as a way to feed distorted systems of power. Fear became part of many mind control programs.

There are also plenty of nonphysical beings that have been infected by such fear programs and so it is not entirely based on the biological experience, but this is only possible in certain levels of reality that are closer in vibration to our physical/biological reality like the astral plane, so you have to wonder about the connection between the two. Would nonphysical beings have gotten the idea to use fear to intimidate and control smaller, less influential beings if not for the way fear was expressed at a biological level, or was biological creation perfect before fear was brought into being through the distortions of rebels like Lucifer?

Why are we chosen to be the planet to receive more light than any other planet in the Universe, including getting light from Prime Creator directly?

First, I would say that God’s help, and the infusion of light that is taking place, is not as exclusive as is suggested in the question.  Earth is a very special place, but many channels still filter awareness of this as something more human/egocentric than it really is.  I will describe a universal pattern that others have tapped into, which may have led to such an idea, but I am showing you a bigger picture.

First we should look at our universe. Our universe is unique in that this was the only universe that experienced the Lucifer Rebellion. Metatron showed me how in all other universes, the pattern of creation is basically the same. So the duality present in our universe has gone to an extreme that may not have been tried before in any other universe before. In all universes however, God (Prime Creator) always sends a Emissary, known as Christ, to reveal to the Children of the universe the true nature of God, and our destiny to return to the One. And when I use the term God, I am not excluding the feminine nature of God. Some people say God as if that is the masculine form, with Goddess as the feminine, but when I say God I am speaking of something that has no true gender.

So in every universe, Christ is sent as an emissary of the One — bringing the consciousness of the beginning and the end into Creation. This dispensation of teachings is seeded before the midpoint in the grand cycle of time is reached, to prepare us for the experience of reconnecting with Source through a special alignment that happens only once in every universe. This is not the only planet that was chosen to receive such an emissary, but it is possible that there are not many that are chosen by comparison to the number of inhabited systems. All planets, however, that exist at the time of this special alignment will be affected by it.

It was once shown to me that our galaxy is a seed galaxy, because a change is being initiated here that will catalyze change in a multitude of other galaxies, and within our galaxy the Earth is a seed planet in the same way.

Being that this universe is also unique because of the rebellion, it makes what it happening on this planet that much more extraordinary. The plan of the universe though, is for all beings to realize their connection to God and to begin a path of ascension back to the One through Christ.

How does Prime Creator choose which planet gets help from Her directly?

It is not that God (Prime Creator) looks at all of the inhabited planets and then makes a decision. The Earth and humanity were designed with a key role in the blueprint for the whole universe. The decision was made to initiate the Earth and humanity at the very moment that the universe began. There are other factors involved that are difficult to explain, but the blueprint that is being tried here might become a model in some respects for other universes.

There are several factors related to “why Earth” that seem to be interconnected.  Earth may have been chosen because it was a key planet affected by the Lucifer Rebellion, but also, the Rebellion may have involved Earth because it has been chosen as a place of incarnation in the local universe for the Christ energy.  The question is: which came first? — and in truth, both factors may have occurred simultaneously in this universe.

Also, all inhabited worlds are graced with emissaries of the Divine in the form of angels, which are the invisible teachers of all worlds and, as a world progresses to certain stages of spiritual growth it can become qualified to receive advanced incarnations of enlightened teachers. Some worlds lose their spirituality and the angelic connection and miss the opportunity to become a spiritual culture, but that is a choice and not because the Creator did not respond, in some way, to the potential that existed in that world.

Can you describe the weirdest Universes you have seen?

A universe is too vast to see enough of it to categorize it in such a way, but I have certainly witnessed many other worlds that are very different from our own. On other worlds, there are people, or what we would recognize as people because of their humanoid forms, that live very differently than most of us do. There are some that live underground and remind me of a colony of ants in the way they are organized. There are patterns of life here on Earth that are a very good representation of what an alien culture might be like that is different than ours.

Pods of dolphins, colonies of ants; each have a sophisticated social structure that represent how intelligent life may have evolved elsewhere. Animals are one of the best windows to contact with a greater spectrum of reality. I have seen far more things in the galaxy that I would label as interesting or “cool” rather than weird. I think it is “pretty cool” that some cultures have developed completely mobile space colonies that live entirely on ships that can travel faster than light, and that have vast gardens and small cities onboard their ships where there are millions of souls all living together as one.

The weirdest thing I ever witnessed was during an out-of-body visit to an ET spaceport in deep space where there were many different cultures that could come and interact in a sterile environment. This might have been a place for trade but certainly had some groups present that were mostly interested in exploration. I happened to leap onto a small exploration ship that was docked and witnessed that the beings inside were absolutely not humanlike at all. They were more like hovering sea anemones that communicated with each other telepathically.


Can you talk about Central Suns?

Central Suns refer to the star or black hole at the center of each galaxy, and we are reasonably certain that every galaxy has one. This would almost certainly be a portal to universal consciousness and represent part of the way in which galaxies are connected together in a universal web. The term Central Sun has also been used to describe a star that is a major storehouse of information for a region of space, such that the evolution of consciousness in that region of space is tied to the movement and vibration of this star. Some have suggested that our star is orbiting around another star that is our Central Sun, not the galactic center but, another star that is a major storehouse of information.

This is the star known as Kolob in the writings of J.J. Hurtak in the Keys of Enoch. I can confirm that I have received some of the same information — that there is a star known as the Central Sun that is not the center of the galaxy, but a different kind of Central Sun. It is a spiritual center and source of spiritual light that has a direct impact on the evolution of the Earth and humanity. I can confirm that our solar system is in a cycle that brings us back and forth in our proximity to this star, and that this is what has lead to the experience of moving through ages of light and ages of spiritual darkness in a grand cycle. Fortunately, we are now moving into an age of light, and I do feel the light of this star in my consciousness at times, affecting our awakening on Earth.

I don’t believe that this necessarily means or confirms that our sun is actually orbiting around this star as has been suggested. There could be other ways in which our cyclical relationship with this star could have been set in motion without us orbiting it, but either way, I believe humanity will eventually become fully conscious of this star and of the Galactic Center.

How important was the Harmonic Convergence 1987 to our development? When was it realized that humanity may ascend with some help?

The Harmonic Convergence in 1987 was the first time when a large group of people worldwide focused on linking hearts and minds together to activate our peace potential.  I was in grade school when this happened but I remember that a noticeable shift occurred. Before that time I used to dream all the time about a future of nuclear war and then, after a certain date, it stopped.  I remember saying to myself a couple of years later that somehow an agreement had been reached that had averted that potential future.

I later learned that it was the 87 Harmonic Convergence. So I would say that it was very important because once we had averted that future of nuclear war, a whole new range of possibilities opened, including our ascension. Even though you could say that the Harmonic Convergence was a point of realization for humanity, from the perspective of the Ascended Masters, our ascension potential was realized  long before, this was just one of the stepping stones along the way.  Perhaps we needed the threat of nuclear war to catalyze our peace potential.

Can you straighten out human history?  Are we descendants of Homo Erectus, Lemurians, Atlantians?

I have actually done quite an extensive investigation into the answer to this question, involving many readings of Earth’s records, out-of-body travel into the ancient past, channeling, conversations with the Masters, as well as reading the resonance of my own DNA. I have arrived at what I believe is a more accurate picture than has every been presented in any book thus far, and I will be presenting several very long chapters regarding this in future publications. The answer is too long and complex to tell here, but I can give you some of the cliff notes in the interest of addressing what I know to be a very important and relevant question.

Humanity is a mix. We contain some DNA from primitive human/primates, giving our souls a window into, and a relationship with, the entire evolutionary journey of life on Earth. We were meant to be able to read the records of the whole evolutionary journey of the primates, though it was known that we would need some ET consciousness to progress towards doing this. Some of this human/primate DNA was mixed with the DNA of several other ET humanoid species some 200,000 years ago to create a hybrid. Our ET DNA endowed us with a gift of consciousness that came from those other civilizations, making us a part of a galactic family tree.

The galactic DNA came first from a group of Pleiadians, and this hybrid project was supported by a group of highly advanced Reptilians that had traveled forward in time from when they had ascended in Earth’s ancient history. The original human actually had some Reptilian DNA, designed to link all of humanity with the old Living Library, and the Pleiadians that were in charge of this project could not have achieved the results without the help of the advanced genetic knowledge of the Reptilians. These were different Reptilians, by the way, than the ones that had attempted to insert a paradigm of fear and control at certain points in history. Our relationship with the many different groups of these beings is complicated, so you will have to wait for the book to come out to hear the rest. The resonance of Reptilian DNA that came from these original contributors is truly a gift, and has allow someone like me to read the records of the previous library, traveling through the circuits of time through the body to see things that happened in the age of the Reptilian civilization.

After creating the first hybrids, the strongest offspring were bred with a group of Sirian mothers to create the race that we are today. So we have Pleiadian, Sirian, and Reptilian DNA, all of us. There may be some strains of human beings that were seeded anciently that have DNA from Orion as well, but all of us have the first three. There are also currently hybrid projects that are creating human/ET hybrids and introducing them into our society from races that are unfamiliar and there are a range of agendas involved — some with the intention to control humanity and some with the intention to uplift humanity.

The story is not complete without understanding the role of the Adamic lineage. Adam and Eve were divinely created beings that were sent to Earth well over a hundred thousand years after humanity was first created and they founded a lineage of humans that formed the basis of Atlantis, and who also mixed with us, adding to who we are.  The whole line of Jewish prophets, as well as Jesus and Muhammad were from a lineage of humans that contained a strong Adamic resonance in their DNA.

The Lemurian story fits into this quite differently. I do not know the time period that they were seeded into, but they do not appear to be connected to either of these lineages anciently. The Lemurians were not as dense as the Atlanteans, though they sought to develop their bodies and chakras by incorporating DNA from the Atlantean/Adamic species of humans. Many of them paired with Atlantean partners, had offspring, and these hybrid descendants eventually formed the basis of a vast subterranean civilization that still exists to this day. This inner-earth culture relates to itself as a remanent of both the Lemurian and Atlantean culture, and because we share the Atlantean/Adamic DNA with them, they also relate to us as cousins. Eventually we will come to know them again and they will be able to help us restore our awareness of Earth’s true history, which they are stewarding underground.

As for the Lemurian origins, I remember starships arriving from somewhere, bringing the first “Lemurians” from another star system, and they were semi-physical/semi-etheric humanoid beings. In order to understand how all of these lineages fit together, you first need to understand that humanity is something that is greater than the sum of all of its parts.  There is a whole human being that is arriving in the present, and all of the other versions of humanity from the past contained a reflection of some aspect of what we are awakening as today.  There were also ancient versions of humanity, briefly referenced in “Bringers of the Dawn” that were here as a community of light-bearing energies long before the modern incarnations of humanity that we call Atlantis and Lemuria.

I can remember being part of one of those ancient civilizations some 300,000 years ago or more.  I remember when the Earth was “raided” and this civilization was scattered, a drama that has been repeated over and over again since then in the Iraq portal — also described in Marciniak’s book.  I can confirm a lot of what was said in that book, but there is way more to the story, and the part about the crucifixion seemed a little deceptive.  To go that far, explaining something about the holographic nature of that event, but to then leave out most of the truth regarding it felt a little suspicious to me, but it may have just been related to the limitations of the channel, or it was as much as they were authorized to give us at the time.

The hologram of Christ’s crucifixion is one of the most divinely orchestrated and extraordinary events in human history. There was also an attempt by an ET force to create a secondary hologram to mask the divinely created one, and because of the fear and ignorance in human consciousness, the Bible was unfortunately influenced more by the deception.  This, again, is a very complex story that I don’t have the time to elaborate on here, but I intend to release more info in the future.

The biggest key I can give you regarding the crucifixion is that it was designed to be a great mystery for a time, and the early Christians who made this part of their religion were following conjecture without a complete understanding of what had been witnessed.  The idea that Christians know the truth about the crucifixion is one of the deceptions in that religion.  The whole truth was not given, and even the Muslims were only warned away from the Christian beliefs without being told the whole truth either. It just wasn’t time yet, but the time is coming.

If human DNA was changed from 12 strands to 2 strands and we were left in a survival mode, why give us an “extra baggage” of solving other planets issues? Why not give it to some race that is living their 3D the way it was meant to – without the violence and fear? It seems like we were overwhelmed!

The answer is that we needed to go from 12 to 2 so that we COULD take on the extra baggage.  Also, it was not known that we could go to such extremes with warfare, but on another level, we did choose this consciously, knowing what this would help us to become.  We will become a race of Ascended Masters, like the Arcturians, and we knew that this would be the end result going into this, and that we would prevent a more painful future in this galaxy.  It should be noted that while we took on a lot of karma and issues from other systems of reality, we have also been graced with many more enlightened teachers than other worlds have, so there is a great diversity of consciousness here with many extremes, making this one of the most amazing schools for consciousness that has ever come into being.

When a group of souls comes from another system of worlds with “baggage”, it is because they can resolve it here in a more accelerated manner, but keep in mind that with all of the baggage that humanity has taken on, we have also received many incredible gifts from different parts of the galaxy. And look at how amazing we are!  I believe we will be happy with the end result.  We made this a place that would attract interest from everywhere so that our transformation would reach many systems that had become linked in with us.  It is like a tribe that has allowed people from many other tribes to inter-marry with it, so as to bond other tribes to us, while strengthening us through the diversity. Everything we have taken on is a gift that is bringing us even closer to the truth that we are unconditional love.


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  1. mind blown… i feel so much more informed.. and at peace to know such things… man i love living on earth now… i just wanna help anyway i can… but how..??

    • Thanks Isaac, glad you enjoyed it. You are welcome to submit your own questions as well. I will consider all questions for use in future interviews like this one. And as for helping, I know you are thinking in a broader sense, but I could always use help in spreading the word so that more people can benefit from me as a resource. I am here to serve. Thanks!

  2. Michael

    brilliant truthful answers from a high point of consciousness…i enjoyed reading this and some of the things you describe i experienced myself and so can confirm it ….

    here all is well…planning many retreats for next year and one in bali this year ….will come next february to california to run a retreat south of san francisco ….hopefully we can meet ..will be also in LA to meet old friends ….how far are you away from LA .? ….

    my father just had a stroke very unexpectedly …is in intensive care at the moment ….difficult ot see your parent you love so much suffering and preparing to leave the body …i am with him in spirit….

    much love to you and your family …

    how are your courses going ?

    Hope you doing well

    Much love M

    Sent from my iPad

  3. but what about food, can you get down to reality and talk about the issue of food? it is a more dense topic than most people or channelers can handle. it is very important. please tell us the uncensored information on food.

    • Can you be more specific? What questions are you asking about food?

      • what kind of food do these aliens eat, is there special requirement, vegetarian, vegan for being allowed to travel outside or are all just there by mindtravel and everyone is on their homeplanet?

      • The Arcturians that I work with, for example, are beings of pure energy. They do not need to eat physical food. They cultivate gardens on their ships, which are also made up higher vibrational lifeforms that they cultivate for their essences. They just breath in the essences of the plants as a way of communing with them and nourishing their senses, but they do not need to eat food. All of the higher vibrational ETs that have ascended beyond the dense levels of physical reality that we live in went through an evolutionary leap where they graduated from eating physical food. They most certainly became vegetarian first, and developed the practice of pranic breathing, the same as we are working on now. My guides have said that we will evolve to eat less food, and I already practice fasting, and I am vegetarian/vegan besides. Even the physical space-faring cultures that I have connected with have evolved to consume much less food. This might have been a development from the necessity of having to deal with transporting and preserving food in space that would last their people for long periods of time. Also, I am sure that most cultures eventually realize the wisdom of not eating meat, given how much energy it takes to produce it. Plant based diets are part of a common wisdom in the galaxy for civilizations that have reached a certain stage. So there are a wide variety of answer to this question because there is a wide spectrum of consciousness in the galaxy, with some physical ETs and some semi-etheric, and some that have evolved into pure energy.

      • While we are on the subject of food- I just got into a little discussion with my better half about vegetarianism versus eating meat. He wanted to know why is eating plants any better then eating meat because you still take a life and you take many more lives when you eat vegetables vs pork roast. I mumbled something about higher and lower energy and live and dead food but he thought that if plants had a face and would look more “cute” we wouldn’t be talking about how its better eat plants.

        I believe vegetarianism is somewhere in my future because animal abuse is worse then we can even imagine. But I have to admit I am struggling with idea that no matter what I eat, I kill

      • The number one reason to go vegetarian is that we were not designed to be meat eaters. People that eat lower on the foodchain are
        generally healthier. It is really about health more than anything. The animals of this world are its greatest treasure, one that
        we were meant to be the caretakers of. Even though you are not over in Siberia poaching some of the world’s last tigers to be sold to
        the Chinese, by eating animals and not valuing them as the treasure that they are, we are enabling all the poachers. We are enabling a value system that takes more and more from the animal kingdom and threatens our own existence at the same time. We have overfished the world’s oceans and they are on the verge of collapse, but we just keep on eating.

        When you eat a tomato, you are not killing the tomato plant. When you eat an apple, you are not killing an apple tree. Most vegetables
        that we eat don’t harm the plant when being removed, and things like corn and kale are a renewable resource that won’t go extinct. Plus they don’t have a nervous system and don’t feel pain in the way animals to that live in cages and have to wade through their own feces. The living energies that are in the plants are in a symbiotic relationship with us, and so are the animals, but in the case of animals, we have abused the relationship. We are not abusing corn by planting it in rows, but we are abusing chickens when they spend their whole life in cages.

        Also, we are cutting down the rain forests so that we can have more land for cattle to graze, and we are using tonnes of produce to feed cattle that could be feeling people in third world countries instead. It is out of balance that we are destroying the environment, thus compromising the lungs of the planet because of our meat addiction. Our grains would feed more people if we were not using them to grow cattle.

      • I know you are right. And I am happy to say that more and more people are paying attention to the abuse animals go through. I recently read an article about weirdest tasting ice creams and one of them was de foie gras ice cream. And all the comments I read – and there were many of them- were about the abuse geese go through. And how none of them caneat goose liver pate because of it . Its a small step but stilla step.

        But I’m not completly sold on plants not feeling anything which I know u were not saying but let me continue anyway. I saw a research clip on TV about four plants placed close together, and then one plant’s leaves were cut as if an animal.was eating it. And the cut plant gave off chemicals that we can’t see with bare eyes but a certain camera managed to catch it. And soon other three unhurt plants gave off the same chemical. So researchers deducted that one plant was freaking out at being attacked and others were freaking out as well because they were afraid they would be next. So I think that carrot or head of lettuce won’t enjoy the process more.

        Besides, my understanding is that some plant and animal species have agreed upon being eaten. That they didn’t sign up for abuse but they did sign up for becoming a meal.

        In my ideal world humans and animals alike would not consume a living being for food. But I think I chose the wrong planet and wrong time period for that.

      • Of course plants feel. And even eating plants is something we will transcend as we evolve into light beings that only ingest, or breathe in, the essence of things. We will eventually cultivate the garden of the Earth for the essences of the plants as a vibration of consciousness. I don’t know if there is a difference between the consciousness/feelings of say, carrots, versus other plants in nature that have such defense mechanisms. Some plants might respond differently to the human energy because of the symbiotic relationship.

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