Tips for Connecting with the Archangels

A reader asks: Can you please teach me how to access Archangel Michael and Metatron?

Connecting with the Archangels begins with acknowledging the presence of your personal angelic guides. Michael and Metatron are so vast, and yet their presence overlights all the angels that work with humanity as spiritual guides. They are all one, so your personal angelic guides are like little Michaels and Metatrons. The more you acknowledge the angelic presence that is with you on a smaller scale, your access to the whole angelic hierarchy opens up.

What I am suggesting here is to not become attached to a specific goal of knowing how to access one particular being at first, but rather cultivating a daily relationship with angels in general, to build that connection into your consciousness more. It will be easier to find Archangel Michael or Metatron in your consciousness when you are able to look for them in the field of the whole angelic presence that you are connected to.  A little like having to join Facebook first, before you can link within someone’s page.

Know that you can all request to be trained by the angels to become better at communing with them and living your life in sync with the angelic presence. Ask and you shall receive.

I could write volumes about working with angels and it wouldn’t come close to what you will learn experientially from whatever angelic training experiences your guides will come up with to suit you. Just trust that heaven will respond to your request for training, and what I am saying here is just complementary to the training that you are already enrolled in.

Metatron is a vast multidimensional being of light. I once read that Metatron is the Chief of the Archangels, and I personally discovered this to be true. I was first introduced to Metatron by studying the Keys of Enoch by J.J. Hurtak, but you don’t need to read that book to form a relationship with Metatron. I did experience the presence of Metatron while reading the book though and realized I was dealing with a very vast intelligence.

Metatron is the Keeper of the Creation Pattern, from which all universes are made. It is helpful to keep this in mind when forming a relationship with Metatron because you are essentially contacting a living vibratory pattern that holds all of the keys and codes of creation as a single matrix of sacred geometry. There is no difference between Metatron’s Cube and Metatron. The Angel and the Pattern are One.


If the multidimensional universe was like a Facebook network, this pattern would be like Metatron’s profile picture, and the gateway into his entire online presence.

In my recent channeling from Metatron, notice that Metatron speaks as both an I and a We. I have even heard Metatron introduce himself/herself by saying “I Am the Metatron“.  I have never heard an angel add “the” before their name, but that is what Metatron did.

A being of that magnitude can speak for all angels as one, and yet what I find extraordinary about such a vast, multiuniversal being is that Metatron can personally address beings as tiny as ourselves, delivering information that is relevant to our little corner of creation.  Amazing!

So a key for accessing the realm of the Archangels is the understanding that they are a WE consciousness. The human species is also moving into our WE consciousness. As the WE emerges as a coherent resonant field, we will each be able to switch back and forth between identifying with the I and identifying with the WE.  Letting go of the I consciousness will help you to blend with the consciousness of the guides.

So, about your question, how to connect with Metatron: He is the Archangel of Light Itself. Therefore, Metatron’s presence is everywhere in the light. His presence is in all things. The key to making contact with such vast beings is to be in their omnipresence by not separating yourself and imagining that they are outside of you, or far above you, or distant in any way.

The key question is not “how do I contact the Archangels” it is: “How do I make myself available for contact?”

Personally, I have a special meditation corner of my room where I have a plant, crystals, objects blessed by saints, and other things that designate this as a sacred space. That little corner is my temple where I do all of my channeling. This is where I go to make myself available for contact. I don’t try to control who shows up, though I do sometimes make requests for certain beings to drop by. Your intention to commune with the Archangels will be seen and honored by your angelic guides, who will help you to make the connection, but with channeling, it is always best to let to of attachment to outcomes and be willing to drop expectations.

Just practice meditating and being open while welcoming and being grateful for the presence of the angels and Archangels. Another point comes to mind about really holding a focus on both and not just the Archangels alone. I was walking in the Redwood Forest one day, admiring the beauty of the giant redwoods when I heard the voices of the nature spirits and plants below me.  I heard them say, “Hey, don’t forget about us. We are special too!”

There were beautiful gardens of clover and ferns all over the forest floor, and they seemed to feel under appreciated by all the people that came to admire the giant trees. From that day forward, I became more present to the whole forest, no matter how big or small the lifeforms were.  That is why I am emphasizing to not leave out the smaller angels.

If you have a strong desire to be in touch with a certain Archangel, like Archangel Michael, you can bet that you are already in his radiant focus of attention. What I would suggest is to cultivate a relationship with the angels and Archangels by talking to them even when you are not in your sacred space.

Start including them in your thoughts more. Talk to them all the time and thank them for being there. Invite them to be with you all the time. Make it like a fun game; like it is your little secret that you have brought along an entourage of angels everywhere you go that are always there, working behind the scenes to orchestrate miraculous and synchronistic happenings.

Make dates with the angels and Archangels and say, for example, “On this day, at this time, for one hour, we will all meet and commune in meditation and share our prayers and good thoughts for the world — or explore our dreams of what we want to cocreate together in this life.” Make a date with the angels and then know that when you reach that time and you sit down with them to commune, the room will already be filled with the angelic presence.  Let the fun begin.

I had a very vivid experience once, while listening to a live orchestra in the Golden Hall in Vienna, Austria. Archangel Michael came to listen to the music with me, and I felt him listening to it through my human ears, sharing my human body with me. This was during my early angelic training as I was learning how to relax and share my body and consciousness with the angels; feeling their joy about being included. This was my date with Archangel Michael, and I knew that He had picked this experience for me because he knew how much I had always wanted to see a live orchestra.

The more you talk to the angels, include them, and invite them to share in your life, the more contact you will have. Your contact with the angels and Archangels doesn’t have to involve any special ceremony or being in a deep meditation. It could be as simple as sharing with them your favorite song and treating them like your best friends. Put on some music and dance with them. Dedicate a song to them. This is what builds the connection with the angelic realms into your channel, and pretty soon you will experience deeper experiences of contact.

Archangel Michael likes to help bring the truth to light, and whenever you need help speaking the truth or finding the truth, He is an excellent being to call in. He will always hold a vision of you in your true power. This is a higher form of protection than just shielding you from something energetically, because when you are aligned with His vision of your true power in GOD, you will embody the strength to overcome any darkness.

The name Michael also represents the universal Christ energy, and because both Christ and Archangel Michael are a WE consciousness, there is nothing wrong with wearing that name as a way to bring both Christ and Michael inside you. Try saying “I Am Michael”, “I Am Archangel Michael”, “We are Archangel Michael”.  It is a way of saying “I and the Archangel Michael are One”.

This is all about bringing Archangel Michael inside you and including him in your identity.  Try saying “I AM THE METATRON!”

If your intention is pure and you are being inclusive of all beings, you will be in the field of these names. It is like saying, “I Am One with the Being that is Metatron.” As long as your ego is not involved, this is an exercise in moving into the WE consciousness of the Archangels.

These are just a few things that came to mind, in response to the question.

Learning to channel and really mastering it is a life long process of refining one’s self psychologically to become a pure and selfless conduit for Spirit. Many people are seeking to learn the art of channeling, but the most important thing you can do if you want to become a channel is to focus on self-purification. Purify yourself of egoic attachments, agendas, fears, resistance to surrender. Work on becoming more selfless and egoless, and your channel will naturally start to open and become clear.

A year ago when I asked the Masters how I could further develop as a channel, they told me three things would help:

1) Dedication to the practice of meditation and pranic breathing. “Focus on silencing the mind and focusing on the breathe” they said. “Your readings will flow from that place”.

2) Gratitude. “Be grateful for all that the Masters are bringing to you.  Gratitude transforms stress and fear” they said. Everything that happens to us is part of our training, and we must always seek to find the gift.

3) Clarity of Intent. “Develop a clear intent to channel and be of service. Devotion to service creates the clearest intent”

Hope this helps.  I welcome more questions and feedback.


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