Awakenings! and the New Meetup Group

Recently, my guides presented a manifestation energy they said was intended to connect more people with the School of Manifestation through the opportunity to meet with me personally. They asked me to start a Meet Up Group and I would appreciate your help to spread the word.

The first event will be in Orange County but, no matter where you live this group will be used to help organize all my public events globally.  If you are on, please consider joining and suggesting the group to others. If you know someone living in the LA / Orange County area, please let them know about the opportunity to connect with these local events.

I am planning a series of meet ups where I can talk, channel the guides, and facilitate the group in various ways.  The first event will be held at a Spiritual Book Store called Awakenings, in Laguna Hills, California on August 24th.  I will be announcing the details of this event on the meet up site.


25260 La Paz Rd. Suite D
Laguna Hills, Ca 92653



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3 replies

  1. Wish i did not live so very far away!!!!! Would be there for sure!!! 🙂

  2. come to new zealand..!! =D =D

    • I am planning on Australian tour that will probably come together in the next 6 months. If I have an organizer in New Zealand, then coming to New Zealand is a definite possibility. I would need to be able to do readings or a workshop or something that would allow me to offset the cost of the trip, and I am not opposed to the organizer making some money from the venture. Feel free to join my meetup group at and from there we can link in with anyone that could potentially help organize a New Zealand leg to the tour. I would love to channel for people in New Zealand.

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