Ever Had a Bad Reading? or Know Someone Who Has?

Almost every day I think about of all the people out there who are spending money on bad or mediocre readings. I hear other readers on the radio who can’t give an answer without going to a tarot deck or looking up the astrology of someone’s birthday — and here I am; more gifted, more conscious, more fully backed by the Ascended Masters and the Angelic Realms, waiting for the opportunity to serve.
After reading these testimonials — most from the last week — I feel compelled to share that when I post something like this, it is NOT just self promotion. People need to know about me so when they want a good reading with someone they can trust, they don’t end up wasting money on a bad or mediocre reading EVER AGAIN. Even if you are not ready for a reading, or cannot yet afford one, by passing this on, you are doing your friends a favor. Sooner or later, almost everyone has a need for something like this that can provide such clarity and help accelerate spiritual growth. Please read these testimonials below and let your friends know, not because I am asking you to promote me, but so people won’t end up wasting their money on something that is less than what I can offer. You will be giving someone a gift.

I’d love to share with you the most profound gratitude for our meeting and session, Saryon. It was so beyond a mere reading or session, truth be told! It was like a Divine appointment, a Holy meeting; and I received more than I could have ever dreamed possible. You spoke directly and astonishingly to what has been held quietly within the sacred sanctity of my very heart. You touched the purest essence, acknowledging it, bringing it forth. My heart now overflows with the sweetest nectar of love. So glorious! I know, absolutely, that this Divine encounter marks a life and a heart that is now forever touched and enriched. The gratitude that flows is infinite and eternal! You are truly a Gift from on High and I am so grateful! I honestly feel that your gift reveals the Hidden Treasure and offers the Pearl of Great Worth! I simply am forever blessed!

Waves and waves of gratitude for you, Saryon!

Smiles! — C.H.

P.S.   if any of my words are helpful for others to have even a glimmer of the glory of your gift, then please feel free to share.


Dear Friends, Family & Loved Ones,

Today (May 24th, 2013) I just had an amazing experience with receiving a reading from Saryon that I was prompted to ask for by Spirit.  I rarely do this as I am able to receive so much from my own inner guidance and circle of inspired friends and family, but somehow this took things to a whole new level and also bonded me with my long lost soul brother!

As a result, I would HIGHLY recommend Saryon – vouching now that I’ve had my own experience, for the highest purest inflow that I recognized as truly inspired, extremely intelligent and helpful, and which gave me an expanded and profound view of some aspects of my own personal journey and future.  As we are all viewing the elephant from different sides – I experienced that it really is amazing to have another “seer” share different perspectives and bring it into stellar clarity.  This is coming from a very high and very pure place. I sensed his humility AND his mastery, and recognized that some pretty High Beings and Masters work with him and through him.  Also, the Angelics who we both work with were joyfully celebrating this reconnection.

The messages that came to me through him were profound and accurate.  So… if anyone wants to receive such a gift- here’s a link and info if you want to learn more or set up a reading, which I highly recommend.  I would rate his reading with FIVE HEAVENLY STARS!!!  If you aren’t called to this, still you might know others you could share this information with.  Recognizing this as a gift from God, I feel so much gratitude and want to help endorse and bring such pure gifts and abilities into the light for service to as many as I can.  So I am paying it forward! http://www.saryon.com

 Blessings of Light & Love,


“Today (May 21st, 2013) I had a Skype session with Michael White (Saryon), a writer, public speaker, peace worker, energy worker and channel for spirit who is based in the US. This was my third reading with Michael and yet again I feel lighter, more centered, energized and clear-minded which has inspired me to share my experience as I am sure that many others out there would benefit greatly from a reading also.

Personally, Michael has helped me to let go of negative patterning and to purge old beliefs, which were no longer serving me, and to gain clarity around where I should be focusing my energy in the present moment. He has helped me to shift energetic blocks and recognize ways in which I have been sabotaging myself from achieving my highest potential by uncovering fears that I was not consciously aware of harboring.

As well as intuitive readings and counseling/coaching sessions, Michael can also help you to take your meditation and spiritual practices to another level. Wherever you are in life or whatever your beliefs are, Michael can offer a wonderful source of spiritual guidance which can empower you to become more balanced and allow more peace, acceptance and trust into your life.

The value of an intuitive reading with Michael is priceless. Hopefully my recommendation has come at just the right time for you if you are in the middle of making a big life decision or just feel stuck and need some guidance to move forward with joy and clarity.”

Emma in Bali


“I’ve been struggling with making a contact with my guides and angels and Saryon helped me see things differently. I finally found out the name of my Guardian Angel which I have been wanting to know for ages and he turned out to be much more impressive then I even dared to hope. Since that reading I have been filled with love energy at all times.
 Saryon also helped me figure out the background about a major theme in my life at the moment. And with that a heavy weight has been lifted off my shoulders, It’s odd how one week I feel literal weight over my heart, and burdens and worries, and next moment they are all gone.
After hanging up the phone I knew one thing – I will be back. When I feel I need clarity, direction or just help, I will pick up that phone again.
 Really and seriously, Thank You!”

Kristel in Massachusetts


“Testimonial . . .  
Very, very strange that I was planning on writing a testimonial for Michael (Saryon) when he called the next day after not hearing from him for a year. He is very telepathic, and this is one of the things that corresponds with my delight and awe of his readings.

A year ago, I found myself at an absolute loss in a relationship that I wanted very much and just stubbornly refused to give up on because it refused to take on any reasonable or happy shape. At that time I had an hour-long session over the telephone with Michael. The message I kept remembering over the following year through a very painful breakup was that I cannot take this person with me, and I cannot be at that person’s level. It was so strange to me at the time that two human beings who loved one another so fiercely seemed to be living in entirely different dimensions….. Try as I might my head was continually beat against the wall, trying to preserve this love.

A few days ago, while cleaning the closet (because my relationship fell apart and I have a new roommate) I stumbled across the tape again and listened to it…. There, I found that everything Michael said had not only come to pass, but was entirely true and still held things I know are coming, namely that I would begin to lose interest in being seen, heard, sacred, special….etc.

The reason why I would do such a thing is because I am seen, heard, sacred, special, but my family had never seen me as such, so I attracted the experience that my visibility in those aspects were unseen. He predicted that I would lose the desire, and then I would meet more people who could see and hear me. It is true. I have shed many people and gained truly appreciative ones and the freedom from the relationship and the new and improved quality of life is unfathomable.

During the year between the reading and now I spontaneously forgave my family who I had previously believed had done me harm. I now look back on such assertions as almost silly, just as Michael predicted. He mentioned that my guides are poetic and artistic like me… To which I scrambled a poem, which I also felt was written by my guides. The guides said the same things…. That none of what other people do is about you, and they cannot see you, and the front porch isn’t a bad friend.

The oddest part of the whole experience is Michael’s call the day after, about a new reading. He has done much to stay connected to his guides and I believe he has incredible advice from here and the other world. I highly suggest a reading. Even if it does not make sense to you now, just listen a year from now and see how his mind is in fast-forward for you! I love that dude!”

Jamie in Venice, California


Hi Saryon,

Thank you for the session yesterday.  The loose rocks in my lungs are gone after a year of rumbling and it is great to be rid of them.  I have been to 3 other healers about it and you cleared it effortlessly. This is great!


Stephen from Modesto, CA

(Note from Saryon: Though I included this testimonial, I want people to know that I cannot promise or guarantee physical healing and I do not claim healing powers. I aim to clear or shift psychological patterns – replacing negative affirmations and beliefs with positive ones – and creating forgiveness and resolution with the past, which can sometimes create a healing effect on the physical level. This is an example of a person’s potential to heal themselves, which is something I work to assist and support.)


Dear Saryon,

I’ve been communicating really well with the angels lately, and THEY ARE AMAZING!!! It’s absolutely mind-blowing how much they help me and answer me immediately when I contact them. I’m super excited to build a better relationship with them and hope that soon I can focus on direct communication or visitations with them and my relatives in the after-life. yay yay yay. So exciting!

Thank you for our reading, and for encouraging me to engage with them more. They’re absolutely amazing!

They’re helping me work A LOT and everything has come about since I’ve started asking them for help and talking to them almost every day. I wish I knew who they were, or their names, or what they look like so I could visualize something when I talk to them. Let’s talk about this more.

–Erika on the East Coast


“Saryon’s readings are gentle, comforting and loving. He brings focus and clarity to your mind and patiently works through your issues. He helps you feel more in touch with your guides and angels….very reassuring during these challenging times!”

Thanks for all your help, Saryon!

Love and Blessings,

Carol in Flagstaff



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