Amma Sri Karunami

Nearly a week ago, I experienced a visitation on the inner plane with Sri Karunami.


I always like to acknowledge when a Living Master shows up like this because it feels like a blessing that is meant to be shared, and if some of you have never heard of Karunami, I am happy to introduce you.

I first crossed paths with her in Boulder, Colorado when I was living there, and later saw her twice in the Bay Area.  She was the first Living Master that I ever received Darshan from, which is a personal blessing.  Technically, by the strictest definition of the term, Darshan refers to even having a sighting of a Living Master, but like other Masters she offers personal blessings to individuals during her tours.

Karunami spent a long period of her life meditating in nature before she was guided to bring the blessings of her enlightenment to the world.  Having personally experienced her touch on three occasions, I can definitely say that she is one of those rare living saints that embodies the touch of the Divine Mother.

When she appeared to me the other night, it was not the first time that she had visited me.  Since meeting her and receiving her blessing, she has come a number of times and I always experience her presence as one of divine transfiguring love.  I am writing about her now because she goes on tour quite often and there are lots of opportunities to see her, both in the United States and abroad.

She is always fundraising for charities back home, and the people who organize these events for her do a great job.  I highly recommend meeting her to receive a personal blessing if you have the chance.  She has, at times, come to me with a message, like an angel, and on one occasion gave a very inspiring message to me for a friend. She watched over people, long after meeting them.

To learn more about Karunami, Click Here.


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2 replies

  1. Saryon,
    I am so delighted that you are connected to Amma Sri Karunamai. I first connected with her in 2007 at a retreat I attended in CA. I have yet to meet her, however, I listen to her singing the Gayatri Mantra often. It is another honoring of you and who you truly are. This is a wondrous connection for us all. Thank you for your sharing. ~ Pamela

  2. Oh my goodness, Michael- this is so interesting to me! I also went to the Bay area to see her. Karunamai was also the first living Master that I received darshan from! What are the odds?

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