Galactic Message on Human Sovereignty and Humanity’s First Prime Directive

 Channeled by Saryon

June 7th, 2013

Beloved friends.  Your voices have an impact here.  Your words, your feelings, your expressions of truth, ripple out into our community. We are delighted to know you.  We value your unique perspectives and, were it our choice, we would see that your perspectives were heard within all the regional councils of government that exist in space, that are inclusive of many worlds.

We see that there are those of you who are ready and willing to function in that capacity, as representatives of Earth but, at this time, we see that there are many worlds — many consortiums of star nations — that do not recognize humanity as a sovereign culture.  They do not see you as a sovereign world.

It is difficult for us, for we wish to see you being honored and welcomed into the Galactic Community by all who are aware of your presence. It is not often that a world such as yours awakens into such a densely populated region of space. We would like to see you become a sovereign world: recognized as an equal by all others; and believe us when we say that we will always advocate for your recognition in this regard, but the path to sovereignty is not so straightforward.

There are many agendas that are affecting your path to sovereignty: some internal and some that come from off-planet.  We would like you to consider how it appears to other worlds when you, as a species, do not value the treasures of this world; for even those who would use you and deny you your purpose as stewards of this world place a value on Earth’s treasures such that they believe they have a right to protect and claim these things for their own interests.

We are gathering now to answer the call of the Earth, and your desire to meet with us is a part of this calling. The mood that we hold at the moment around all that is unfolding contains a great mix of emotions. We are both excited and concerned. We are awaiting the arrival of certain forms of energy that will have a great impact in the world. We cannot yet see the outcome.


In any given moment there are many different versions of the world that you are choosing from. It is a rather complex process to describe in words but we see a reflection of many probable worlds in your emerging multidimensional DNA.  These worlds represent sets of choices that resonate together as choice fields.  These energies can wrap around each other and propel each other. It is a diverse mix of potentials and we see your uncertainty. We see great despair in the world that is based upon not knowing that you have a choice.  That is why your listening for guidance is imperative in these times, for you can make choices that will model for a great many others a pathway through these challenges into alignment with the highest expression of the Creator’s energy.

We see a period emerging where many agendas will be exposed. This will allow the choices that you are making to align with the Creator’s energy to be expressed and articulated in the face of these agendas.  Were these agendas to remain hidden your choices would also not be recognized for what they are but, there will be a great forum for the conversation regarding choice. You must define through your own guidance what the choices really are because the agendas that you are up against want to limit humanity’s awareness of choice.

We see this partly as a contrast between choices that will be presented outwardly (those that have been made for you) and the choice to align inwardly with a more holistic and unifying approach to solving world problems. Our choice is to align with you and, with the arrival of the Creator’s energy within you: to witness this arrival, to feel the restoration of Earth’s ancient purpose.

Our own faith in the Creator’s plan gives us hope, and the uncertainty that currently exists concerning the outcome of history is actually part of what we believe will fulfill the highest potential. The arrival of the Creator’s energy is partly expressed as an arrival of unpredictability, giving all forms of consciousness freedom to express but not enough power to take the reigns of what is happening. In this way, all the agendas, perspectives and drivers of change become visible so that you are faced with an overwhelming realization concerning your potential. To the extent that the convergence of all these agendas may feel confusing for some, this confusion is also what will bring many to seek the Guidance, the Light, and the Protection of the One. And this is where they will find their alignment with the Creator’s energy.

You are not the only ones that are being challenged to surrender. There is also a loss of control taking place elsewhere as many that hold attachment to the outcome of your history are being challenged to let go and surrender to the Divine Plan.  We will continue to guard and protect our ability to meet with you. As we have expressed before, it has been very difficult to formulate such pathways of communication, because of interference, and because the clarity of intent (on the human side) was not always a match for our purpose.

Even though there are many challenges before you with claiming your roles as guardians of the Earth and Her treasures; even though the world is run by institutions that do not resonate with this as a primary directive, it is important that each of you listening to this claim your guardianship roles and hold in your consciousness this aspect of your purpose, for this is part of what the Creator’s energy is sending forth; to restore this consciousness within the human family; to establish a civilization based upon this prime directive.

So do not be concerned about the obstacles. This awareness of your purpose is strengthening in the world.  By claiming this and aligning with this in your consciousness as if there are no obstacles; as if by simply choosing this, the pattern of human civilization will change and reorganize itself to reflect this purpose; this is what you can do.  This will accelerate the resolution of many of your environmental problems.

We are very thankful that you have heard this message. The number of people who will read this at first will be small, but we would have you know that the number of those who are supporting you from our end is very great. There are more than 40 ships with whole, complete communities living in space, that share a similar intent at this gathering point, to watch, learn, grow, and assist when possible, the process of your awakening.  We thank you for listening.


Commentary: It took a long time to get into alignment with the communication portal on the ship this time because of all the noise in my neighborhood, and this felt like a different ET speaker than before. It felt like I was bridging minds with someone who was like a government official on that level and it took a long time for all of the impressions to come together into a coherent sequence of thought. I heard the guides talking about the process of pairing minds through the communication portal and I was aware of a mapping process where words and concepts were being tested to see how they could come through in translation. It is not always an exact science but I felt our ET colleagues appreciated our (mine and Susan’s) patience. There is so much more waiting to be said and we could feel they are getting organized and ready to deliver more communications. Thanks to all of you who are helping build the audience for these messages.

Love and Blessings,




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3 replies

  1. Aloha, I received a “testing” message the other night. Felt they were just checking to see if I can hear them well. I have had this happen a few times when I thought there were going to be something major happen and then it was delayed but feeling good about this year.

    • That’s great. I had the sense that they are working on opening up many new communication portals this year to help disseminate info and build the ET/human relationship. After all, we are in a process of co-evolution with them.

  2. Gives me the drive to consciously align myself more with the divine plan you let me take a glimpse of! Thanks Mike! All systems go!

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