Coping with Emotional Sensitivity

Many people struggle with emotional sensitivity and empathic abilities, and often develop coping mechanisms that are difficult to deconstruct. Below is part of an email response to a client that I thought might hold some relevance to others that struggle with similar conditions. This person is very dedicated to self healing but needed support to progress and was exploring the possibility of a session with me.


“I think where you might have had difficulty with self healing in past efforts has to do with the fact that the mind alone is not capable of healing the heart. Perhaps with your inner work, you were trying to affect too much through the mind, when it is the mind that needs to be healed with the heart.  When there is emotional trauma, the mind can become like the guardian, seeking to shield the heart to control and protect its sensitivity.  The mind becomes like a rock, temporarily damming the flow of the emotional body, but only through allowing the heart to expand can the flow of emotions move past the rock, and gradually wear it down over time.

The mind is excellent for programming and reprogramming the self, but it also needs to learn how to relax and allow the emotionally body freedom to just be.  The mind can take on the form of all the things you fear from the past, reminding you of the past at every turn as a way of protecting you from a feared recurrence.  So the mind often struggles against what it perceives as a host of things to be avoided, which inadvertently keeps out everything else that is good and needed for nurture and growth.  Ultimately we find that the mind is not always the wisest steward of the body and needs as much healing as the body.

It is very easy to give power to the belief that you are a victim of the body’s conditions, but the truth is that the conditions of the body bear the reflection of the conditions in your consciousness.  The body is there to show you a map of what is in your consciousness that needs to be addressed, healed, and brought back into the perfection of unconditional love.”


I will be writing more about empathic abilities and how to find your strength within them, but the remainder of this post is a testimonial from this same client who had her first session with me yesterday:

Dear Michael…Firstly

I wish to thank you for  your reading and channeling for me yesterday.  I found the information very helpful and very significant indeed.  I think you nailed things pretty accurately.

You can imagine, that I spent many  years, trying to fathom out my issues and what was causing them, and have  looked at literally everything and anything I could think of – leaving no stone unturned that I thought would free me from my prison of low energy –illness—and feeling a prisoner in this world – more so in recent years with my stubborn agoraphobia… I was impressed by certain aspects of my personality that were picked up on again were totally accurate too.

I had also thought that there were likely to be some kind of issue/s about being in my physical body, yesterday you have proven that to me beyond doubt – by what you  have told me about those aspects of my being, which were fragmented, and needed to be welcomed back  into my full soul component, so that I may actually have sufficient life force ..source energy to be here and live well in my  physical body.

I am very pleased that you provide the recording service too.

– Jane

Thanks, Jane, for this testimonial — Saryon


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  1. I have a question. There are loads of self-healing authors and books that suggest working through mind (affirmations etc). The idea is that mind-body-spirit are interconnected and it doesn’t matter where you start, eventually you’ll cover up everything. But I still have this problem with feelings and thoughts. When they both say different things. The heart says: “Oh, I wish I was just a happy relaxed easy going person who smiles at everyone” but the mind says: “Oh, it’s dangerous! Someone might make fun of you, it might be inappropriate and it will destroy your reputation”. And so on and so forth. I think I can relate to Jane’s issue, maybe if she want she could message me 🙂 Maybe through talking we could discover something (self-healing related). The main thing is, I also cannot find my “problem” that causes me to be so stuck. I also seem to have meditated and turned up all stones but I have no idea what’s the right thing to do. 😕

    • There is a lot that can be done to reprogram all levels of the self through the mind, but sometimes the mind itself needs healing. The mind can stop the heart from feeling and expressing if the mind is given the power to do so. When your mind is in control of the emotional body, this does create a problem when the heart is ready to be more free. You don’t have to personally be in charge of your whole healing process from the level of the mind though. Spirit, our higher selves, and our inner plane teachers and guides take care of orchestrating the life events and experiences we need to undo what blocks us. It is just a matter of recognizing the teaching that is unfolding experientially and facing fears and resistances along the way. Your mind obviously has a resistance to the free expression of the heart, so you need more experiences with trusting in your heart so the fear your mind has will be undone. Whatever power you have given to your mind to police your emotional reality, you need to reclaim that power from the level of the heart by letting your mental aspects know that you no longer need such protection. The mind can be its own entity with a separate personality from the heart, until the two are integrated, so you might need to let that part of you know that it is time to relax and trust in feelings more. Some of that mental fight that limits you will wear down over time. Sometimes trying to force a change in that part of you will only reinforce the separation, so what you need is to practice accepting both aspects of you, heart and mind, as equals. Pretend you are like the third person doing couples therapy with a male/female aspect of yourself. Just accept and listen to and honor both your feelings and thoughts, even if they don’t seem to be in harmony. When both parts of you feel listened to and honored, you will be more relaxed. Most of us are walking around with some kind of soul fragments, either in the mental or emotional or both, and we are struggling to become a greater whole. I will pass your message on to Jane in case she wants to contact you.


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