Manifestation Story and Thank You Letter

Dear Saryon (Michael),

Where to even begin! The 5-week Divine Manifestation course that just ended has already completely changed my life. I had been slowly developing a connection with the Ascended Masters, particularly St. Germain and the Violet Flame, but your course took that connection much deeper. I could actually feel the energies of each Master as you channeled them and the connection they made with our group was truly profound. I have never experienced anything like it.

Mother Mary embodies the most peaceful, benevolent, beautiful healing energy I have ever experienced! As soon as you would bring her into our group, I immediately went into an almost trancelike blissful state. I have never experienced an energy such as hers. It is like you are being cradled in the Womb of Creation – and you surrender to the deepest peace you will ever know.

Before taking the course, I did continually make the attempt to work with the Violet Flame, but it wasn’t until I connected directly with St. Germain during our group sessions that I finally started to feel both St. Germain’s energy and presence vibrating within me and the sensation of being completely enveloped by the intensifying energies of the Violet Flame itself as I go about my daily life.

It’s almost as if I now enter the world cloaked in a violet “bubble” of protection and transmutation and it has helped me cope so much better with my challenges in the currently chaotic 3D energies which have been quite intense!!

I came to this course “Open to Receive” which actually became the mantra the angelic realms asked us to adopt at the beginning of the course. The knowledge, spiritual connection, deep clarity I received about my life’s mission and subsequent tangible manifestations have left me eternally grateful and deeply moved.

“Divine Manifestation” truly exceeded my expectations! I never expected that we would be connected with such ancient sacred knowledge, dating back to the Egyptian Mystery Schools. When the Arcturians made a surprise appearance I was ecstatic, as I realized they had been coming into my consciousness several months prior to their appearance during your course!

They had been communicating with me through Visions and Sacred Geometry patterns and that communication greatly intensified during your course.

During your Live Webinars, the Arcturians were actually “downloading” me with very detailed information regarding a special project I am working on, and each time you brought them in to speak, the vision they entrusted me with grew exponentially and began to take amazing Shape and Form – literally morphing before my eyes and taking on much greater Spiritual Significance!

It is difficult to explain how amazing it feels to receive these kinds of visionary downloads directly from a group as knowledgeable as the Arcturians, who have such a deep understanding of the Evolutionary Process we are currently undergoing! I am forever humbled and forever changed.

Aside from the personal downloads I received, I was simply blown away by the information the Arcturians shared with us as a group, including the Divine Creator’s Plan for humanity to achieve Oneness and Wholeness in Unity Consciousness!

We are literally on our way to becoming the “Avatar” race (like in the James Cameron movie) and by participating in these courses, we can become the nucleus and forerunners of that new race, paving the way for many others to connect with these Galactic Emissaries and learn how to achieve Global Unity and Peace just like they have already achieved in their own world.

We will never have this opportunity again, so if you want to be part of the School of Manifestation and help humanity become WHOLE again – become ONE again – I urge you to join us in the next course which will be taught directly by the Arcturian Ancient 7!

The Ascended Masters asked us at the beginning of the course to completely surrender to Source/Creator and no longer focus on lack or limitation in any way and simply trust completely in the Higher Realms to help divinely manifest everything we need, as long as it is in Alignment with Divine Will and the Greatest Good of All.

Well, I actually did this for the entire duration of the course and I felt as if a tremendous weight of anxiety had been lifted from my shoulders. I felt lighter, happier, more grounded — and could actually focus on the course material and the instruction being offered, without the daily distraction of monetary concerns.

And to thank me for my Act of Faith, the Masters have already bestowed many gifts upon me – some were gifts of Spirit (truly priceless) and others very needed material resources.

The intangible gifts of the Masters have already helped me, in just over a month’s time, to more fully step into my Power and speak my Truth as well as gain increasing clarity about the path I will be traveling as a Guardian of Planet Earth and a Steward of the Sacred Divine Earth Blueprint. That alone is of immeasurable value.

As for the tangible gifts, here they are (to date), encompassing just one week – 7 days – from the completion of the first course.

I have been engaging in private sacred ceremony / meditation with the Ascended Masters and Arcturians each week of the course. In Week 4 you shared some of your personal experiences with Divine Manifestation and learning how to implicitly trust the Higher Realms. One of the suggestions you made to our group was to set aside a small amount (even $10 or $20) towards something we wish to manifest as an Act of Faith.

Well I did this. During one of the meditations I purchased a Domain Name for a project I am working on and wish to manifest. It was about all I had left on a small credit card I have (the ONLY credit card I currently have). Here’s what happened the following week – in Week 5 of the webcast.

Just as you were completing the final Webinar on July 31, 2013, I was conducting a private brief meditation/gratitude ceremony with the Arcturians and Ascended Masters and had 3 candles lit. My ceremony concluded in the last moment your class ended.

Literally 3 minutes after the class and my ceremony concluded, I got this email. I have been trying to sell this ring for several months, to no avail, and I really needed the funds. The person who sent me this email ended up meeting me and purchasing the ring for exactly the price needed exactly 3 days later!

On Jul 31, 2013, at 11:06 PM, craigslist reply 0380 <> wrote:

What is the best that you will do for the ring?  I’m really interested in it if we can get the price right. Let me know, thanks.

Here is a picture of the money I received in cash for the ring — $500.


So in essence the Masters took my $10 “act of faith investment” and turned it into $500 a week later! It was total confirmation to me of what you are teaching us and what has happened in your own experience.

The next Divine Manifestation came for me 2 days later. This opportunity was mentioned to me the day before I actually got the money for the ring – that I would be asked to take on some added duties at work for a few weeks – which would involve a Bonus incentive. At first the offer was for $50 but then my soul sister Arlene (who also participated in your class and sponsored me) felt strongly that I needed to be compensated $100 extra per week.

When Monday came, I did not have to ask for the xtra compensation. My manager simply stated that it would be $100 per week if I met the goal!

That same morning, I got the monthly newsletter in my door from the apartment complex where I live. Each month they hold a drawing for those who submit rent early to receive $100 off of their rent. I have lived in this complex for a year and never won the drawing — until today! I was absolutely stunned to see my Apartment Number as the winner.

Here is a snapshot of the “winning” newsletter:


What was even more astounding is that the newsletter was printed on VIOLET paper. I knew immediately this gift was from St. Germain and that he wanted me to know it was from him. In all the time I’ve lived here, they have never once printed the newsletter on violet colored paper!

I was literally crying tears of joy this morning. I am so touched by the love and generosity flowing from the Masters and the Arcturians right now! What makes this so incredible is that I have truly struggled for a long time to simply make ends meet. Often I have been behind in paying bills and barely able to buy groceries some weeks.

But now that I am surrendering myself to the Higher Realms and offering myself in Higher Service, they are showing me that I am on the right path. I have never been so clear about what I am here on this planet to do. I have never felt so confident or so detached from materialistic concerns. I feel as if I am finally learning how to Co-Create……and Co-Manifest.

That requires a deeper, stronger connection with the Ascended Masters and the angelic realm. You have already helped me strengthen that connection exponentially dear Saryon. I just cannot thank you enough!

I am truly honored to be a willing student enrolled in the newly dedicated School of Divine Manifestation and cannot wait to see what miracles will unfold in the 7 weeks of working directly with the Arcturian Ancient 7!

In Deepest Gratitude,

~Rebekah Gaymon~ (U.S.)


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