2013 Dispensation from the Blue Ray

From The Archangelic Council of the Blue Ray

Channeled by Saryon

The Blue Ray is being strengthened for you at this time.  It is part of a dispensation of energy to assist with clearing certain specific mental structures from masses of people who are ready to be engaged in this part of the planetary shift.  Right now, humanity is preparing to begin more of a shift in its collective brain evolution.  People have been evolving more as individuals; but you are on the threshold of evolving as a group consciousness.

Of course there are many structures that need to be cleared in order for there to be a resonance of group consciousness that can allow even greater shifts to occur. This dispensation is part of the work and efforts of the angelic realms at this time.  Those who are choosing this with Us will assist in the removal, from at least some part of the masses, of certain thought forms that have impeded more of humanity’s group consciousness from arriving.

There is a momentum, a push for certain forms of clearing collectively.  For some it will feel like a doorway is opening in their consciousness. It will feel very promising in terms of what is possible.  So thank you for opening to receive part of this dispensation and for aligning with it.  This is helping to ground the energies for many others.

We see the potential for a release to take place through some of the Earth’s portals.  Specifically there is a lot shifting through the western coast of the United States.  There are many aligning with the potential of throwing off more of the shielding that has been embodied; that has shielded more sensitive people from the experience of group consciousness. The Blue Ray in this dispensation contains a message for those who are aligning with it that hails from the Archangelic Councils. We are sending forth the message that it is safe to begin opening your consciousness into the higher dimensions.

This ray is an umbrella of safety provided from the angelic realms through the portals.  It is here to assist those who have embodied memories of experiences where the connection to the higher realms was disrupted or clouded, or the psychic web of connection there became polluted.  There is still a great deal of pollution that needs to be cleared. That is why this protection is being sent forth, to clear a path for you regardless of the vibrations of discord that still hang in the atmosphere, reminding you of times when it no longer felt safe to be connected.

Were it not for this dispensation it would be undesirable at this time to engage this degree of opening to psychic awareness; but this is needed and necessary for those who are open and sensitive and dedicated to service, to be organized through the energy of the rays so you may function like an emerging organ in humanity’s collective light body so as to anchor various ways of moving energy through the circuitry of the human collective that is awakening.

So for a time, the Blue Ray will become part of your channel, and a pathway for you to extend awareness and perception into the higher dimensions.  This will provide a boost for those who channel and for those who are open to connect with the angelic realms that seek this connection.

NOTE: Susan and I were asking our guides about an experience of the Sapphire Blue Ray that came to us the day before during a channeling session, which was quite healing and powerful. I had also noticed it coming into the last couple of sessions I had done with clients as well, and when we went to the angelic realms for more information, the above message is what came through, surprising us with an even stronger dose of the Blue Ray.

Our guidance is to keep aligning with the Blue Ray in our meditations for the coming months as this dispensation/process unfolds. I also saw a vision during this channeling of certain forms of psychic shielding being thrown off collectively, like watching caps burst from bottles, only the bottles represented portals in human consciousness. I specifically felt the presence of Mt. Shasta as this unfolded.

Connect with the Blue Ray in your meditations and focus on surrendering the mind and all of the old forms of fear-based protection that the mind developed in other times. Sometimes the protection mechanisms we develop can also block our potential to connect in ways that are good and beneficial, which is why the Blue Ray is assisting us at this time to put old memories in their proper place. The energy of the Blue Ray Dispensation carries forth a vibration of safety and trust in our connection to the angelic realms.

Hope you enjoy this image that a spiritual artist was guided to send me synchronistically only a couple of weeks before. Check out Mary Angelico’s website for more info.


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4 replies

  1. Thank you Saryon for this blog. I too have been using the Blue Ray Star Resonator for a while now. Your blog is very enlightening and empowering for these times. Thanks again.

  2. This is so meaningful to me ~ Thank you for bringing such valuable information ~

  3. Thanks, Mary. I can really feel the energy transfer right away.

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