Message from the Angels of Peace

Channeled by Saryon

May 13th, 2013

Guardians of Peace! We are the Angels of Peace. We are here to protect the peace potentials that you have brought into this world. We share the same guardianship. We share the same intentions of peace consciousness. We are behind your efforts to clear the pathways of consciousness so that the peace vibration can take root.

We are partnering with the Blue Ray at this time that is being sent forth to clear certain structures in human consciousness that reinforce separation and duality. We see the lifting of these structures as a sign that more of you are ready to embody a vibration of universal peace. You could not surrender to the shedding of these structures without a true, pure intent to move beyond duality.

The lifting and lightening of the structures that have reinforced the illusion of individuality are affording you greater access to the resource of yourselves as a Global Peace Council. The Global Peace Council is a group body of consciousness that has formed through the inner planes with our assistance. We have overseen the formation of this council so that it can become a vehicle for the skills, abilities and healing vibrations of all peace guardians to be pooled together as an omnipresent resource for all.

The Global Peace Council is a platform, creating access globally to streams of consciousness that can nullify conflict and ameliorate discord and despair, making it easier for people to find peace within themselves. The presence of this human counsel globally is being felt more and more as its presence strengthens. Whenever there is a call for peace or assistance with any form of conflict, the resources of this council are now available. We will align all those who call for assistance with the appropriate streams of consciousness and will assist you to align your thoughts with the peace and harmony of all relationships.

It use to be that people would fight with one another and it would trigger unresolved energy and defensive patterns; and each side might often end up feeling trapped in some way, unable to expand beyond the conditions of duality. We have seen this pattern everywhere, causing the potential of peace to be stopped cold. People have often lacked the vision of the peace that is possible.  The structures that are being cleared from your minds will leave you with greater access to the vision of peace.

Every time we see conflict, whether it is played out between groups of people, or between two individuals, or between one person and their thoughtforms of the world; we see the peace potential in each one. We see the potential harmony. The part of humanity that has already shifted into alignment with the coming peace has made it possible for all to find that potential within themselves.

At present, there are bands of peace that are appearing in human consciousness where groups or collectives of people are sufficiently aligned for a river of peace current to flow. When these bands of peace appear, they reflect an alignment of intentions whereby many hearts and minds surrender their openness to be conduits for the peace that is needed in various places where there is great conflict and pain.


Many people look at the news and see conflict erupting in various places.  You hear about the hotspots; but what is invisible to the media is the arrival of peace consciousness and the way in which these conflicts are catalyzing peace in other areas.  These areas of conflict are like low-pressure systems that interact with other areas of human consciousness where there is a greater abundance of certain forms of energy to create a flow.  You are building your strength now so that collectively you can form into lightning rods of peace consciousness, opening to release from the Earth the resonance of fear.

People often forget or are unaware of how much peace there truly is in the world.  It is easy to see and witness severe conflict in other areas; however, the contrast is useful in opening your eyes to the degrees of peace that hold the balance of a greater reality.  And though the peace potentials in the world are very fragile in most places, it is important to recognize the vibration of peace that is already present in the air you breathe.

Be grateful for it and know that peace has arrived.  It has been seeded within so many hearts there is not a doubt as to whether or not the seed will activate to create the foundation of a global means to ascend. You are the founders of a paradigm of peace. This is what your future selves call you.  The conflicts that you see presently will one day be spoken about as the last conflicts that arose as the dream of peace was being catalyzed and fulfilled.

So whenever you hear of conflict in some part of the world, it would be accurate for you to imagine and perceive that there is ten times the amount of peace needed to heal the conflict, readily available.  If you seek to join your hearts with us, the Angels of Peace, you will further accelerate the joining together of all hearts with this vibration.

When you find yourself in a band of peace, you will feel within yourself a great calling.  You will feel a passion for peace that aligns you with the angelic realms. It forms you into a channel and conduit for the energies of the Global Peace Council.  These bands of peace will continue to arise and will be there to activate anyone who finds themselves inside this flow of current. It is for each one who experiences this to discern where this energy needs to be directed. Some of you will be called to create ceremony with this energy, to call the world into alignment with what you embody, or to release the duality within yourself. Some will be called to activate others and inspire others into alignment with these bands of peace. The work of peace is bridging hearts together for a great purpose.

When the strength of these currents pass away from their peak moments they will leave you more activated, more engaged, more prepared for the next calling. Just remember that you have resources available to you. When you find a part of yourself that is feeling trapped in duality, share your thoughts and feelings with the Global Peace Council inwardly. As you invite peace into your mind it signals the council to surround you and assist you to lift your thoughts and your gaze to find the peace potential that is there for you. It is becoming easier every day to transmute what remains of humanity’s duality.


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2 replies

  1. Thank you Michael for this channel. It is especially potent to me on this day- right after I just experienced a violent situation erupt between two family members. It was heartbreaking, almost demoralizing- yet in reading this message I was reminded AND compelled to join in a more full commitment the work of the angels of peace. Now I feel I have a power link to solution!

  2. A wonderful mechanism for peace from the scale of my own thought to that of international conflicts.

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