Galactic Message on Disclosure and Honesty

Galactic Message

June 1st, 2013

(It took a long time to get my channel lined up with this communication because there were many different resonances showing up, but it finally came into focus. I perceived this ship stationed far out in space, beyond the orbit of Saturn.  This is the second such transmission from this group.  There were more guides present this time than with the first transmission.)

ET Speaker:  There are some 50 plus guides and friends who are gathered around this communication portal to align your channels with this transmission. That is why you were initially having a challenge honing in on the specific frequency as there are many patterns of galactic intelligence represented in this group, some familiar to you as Pleiadian, Arcturian, Sirian, and some that you do not have names for. We are all collaborating to bring to you our observations at this time.

We would ask you first to attune to the vibration of peace and friendship that exists amongst all of us here representing a diverse grouping of Galactic Families; and we are reaching out to embrace you in that same spirit of friendship as our Earthly colleagues.

There are many people wondering about where Disclosure will lead you as a civilization. Will it lead to the release of more advanced technologies?  Will it lead to contact with Extraterrestrial beings in a more open way?  Of course, both of these potentials are there, and yet we are focused now upon a different element of this shift that we feel is very important, in that it impacts human consciousness in a more basic, fundamental way.

We are talking about an inner shift around the pattern of honesty versus the dishonesty and denial that is so pervasive.  The Disclosure of the ET subject and presence is really part of a much grander shift in human consciousness around ending denial.  This denial has affected many things in your world.  It is, at its very root, a denial of oneness — a denial of responsibility.

There are many pressures in government throughout your world that are forcing people everywhere in positions of leadership to address this pattern of denial and dishonesty. The end of secrecy is really the beginning of a new degree of honesty in the world.  We share this with you now because it is important to understand how these patterns in human consciousness are connected.  The government and many other powerful organizations in the world have lied to you about a great many things.  They are actively lying to you, lying to the media; and in many ways the media supports this because the denial of oneness and the fear of facing the truth is everywhere.

People are afraid to see what is being done to the world. And so, this pattern of denial for any individual has the effect of reinforcing the dishonesty in government; just as the systematic distortions that flow through webs of power reinforce the collective denial.

We see the potential for humanity to move into a new pattern of civilization that involves more honesty in your communications.  People often veil the truth and seek to obscure it in their personal lives in precisely the same way that this is done on a very grand scale by your institutions.  So when you practice on a personal level being honest with yourselves and being honest with others around you; when you no longer seek to avoid the unpleasant reactions that can sometime arise from such honesty, not only will you progress more quickly and process through you lessons more quickly on a spiritual level, you will help to end many centuries, many thousands of years of various forms of denial.

You can collapse the psychological structure of denial that keeps the secret governments in place by changing the pattern from within; by no longer reinforcing the pattern with your own agendas of dishonestly.  Here we are talking about an evolution in the way you communicate with one another.  We are talking about the barriers to telepathy.  There are barriers are being weakened more every day.  They are being weakened by the presence of many advanced souls who are focusing more and more on the oneness of humanity, and your oneness with the galaxy and beyond.  These barriers are being weakened as the light and love of the angelic realms assists you to heal from old forms of protection that were rooted in dishonesty.

We wish to pass on our knowledge about this aspect of the planetary shift, for this was one of the things we had to address on our own worlds in order to come into a conscious relationship with this diverse Galactic Family that is represented in this group.  Our honestly allows us to merge vibrations, to pool together the resources of our consciousness and to apply these resources as a force of change in your world.

We see that throughout the world there are more and more people understanding honestly as a part of the evolution of your culture, and a way out of certain egoic patterns that reinforce separation and inhibit the coalescing  of consciousness through a field of oneness.

The dishonestly that plagues your governments and your financial institutions cannot continue beyond a certain point.  At the same time that this pattern is being used to control information and perception, it is also being used in ways that are self destructive and sabotaging to those who are involved — those who are the architects of this dishonestly.  There is a pressure forming inside of these webs of power for change to take place.  Presently many in the hierarchies of power feel as those they are running into a wall.  They are seeing how their dishonestly is hurting others and hurting themselves.

There are some people who are growing sick from their dishonesty; and gradually there are masses of people moving towards the realization of a great insight, that the extent to which each individual participates in these patterns reinforces them collectively, enabling people to do dark and terrible things in this world.

There are some who believe that you have gone too far as a civilization in the wrong directions to repair the damage, or to align yourselves with a path that can save you. There will be many voices crying out, telling the world that you cannot trust the world, that you cannot trust your community, or the people around you to make the right choices when systems based in denial begin to fail.  But what many do not see is the evolution taking place that is sometimes quieter, less visible, less known.

Many resources of love, wealth, and advanced teachings are emerging.  These are all part of a vehicle, like a grand starship that can transport you into the new paradigm and through the changes and beyond, to many more shifts in consciousness. We are speaking of the vehicle of your ascension.  Your bodies are part of this vehicle.  The resources of love, wealth and knowledge that are beginning to stream forth throughout the world, represents the emergence of this vehicle, and those who are drawn to these resources will enter the vehicle to become part of it and extend the pathway to others – aligning them with the shift into higher vibrations.

You will hear from people all around you that are affected by negative speculation, doubt, and fear; but the great news of what is changing will come to you more from within for a time.  It will look as though outwardly everything about humanity’s fate is uncertain, but if you attune inwardly to the new stations of consciousness that are coming online and broadcasting, you will hear and feel the news of victory after victory. New stations of consciousness are opening all the time, broadcasting a vision of oneness; a vision that is calling more and more people to enter and align to be feed by the knowledge of your oneness from within.

We are very aware of the frequencies that are being used in an attempt to trap you in a lower vibration of reality. There are many forms of technological — as well as psychic — pollution and interference, and you are all in need of support and protection from these vibrations. These countermeasures are being stepped up because the growing light in the world is seen as a threat to the webs of power. That is why we have been called here to assist you.  Love and Light is being made available to a degree much greater than these countermeasures.

Your work on the planet is too important. Those who try to cause separation with technology will only alienate themselves. The world is being claimed by love and light. Know that we are inspired by you. You are helping us to see ourselves more clearly and to discover another part of our purpose in the Divine Plan.  We are immensely grateful for the opportunity to serve, likewise we are immensely grateful for your service.

End Transmission

(I explained to Susan — who was meditating with me to receive the transmission –that I asked for a name for the speaker at the end. I believe the name started with an H and contained only vowels after that, and my mind was not able to settle on any form of a name. I know lots of people will be curious and wonder, “Who is he channeling?” and if I am able to discern a name I will always try to bring that through. For now, I am just happy that my connection to this group of Galactic Emissaries is strengthening.  They are wonderful beings and I really felt the energy of peace and friendship in the connection. Until next time . . .  )


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3 replies

  1. Dear Michael,

    thank you for this article! I posted it on Facebook!

    This could be of interest for you:

    Much love, Christiane

  2. There has been much interference from lower vibration off-planet beings. Staying in love and trust in your heart and mind are a challenge for the strongest. Possessions and lower vibrational beings speaking and acting through the physical humans is possible and very evident to those who sense these things. Many humans are still open to all vibrations, and do not practice protection or discernment..
    Know that only love exists in your loved ones, not the lower vibrations that are attempting to throw you into fear by their action or speech.
    Communications are based in vibration. Names, as we know them, are human vibrations sensed and formed by our physical presence and form. Each being has a unique vibration, and it may or may not translate into human sound as we know it. Feel the vibration, as that is the truth.
    There are many advanced loving beings who are coming in every moment to assist. Honor and respect is due them, and ourselves, as we are all gods.

  3. Reblogged this on and commented:
    I wholeheartedly resonate with this message. Cannot agree more. Becoming aware of where we have kept ourselves in the dark (through denial) and embracing our light of truth is where we must go and where we are destined to go.

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