The School of Manifestation!

I am incredibly excited to share with you this new project and cocreation with the Ascended Masters and the Angelic Realms.  July 31st/August 1st marked the official opening of the School of Manifestation. Over 80 people gathered through a live webcast event to complete the Allowing Divine Manifestation telecourse, during which the Ascended Masters inaugurated the opening of the school.

So much has happened in such a short period of time, so I wanted to recap what feels like a historical unfoldment of events.

When Saint Germain first spoke the word “Manifestation” in June, I thought he was giving me the title of a book the Masters wanted to write with me, but as they soon explained it was much more than that.  They inspired me to call together a group of people to receive the transmissions coming from a new multidimensional center for education that Saint Germain dubbed the School of Manifestation.

First Sananda came in, then Mother Mary, and finally Saint Germain: each giving an opening address and invitation to join with the work of this school.  By the end of the telecourse, we had also been joined by a group of Arcturian guides that call themselves the Arcturian Ancient Seven, and Archangel Metatron revealed His direct involvement with the school, having personally established it with the Ascended Masters.

Some people, myself included, had experiences of being aware of the inner plane training during dreamtime.  In my case, I saw the entire group of participants and found myself facilitating a group healing project in one of the inner plane classrooms.  Now I can actually feel this new center for consciousness on the inner planes, like a collective chakra that is becoming more and more present in our awakening group consciousness.

The central structure for this new inner plane center is the Temple of Manifestation.  Saint Germain brought the Violet Flame into the center of the temple and later said that this place was an extension of his Ashram on the inner plane.  Throughout the course, many tidbits of information dropped into our awareness about the structure and nature of this temple and I am excited about making these original channelings available in an upcoming ebook.


By Alex Grey

As I understand it, the revealing of such a place like this, as a new resource for human consciousness, is a very rare occurrence.  Saint Germain expressed that this is one of the few educational projects that he is directly overlighting and he said that he would personally be inviting more people to come to this school and participate in the offerings.  Jesus and Mother Mary will also continue to overlight the activity of this school as we move forward.

This is an exciting moment in both in the spiritual history of the planet, and also for me personally.  I have been waiting for a commission from the Masters like this but I had no idea what they had in store.  This is more exciting than I could have imagined!  And to top it off, the Arcturians came in and said they will be directing the next course.  Click Here for more info.

The old “Choose Peace Now!” banner for my work is being retired, and I have purchased both a new website and a new domain name.  I now own

Stay tuned for more from this new launch.  New articles, videos, and other announcements will be coming in the month of August, and I now have a new mailing list for exclusive content not available on the blog.  If you want to receive featured channelings and other opportunities from the School of Manifestation, please Click Here and join the new group.

This is an opportunity to link up with people all over the world that are aligning with the transmissions coming from this new center for consciousness.  This is going to be an amazing journey, and I want to share it with as many people as possible.

Blessings, Love and Light,

Saryon Michael White

PS:  Here is another image I like, by Gilbert William, that reminds me of the Temple.  I will have to commission some artwork at some point to hopefully create a visual representation based on my own impressions.


By Gilbert Williams


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  1. The Golden Grid is revealing for all…

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