Manifesting Through Alignment with Spiritual Power

The first course of the School of Manifestation was all about “Allowing Divine Manifestation”.  We learned about all of the new energies of manifestation that the Masters and Angels are bringing into the world that we can open to and receive from.  This was about getting out of the way and letting Spirit do more of the work but also, it was about surrendering to the way Spirit wants to position us to cocreate with the living energy of miracles.

Now we are entering a new phase and the Arcturians are turning over a new leaf.  This next course will focus on “Manifesting Through Alignment with Spiritual Power”. There is tremendous Spiritual Power and Manifestation Energy when you are working in alignment with Divine Will, and with the awesome frequencies of love and light that are being beamed to the Earth for our ascension.

These two courses are part of a circular series of teachings, so if you did not take the first one you can really start anywhere in the series.  All of them will become available as books in the future, but the opportunity to participate live is not to be missed.

The Arcturians have been meeting with me in my morning meditations in preparation for channeling this upcoming course, and we are already working out the languaging of some of the concepts that are going to be expressed.  There are incredible ascension energies that want to download and anchor from the Arcturian ship we will be linking up with, and I couldn’t be more excited about share this.

So often we focus on trying to manifest things before their time, or that are out of alignment with Divine Will.  The manifestation energy that supports our ascension can be accessed by very specific focuses that align with the Divine Intentions that are making this energy available to everyone.  Too many people are focused on the dimensional concept of ascension and not the relational, but it is the relational dimension that we need to contain the energy that wants to come in and uplift us.

This is what we are going to be learning about and so much more.  I can only really touch upon this here, because this is really the subject whole new conversation that we are starting to have about reality and human potential.  Hoping more of you will feel inspired to come join the conversation.

CLICK HERE to visit the registration page for the new course.

Hope you can make it!



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