Manifesting the Course


It has been very joyful these last few days, watching people manifest the new telecourse with the Ascended Masters. Many of the people who registered offered to gift their “bring a friend” option as a scholarship and so far this has perfectly matched with those who have requested scholarships.

Already, this course has inspired a feeling of generosity and helped to affirm an abundant universe for those that often feel unable to manifest things for themselves that vibrate with joy. I know there are lots of people interested in this course that have not contacted me yet, and I felt inspired to share a few thoughts about manifesting the experience that this course is about.

If you are one of those people who wants to participate but believes that you can’t afford it, or that you can’t manifest the course because of a lack of money, here is where your course begins. Abundance and joy go hand in hand, but joy is not dependent on having abundance.  Joy is an abundant feeling. It is a way to attract an experience of abundance. Let joy come first!

Start connecting with the joy of prosperity as a feeling, and then ask yourself who might want to join you in that vibration. If you are meant to participate, then someone will feel inspired about joining the course with you. Sure, you could just request a scholarship, but I hope you will think about co-manifesting the course with those who are seeking new opportunities to cocreate with the Masters.

This is not about looking for a sponsor and thinking about who might have the money for the Manifestation. This is about finding others who resonate with the idea of “Allowing Divine Manifesation” in their lives, and then representing the potential for others to align with you in receiving these incoming blessings of the Masters. Perhaps you know of a spiritual group that might be interested in the opportunity. Instead of trying to figure out who will sponsor you personally, just start sharing the opportunity of the course and see what happens.

Perhaps you are already feeling abundant and money is not the issue but, rather, time. Of course, not everyone can meet for the calls at the scheduled time, but that does not limit you from participating in the course. I want to inspire you to think bigger, and ask yourself, is there anyone I know that is in need of this course? Because half of this course is delivered through channeled writings each week via email, and because all the calls will be available for playback, logistics has less to do with Manifesting what this course is about than finding the inspiration to participate in abundant cocreation.

The inspiration you give to whomever you gift the course to will fulfill part of its purpose.  This is part of the reason why you get to bring a friend, or gift a scholarship when you register.

Whether you are opening to receive a gift from the universe, or joyfully contributing to the field of abundance, for everyone, this is about aligning with a field of abundant cocreation.

This is already shaping up to be an amazing international group and there is a lot of excitement from those who are participating. Please help spread the word and help us grow the container for the resonance of the Masters’ teachings.


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