A Message from the Arcturian Ancient Seven

We are here.  We are the Arcturian Ancient Seven.  We are coming to you now to add our vibrations to the group that is forming to receive the Arcturian transmissions of light.  We are delighted to be guests in the School of Manifestation.  We are now establishing the Arcturian Portal as a part of this school on the inner planes.

We speak to you as a group today because the portal we are opening is a portal into the Arcturian group consciousness, and those who will interact with this portal will interact with our group of seven.  We would like for you to become familiar with us through the vibration of seven and to feel the seven of us within your consciousness. 

The Arcturian vibration has become synonymous with many resources of energy and consciousness in the galaxy.  There are many stars and gateways into the higher vibrations that are a part of us. It is difficult to describe the relationship that the Arcturians have with these pathways for creative energy.  We work in service to a Divine Blueprint that we awakened into and discovered. 

We discovered something about the relationship between the consciousness of beings such as our selves that had evolved through a planetary experience, and the consciousness of very vast, multidimensional pathways and conduits for energy that are part of the multidimensional fabric of creation in this galaxy.  We are so fused with the blueprint of the galaxy that in some places we do not distinguish very much of a difference between the Arcturians and the portals and pathways of consciousness that we manage. 

In some places we have become more like incarnations of the stars and the presence of consciousness that they hold, more so than the way we once knew ourselves as incarnations of a living world but, we have retained an ability to pair ourselves with any form of consciousness in the universe; and our memories of planetary experience will forever characterize part of our truth and our purpose to serve those who are evolving and graduating from the planetary experience.  We are here now to pair ourselves with you — to exchange knowledge and love.

It is important for your spiritual growth to not view the Arcturians as greater or more advanced.  We achieved our advancements in a time reference before this current stage of human evolution and so we appear to be more spiritually and technologically advanced, and yet, if you were to meet yourselves from thousands of years in the future you would see that we are very much the same.  It is the presence of that sameness that allows us to relate to you and pair with you more deeply, because your potential as a civilization is more alike to what we have demonstrated than it is to a great many others.

The Creator is positioning humanity to make very similar conclusions about your evolutionary potential – conclusions that parallel the ones we made.  Our presence here, in part, is a way of confirming the validity of those conclusions – conclusions that will allow you to make certain decisions as a species that will define the direction of your growth both spiritually and technologically over millennia.          

Our presence here holds the potential to connect human consciousness with many pathways for energy and living information that would allow you to learn about the galaxy and assimilate a great deal of knowledge from other systems of reality.  We bring this connection to you and establish this portal here, in this school, to educate you about this potential. 

This group is one of many that are working on establishing a mind-link into this network of resources through the Arcturian vibration and it represents a unique opportunity, for each group has its own strengths and unique potentials.  Each one is creating an opening in the vibration of the Earth where knowledge from the stars can be seeded and made available.  Even those who have no knowledge of these Arcturian working groups will benefit greatly from the work that is being done here.  You are helping to establish pathways in humanity’s emerging collective nervous system that make the Arcturian vibration more available for those who are opening their minds into the Arcturian network of connections.

Archangel Metatron’s overlighting of this group is also helping to complete part of the Arcturian project to establish certain pathways of light in this region of the galaxy.  The Earth is being opened as a portal for the Metatronic Light to be broadcast to many other worlds and systems of reality.  Here in this description you may see more of the relationship between the Arcturians, the Earth, humanity, and the Divine Plan.  We serve you not only because of our care and devotion to the Earth and your human potential but because of a Great Convergence where the Arcturian Mission is aligning with the work of the angels and of the Christ energy. 

For some that will hear this message, there may still be a degree of caution towards opening to connect with the Arcturians but we will never place your alignment with the Arcturian energy over your alignment with the Christ energy and humanity’s own Source connection.  The Archangels are protecting your Source connection.  We are able to come to you and pair with your consciousness because we have entered Earth’s vibration through the Archangelic Channels that protect your alignment.  There are others here that disregard the Presence of Light and the truth of your soul’s vibration and its place in the Divine Plan. 

The Masters and the Angelic Realms will gift you many times with the light that is being transmitted in this training.  The Arcturian gifts are only part of what will come to you as you open to the multidimensionality of your own souls.  All we wish is for you to receive what we bring to you as an unconditional gift.  We are here to support you with your own missions and directives. 

There are some that will come to this group because of their affinity for the Arcturian vibration.  Some will want to serve and receive more from the Arcturian presence.  Some of you are very familiar to us and we have worked with you before.  Others may come to this group seeking contact and the means to open your channels to an experience of connection with the galaxy.  This course is a preparation for contact, and yet, we will be exploring the many forms that contact with a greater reality can take. 

We wish to step you into an experience of connection with the Arcturian energy, to provide a link into an experience of yourselves as galactic beings.  What better way to do this than with trusted friends?  The Arcturians had to pass many tests to be given the responsibilities and the privileges that we have.

Not everyone will progress towards this part of the shift at the same pace, but for all who join this group there will be an acceleration.  Most importantly we wish to assist you to deepen your relationship with your own bodies and with the resource of knowledge that is in your DNA; and though your interests in furthering the Arcturian/Human relationship will be continually supported, we are here more importantly to help restore your sacred connection with the living intelligence of the Earth and of the design of your bodies.  

If you had any idea just how much knowledge is stored inside the Earth, you might not be so interested in other worlds.  In our view your world is FAR more interesting and more rich in the kind of things we value as spiritual beings.  You do not realize what you have.  Earth’s ancient purpose is reawakening within you, and if we are successful in our work with you we will be able to convey to you the truth that we see inside you that you have difficulty fully seeing in yourselves.  The Seven of us are here to be mirrors for you in this regard, and so we hope that you will honor the balance and see that you have as much to offer this galaxy as we do.  What you have been given to steward deserves to be valued and protected.

We wish to educate you about your true power as guardians so that you may protect the Earth in ways that you do not yet know how.  You do not have to have great material wealth or political influence to exercise this power.  It is part of who you are and how you are made as guardians.  You have the power to do amazing things with your consciousness to influence people and beings across great distances.  We see that you will first do this with each other as you awaken the human population and restore balance to the world, but the same ways of being and focuses of attention can be applied to influence many other systems of consciousness that you will have contact with in the future. 

Though you would consider the Arcturians to be an ascended race, we (the Seven) represent those who were like your Ascended Masters in our ancient times, long before the Arcturian civilization graduated.  We were among the Master energies that taught and guided a great many emissaries of the Ascended Master consciousness.  This is why we are on such familiar terms with Saint Germain and the Masters of Shamballa that you have come to know. 

(At this moment, Saint Germain entered the room and I felt bathed in the Violet Flame.)

Saint Germain: Well, now you can see that this school is where the Arcturian Stargate meets the Violet Flame.  I am very fond of these Arcturians. 

Saryon: There is a beautiful blending taking place of the Arcturian vibration and the Ascended Master energy of Shamballa through this sacred space.

(It felt like the Seven and Saint Germain were embracing and blending energies, and I felt them both merging in my channel.  I heard all of them talking and didn’t know where to focus my channel until finally Saint Germain spoke the message below)

Saint Germain: I am so grateful that God has created such wonderful companions for us in this galaxy.  The revelation of this relationship can only inspire wonder, fascination, and awe about what is still in store as all of these children of the Creator awaken and meet one another (speaking about the whole of the galaxy).  The joining of the Arcturian vibration with this school is symbolic of events that will occur in many other times and places.  I foresee many human souls going forth as emissaries in vastly different times to teach in the multidimensional schools of other worlds, just like these Seven Arcturians.  There is a great potential being unveiled here . . .         (more messages forthcoming)

This is an invitation to join with the new Arcturian Study Group in the School of Manifestation.  If you are interested in registering for the Telecourse, Click Here to visit the registration page, or consider joining our Mailing List for exclusive content and opportunities to cocreate with a global group of lightworkers through the School of Manifestation.

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3 replies

  1. Hi Michael,

    Your posts are very interesting and I wanted to give you some measure of feedback even though I am not in a position to participate actively in your teleconferences.   Your feelings and evolving sense of mission in life come across very clearly.   Have been involved in building a practice at one time I understand the challenges of trying to build this up over the internet.   I think your approach strikes a balance between simply letting it happen without any “nudging” and overly promoting the concept.   I do realize it’s an intensely personal process and wish you the best of luck in your work.

    I was rather surprised to read that your guides feel that the ascension to 4th or 5th dimensional energy is several hundred years away.   So many people are viewing this as something that will happen within the next several years.   The accounts that are most credible to me come from people who have direct contact with ET races.   Simon Parkes from the UK is especially credible in my opinion.  

    This of course raises an interesting question about the nature of the “ascension” process itself.   Perhaps there are several components that involve energetic shifts as distinct from higher spiritual awareness.   Specifically perhaps we will move into 4th dimensional energy bodies fairly soon but require additional  time to manifest the spiritual side of the equation.

    One of the repeated cautions I read in the contact notes with extraterrestrials guiding the progress of events on earth is that they warn against any “channeled” material.   Apparently there are enough negative forces around such that one can’t really be sure as to the bona fides of whatever is coming through.  A group called the Archon network is especially active in this regard.    I wonder if you have any thoughts about this. 

    While you are in a position to use your own discernment with regards to your experiences,  I think this poises a real dilemma for the rest of us. 

    Good luck on your journey. 



    • Hi Julian,

      Thanks for this comment. I wanted to respond directly to several of your points/questions.

      First of all, my understand of ascension does not just come from things my guides have told me.
      I have traveled out of body into the future and leaped into many of my future incarnations, as well as having had extensive contact with our futures selves from 1000s of years in the future, who have told me how things happened. I don’t know that I or the guides said that the ascension into the 4th or 5th dimension won’t happen in some form in the coming decades. I was more specific about what I have observed, which is that the shift into our pure light bodies is still many, many centuries away. What is occurring is a blending of the 3rd, 4th and 5th dimension. All of these dimensions are getting closer together.

      I was actually aware in 2007 of a moment when the density of the Earth shifted from 3D (D as in density) to 3.1 D. So, we haven’t even shifted to 3.2 D yet. I am sensitive enough to tell. Someone asked recently if we are shifting for 4D or 5D, and I explained that the 3rd dimension is becoming more 4th dimensional and the 4th dimension is becoming more 5th dimensional. That is the best way I can describe it. My friends that have crossed over and in the Afterlife region between 4th and 5th tell me that they are feeling the effects of a slight densification, as they are also watching our light increase.

      I do foresee a Great Event, or planetary shift, perhaps before the end of this decade. This is what everyone is aligning with, energizing, contemplating, speculating about. This is only the first of 4 such shifts that will occur over the millennia, the fourth of which will be the one where we go completely into our light bodies and are able to fly around and change into balls of light. Too many people are thinking or predicting that this 4th shift is actually
      the first, but we still have many other stages of growth and evolution to go. Before that we will still be physical beings, though at a higher vibration, and able to manifest things at will. This current shift is characterized by moving into peace consciousness, and the arrival of the Christ Energy in a way that will make the resources of collective consciousness available to
      begin accelerating our evolution and learning. There will also be a miraculous restoration of the environment in some ways that will be globally recognized as a direct intervention of the Creator, but this may not happen all at once. There is also the crossing of the threshold into awareness of the Galactic Community. I am quite certain though that even after all of
      the highlights of this particular planetary shift, we will still be in physical bodies. We will be somewhat lighter, yes, and a lot of the darkest elements of duality will have been cleared away, but we will still be living in a physical world, dealing physical challenges that will continue to provide some of the impetus for change.

      The key that people are missing is that planetary ascension is a long term project that we are just beginning. Globally awakening into alignment with the Timeline of Ascension, and beginning that process is a huge deal, but the ascension movement is still be characterized too much by this old information from last century that tried to teach lightworkers that we would all be beamed up into Commander Ashtar’s ship. I actually had contact with the Ashtar Command and simultaneously was contacted by lying ETs that tried to distort the incoming transmissions with a kind of spin that I am still seeing in a lot of the channeled material out there.

      As far as ascending into the 5th dimension by the end of this decade, the opening of a frequency of universal love through enough people linking with the Collective Heart of the Masters, and perhaps, moving into mastery themselves — this will bring us in touch with a 5th dimensional consciousness, but actually getting the whole of humanity up to speed with living that consciousness will take more time. New schools of cocreation will be build that focus on leadership, empowerment, and inspiration.

      My focus has always been the shift into peace consciousness because this is something the masses can digest. Trying to teach everyone about ascension when there is so much miss information out there is a challenge. As for discernment, those people warning about channeled material, especially from ETs, are right. I occasionally review some of what others are “channeling” and most of it either the person’s ego passing itself off as a higher being, just for the attention, or there are often less than light energies that are interfering with people’s channels.

      You will have to use your own discernment regarding where my guidance is coming from, but I have received such an incredible number of visitations by Ascended Masters, Archangels, Angels, Christed ETs, and other manifestations of divinity, I cannot deny to myself that I have been chosen to bring through information that is protected from very high levels. Even the ETs that I work with say that there it is hard to reach people because of the interference and ego and that I am among a very few that have the level of integrity that they look for in a channel. Saint Germain trained me personally. That doesn’t not mean that I don’t have my own filters for information, but I am also surrendered to the plan of the Masters to continually upgrade me as a channel so that I become a more and more clear all the time. Hope that helps. Thanks for your comments!

      PS, I had an experience where I leaped into my own body in the year 2063 and it still felt like a physical body to me. I think it might be more accurate to describe the shift before us as one that is about changing the resonance of humanity, more so that there being a dimensional shift. People are emphasizing a dimensional shift, and that is part of it, but we have to change the resonance of humanity first before we can ascend together as one. That is why I believe that this planetary shift is less about a dimensional shift and more about a relationship shift — a change in the way we all relate to each other. The other shifts that will happen in the coming centuries will become progressively more dimensional, as we will have mastered the relational part. Just wanted to give you an idea of where some of my information comes from.

  2. Just wanted to give you a shout out, nice to see some of my images used in such good context 🙂 Was searching for google images for arcturians while stumbled upon this. Read through your text, I can feel you are a clear channel, that is good. Keep up the good work!

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