Exiting the Corporate World

For the last 8 months I had a unique opportunity to work in the corporate world, selling and implementing a pricey software package and providing tech support. The job involved getting to know people’s businesses inside and out, and I was a key player in landing deals worth tens of thousands of dollars.

For those of you that have followed me for a while, you might have noticed that I did not blog as much these last 8 months. And though I still did readings in the evenings and on weekends, it was not a primary focus. That is about to change.

Very recently, I had an encounter with the Master Jesus during which he showed me his memory of two disciples that came to him, hungry for GOD in a way that ungrounded them from their earthly responsibilities. Jesus admitted to me that he also had to get more grounded before he could begin his earthly ministry, and that there was a huge difference in the person he was before and after his grounding initiations.

These two disciples wanted Jesus to take them to GOD and complete their Source connection, but Jesus knew that what these two needed was some grounding work to get them back into there bodies; so he instructed them to get a job. He taught them that the way to GOD is service to others, and that when you are showing up for others, GOD will be behind you. This was a different way of looking at it for these two, but the work paid off.

My initiations over this last year and a half were also about becoming more grounded. Most recently, I was tested by the prospect of my employment coming to an end, which can be a very ungrounding experience, especially when you are providing for a family; but this test was matched by a feeling of GOD’s unconditional support. I found myself surrendering to the changes and moving into deeper and deeper trust in the divine.

For 8 months I had a unique opportunity to work in the business world; getting an education and grounding me through the constant necessity of meeting expectations that stretched me in a new direction. And though it was a momentarily frightening to see that source of income disappear, it became clear that I had passed a great spiritual test and was ready to move fully into my true vocation as a spiritual channel.

When I began the journey of this grounding initiation back in Oregon, I was instructed by the masters to get a job, any job. I took the only full time job I could find on the coast, working in a warehouse at Goodwill. After four months my family and I were able to move to Orange County to find a better opportunity and I took a job working as a furniture mover while reopening my practice of giving readings. After almost 6 months, I was grounded enough for the next opportunity, which ended up being the highest paying job I have ever had.

Last Thursday, May 2nd, I showed up to work and my boss handed me a check — my severance pay. Now I am free to do readings all day long, and the Masters have given this a green light.  My channel feels more aligned than ever, and I feel the quality of my work has gone to another level.

I am more excited than ever before to offer my service to people, and I can feel the light increasing inside me every day, all because I got grounded. This is truly a new beginning for me. I have come so far, healed so much, and grown wiser and more evolved. I feel nothing but gratitude for all these grounded tests, and I am exciting to work with all of the new people that Spirit will bring to me.


While walking around our neighborhood, Susan and I came across this glass piece over someone’s doorway, depicting Ganesha. I am quite certain that Ganesha removed the obstacle of my job so that I could expand in a new direction.  It feels like everything has come full circle since I wrote “Getting Grounded“, the second post on this blog after “God is My Elephant“.

I will be blogging much more often from here on so stay tuned.  It is going to get a lot more interesting.


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  1. wonderful Michael – I am looking forward to all of your blogs!

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