Meeting the Arcturian Ancient Seven

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Having just channeled a new message from the Arcturians for my blog, I realized that I needed to first introduce these new guides.  In mid-July, during the third week of the Allowing Divine Manifestation telecourse, Saint Germain acknowledged a group of Arcturians that came to speak with the students of the School of Manifestation.

This was a great surprise, though we discovered that many people in our group held a great interest in, and affinity for, the Arcturians.  We received three messages from the Arcturian group during the course and they announced just before the week-four webcast that they would be directing the next telecourse, beginning the last week of August.

Here below are excerpts of the first channeled message when they introduced themselves to the group and talked about the Arcturian mission:


We are the Arcturians, and we have come to you this day to share with you a part of our vision.  We are a group of seven ancient keepers of wisdom and knowledge.  We practice a deep form of union with the planetary systems that we have served and the Earth is now the center of our focus.


We represent incarnations that, in our own history, bonded together many times through our deep knowledge and core commitment to the life systems and living knowledge systems of the worlds we have lived upon, including the Arcturian home worlds.


There is an opportunity for our group of seven to pair with your group, attuning you to the vision that we bring of humanity’s potential.  When a living world becomes a source of spiritual light and guidance within the universe, the ripple effects are far-reaching and cannot truly be measured.  Such a world is a Gift from the Creator, and each such living world holds the potential to bind together many regions of inhabited space that are somewhat disconnected (as a web of consciousness).  We see in this greater region of space many fragments of an unrealized whole.  Our dedication to wholeness is part of what has drawn us here for we see in you the opportunity to become a great source of spiritual light and guidance that can bond many systems of worlds together.


Achieving a state of human harmony is presently a great undertaking, and yet, it is also completely possible.  You, as a species, have been afforded a great deal of assistance for achieving this goal, which is essential to protect the Earth.


Our goal – not only the goal of this group, but of the entire Arcturian presence – is to bring humanity into alignment with yourselves as a life support and spiritual support system that can serve the ascension of the Earth and humanity far into the future.


What humanity is currently doing to its rainforests is a lot like finding a vast library full of books that are filled with sacred knowledge, but you do not yet know how to read the language in which they are written and so you are using the books for fuel instead, having no idea what is being lost.  We do not want the library of the Earth to become an empty one but, we see in this group that you do not need such warnings.  We say this for the sake of those of you that might carry parts of this message forward.


We are the Ancient Seven of Arcturus, and you may call upon us.  Over time, we will play a role in supporting each of you to bridge you into the knowledge that is present in the Arcturian field of consciousness for we wish to show you what is possible on your own world.


 You are God’s Gift into this vast region of space.  The Earth is God’s Gift to humanity.  Knowing this, feeling this, believing in this, you may help to transform and unify humanity with this knowledge in your consciousness.


The ascension of the Earth and of humanity is a long-term project.  It is not a process that will culminate in this century.  This is the beginning of an ascension process that will span many thousands of years and many planetary shifts in consciousness paralleled by changes in the physical evolution of the species.  How your bodies change over time will be a reflection of how your expressions change as a species.  We are aligning you with the pathway of all of these shifts over the centuries.  The currents of our love that are gradually increasing are the currents of alignment with this evolutionary pathway into the higher vibrations. 


This was from my first contact with the Arcturian Ancient Seven.  Only a couple of weeks ago they opened up my third eye briefly so that I could see their ship in the upper atmosphere at a higher vibration.  I am very excited to work with them for the upcoming seven week telecourse.

This course will involve delivering channeled messages each week and a weekly webcast.  We will also be doing discussion of the messages online in our private social network for the School of Manifestation, and we will be doing several other conference calls for live discussion.  It is going to be an amazing course.  Stay tuned for more info, or to register, Click Here.


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