Metatron’s Embrace

Channeled by Saryon

May 15th, 2013

At this time, many of you are experiencing an acceleration of light: an increase in your light quotient. I am reaching out to embrace the Whole Light Worker Community. I Am Metatron.

The Metatronic Light carries with it many portals of connection into the higher vibrations that are being seeded through you as channels. We see each of you like portals opening to receive the Metatronic Light. There are many colors and hues that are fanning out across your plane, all sourced by the Archangelic Realms.  We have heard your requests for more tools, more light technologies, more ways of activating your lightbodies.  These are coming forth from the Angelic Realms.

You do not know how vast you are. As a Lightworker Community there is a tremendous wealth already present on the physical plane: a wealth of knowledge, a wealth of access to the living light technologies that are being employed for restoring your multidimensional DNA.

My embrace at this time is sourcing the linking together of the many resources that you have honed: resources in consciousness.  We are forming the lightworkers into one collective. This is our goal. The combining of your gifts will form light technologies that are made of living human energy.  The portals of activation being sent forth are portals that restore the connectedness between multidimensional groups of human servers who share similar refinements and abilities.  These portals of connection allow your presence and the presence of your knowledge and abilities to be in many places at once, to work in tandem and assist each other in the clearing work as you continue to serve those who cross your path.

You are use to working as a collective in this way, and at this time there is a need to activate the memory of this. And yet, this is a very different kind of collective that is awakening within you now.  You hail from many different parts of the galaxy, some even from other galaxies.  You are a diverse mix.  We are seeding now the potential of very new forms of light technology through the new collective that is awakening.

You will have new energy to experiment with and play with as your intelligence begins to pool together collectively through these portals of connection.  There is a very great freedom in allowing these pools of consciousness to play with and cocreate with you. There are many forms of light expression: creative expression that can activate people in new and inspiring ways.  You are going to begin to discover things about yourself that you did not know, even if you thought you knew yourself and your abilities very well.

There are many portals of galactic memory being activated.  Some of these portals are opening doorways for groups of people who hail from the same galactic source to remember together and reconnect with the knowledge of other worlds: knowledge that could not be fully realized by any one individual.  As lightworkers you hail from worlds that discovered their true power and potential as a collective resource to each other.

We wish to draw attention to a certain form of bridging that is taking place within the lightworker collective.  Many of you know yourselves as Starseeds.  Many are fond of this form of identification. There are also emissaries from the angelic realm incarnated on Earth at this time.  There are also Angelic Starseeds: those who hail from both galactic and angelic sources.

The Angelic Starseeds have incarnated as Angelic Emissaries on many worlds before to assist them to shift into alignment with the Angelic Kingdom.  We see an approaching integration that is quite profound for your world.  It cannot be understated how great a transformation this will be.  For many of you, knowledge of the Galactic Community is a very normal part of your awareness; but remember, for a great many people in this world this is still a very frightening and new experience.

There are many aspects of the old paradigm that still have a strong foothold. The displacement of these old belief systems is a very big deal.  That is why it is so important for humanity’s process of choosing its resonance that you are guided by those who have processed through such planetary shifts before. Angelic Starseeds support humanity to discover its connection to the angelic realms and to align humanity with civilizations that are guided by their angelic counterparts. This is why you are here; not only to be a bridge to the Galactic Community, but to the angelic orchestrators of ascension that serve all worlds.

There exists a great system of worlds that are aligned through their connection to the Angelic Realms.  The Angelic Integration that is taking place now is set to align you with this system of worlds in such a way that it could open the opportunity for an even greater and more profound embrace.  We wish to embrace many worlds in the Metatronic Light, to embrace many worlds as One Galactic Community.

Your example in this regard is critical to the development of many others.  We are preparing to reveal ourselves to many other worlds that have not been able to see or hear us in the same way that many of you have.  We are working with you towards a goal of Galactic Ascension, and so we wish to include more and more worlds in our embrace.  And even though many of you hail from other worlds and are here as Starseeds to bridge humanity into the Galactic Community, it is also important that you do not become too caught up in an outer focus on the Extraterrestrial aspect of the shift, for there are many important activations and integrations coming from the Angelic Realms to meet you from within that form part of your evolutionary pathway.

So we invite you at this time, those who have identified with yourselves as Starseeds, to realize your potential as an Angelic Starseed.  The angelic integrations that are taking place in your channels will link you with tremendous resources of Angelic Love and Light.

We are better able to form you into One Community.  And though there are other worlds assisting with these efforts that are your companions in the Galactic Community, they are also like pieces of a larger puzzle that you belong to.  The seed of Our total embrace of the Galactic Community is what We are seeking to awaken within you at this time.  Awaken to the Metatronic Light, for it is opening you to new vistas of being. Receive. I am the voice of Metatron.  We are One.


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2 replies

  1. Divine timing of this is magnificent.

  2. Awesome post, thank you for the reminders and explanations.

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