Message from the Arcturians through Saryon – 6-2-13


This is a communication from the Arcturians through my Arcturian guide, Tybot, who I have known consciously for more than a decade. Tybot’s presence feels joyous and full of humor though he often sounds commanding at the same time. Once I announced the Arcturians were present, Susan asked if they could send her some healing energy, and they immediately said through me, “Mmmm, We are always open to infuse you with more light.”

Tybot — Channeled by Saryon

We are coming to you joyfully!  Joy is our vibration. You were expecting to hear from your galactic group today, which we are also a part of, but we are surprising you now by bringing you an Arcturian message.  (Tybot was referring to my expectancy around receiving more from the galactic group we have recently been connecting with, and was humorous about surprising Susan and I.)

As you know, we are very much weavers of galactic memory.  The Galactic Web is our business; it is our project – to weave together memories of many worlds, to make them accessible to those who wish to surf the circuits of galactic knowledge.  We have journeyed far, and have come a long way in our work to weave this Galactic Web.

We have, at times, worked with various human populations, to facilitate this weaving, and now we are here again to reactivate these projects; to restore in human consciousness the open conduits that were seeded in ancient times: the channels, the guardians of knowledge, the seekers who form part of the grounding receptivity to this web that we are weaving.

All that is needed in some cases to activate a part of this web is a love vibration. By sending forth ripples and waves of love through this web we are able to stimulate your awareness of it, those of you who are already connected to it.  We are calling more to attune to this web that has been anchored.  There is much fun to be had here.  It is more than a place to remember.  It is a place where joyous reunions are taking place.

We emphasize that these reunions are not just in the future.  They are happening now, and so, opening into this galactic web of consciousness is a joyous experience.  A celebration is already underway.  We celebrate you.  We celebrate all that you are discovering. So how do you find the web within yourself?  How do you open your channel to it?

First, we are bringing it to you: those of you who seek it.  You need only to respond to this message in your thoughts.  This is a way of opting in to receive waves of love that are simulating connection on many levels of your being to this galactic superstructure of living memory.  But also, if you will attune yourselves to the energy and spirit of the celebration that is taking place; there are waves of celebration coming from the future as greater openings and events are unfolding along this timeline, and yet the celebration of reunion with your galactic family is happening now.

There is a beautiful image from your Avatar movie: the Tree of Souls, a place where you can port in with your nervous systems to the collective memories of a vast web of living knowledge.  This was much than a film for it contained within it many Arcturian seeded thoughtforms and ideas. The Galactic Community is very much involved in the seeding of some of these ideas that have shown up in film.  This one in particular: the Tree of Souls, appeared as a symbol of your emerging connection to the Galactic Web.


If you liked Avatar, you would enjoy the films on Arcturus (said humorously).  We are very experienced in the visual arts and the art of storytelling.  It is one thing that we feel very passionate about, and there are many stories unfolding in your world that are worth telling elsewhere; so you can be sure that what has happened here will be the inspiration for many galactic movies.

We see that many of you reading this are feeling hopeful upon hearing these words.  Know that as your friends, as your supporters, we are preparing to enter into your hearts in a way that will open you more fully to the Galactic Heart.  The Heart of Arcturus pulses in synch with the Galactic Heart, as an expression of Her.  We are extending part of this energy to you through this strengthening Galactic Web.

There are many important things to remember.  Some of the history that has unfolded in this region of the galaxy has been painful.  It has been difficult to process. And we see that human beings have been assisting with the processing of many unresolved memories from other worlds.  Many souls have come here seeking resolution, and were the Galactic Web to only offer you stories of pain, it would be difficult for some of you to open to this.  That is why we are bringing to you the Heart of Arcturus, as a remembrance of a galactic achievement that in many ways mirrors your own potential.

It is here on Earth that many worlds, many pathways, are converging to resolve differences and balance polarities into a vibration of wholeness, and of peace. You have been doing the work to qualify yourselves to receive the gifts that we bring that are of a very refined vibration.  We are very excited to offer our gifts.  Not all worlds are able to receive these, but in you, we sense you are capable.  There is a readiness that excites us.  And as you receive the gifts that we bring, you will open a potential for many other worlds to receive a similar gift from you.

We are here to empower you to give the gifts of your humanity: of a human spirit that is a unique expression of the divine; a unique resonance of the Creator’s consciousness that can become a part of those worlds that open to receive the gift of your presence.  We wish to facilitate a great exchange to take place.  There are many cultures that trade in resources, but we see a potential for a Galactic Community that trades in knowledge, love, and the very essence of being.

We are in command of such vast resources of love and light.  Truly we are in abundance.  So many are seeking after abundance in the material world, trying to discover and master the keys to living in a flow of abundance, but too often the concept of abundance is distorted.  You see, we discovered on our world that when you value love — the expression and sharing of love — above all things, abundance in physical terms, the sharing of wealth, all of this follows suit.  All of this is divinely orchestrated through the love vibration.  The love vibration will bring everything in touch with higher guidance. You need the love vibration more than anything because this will bring everyone in touch with the wisdom and councilship of humanity’s higherself.

Too often people seek the keys to manifesting material wealth; and the love vibration, and the mastery of love, is less important.  When love is seen as the greatest resource: the most powerful, the most useful, and the most unlimited; it will occupy your minds. It will come to dwell within you, and you will find that when you put love first, the universe will seek to resource in all ways those who are able to be conduits for love.  All the love that you need will be provided to you, from Source, from the angelic realms, from the awakening hearts of those human beings that open themselves to become sourced by love.  The love of your great teachers is with you, and we are here.

So, you are in abundance now! There is such an abundance of the love vibration.  It is piled up around you like gold.  How you will you choose to spend it?  Who in your life needs it the most?  Do you feel worthy of this?

Remember that the celebration would not be complete without you.  You are part of the Galactic Web.  You are part of the Tree of Life.  The opening and strengthening of this Galactic Web will allow more grace from the higher realms to flow into your lives.

At this time, we wish to begin preparing you to receive an Arcturian visitation in your consciousness.  This is a very profound experience as it involves surrender into a vibration of reality that is quite different than your own, but it will be a pleasant and blissful connection.  Such visitation will come to you in due time as an attunement.

There will be a great many of these inner visitations through the Galactic Web before the outer manifestations of our presence will occur.  We are preparing the world for many openings into a galactic field of consciousness.  These inner visitations are part of that preparation.  There will be more messages about this. Our presence today is intended through this message to help organize those who would listen, who are seeking the Arcturians.  We are responding to the seekers.

(Having received several of these inner visitations, I can tell you that they are incredibly blissful and activating. So happy they are going to be offering more of these to people. I wrote about my experience of this in the Arcturian section of my blog. This message is definitely an invitation, so please help spread the word because there will be more messages coming. Repost, Reblog, Like, Forward, and let people know that this blog is now a very active message stream for the high-level guides. — Saryon)


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  1. Thank you Saryon and Arcturian messengers! This message was very timely and inspiring for me. With Infinite Love & Gratitude ~ Ellia

  2. Thank you for this wondrous message and information. Blessings Pamela


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