The World That Might Have Been – part 4

Following the release of the Sirius movie, I had a vision that took me back in time to one of the original events of ET contact that triggered the paradigm of secrecy we have been living in. I witnessed the crash of an ET craft many decades ago and its discovery by the military. I do not know if this was the Roswell event, but it didn’t matter. It happened, and it had tremendous impact on our planet’s history.

Had this discovery been made by a different group of people it might have yielded a whole different version of history, but the reaction of the military minds that surrounded this event was fear-based. There were many shocking revelations that were terrifying to their world view. The military/intelligence leaders of today need to understand that the decisions that were made back then to conceal the truth were not made by the best of minds.

Assumptions were made that set history on a course with the present dilemma of ending a global paradigm of secrecy that has only reinforced humanity’s denial of the truth. In the world that might have been, humanity would have begun a process of self discovery that would have ultimately empowered us with knowledge that is sorely needed in the present. That knowledge has been gained by the few, but is limited in its affect because the basic truth that we are not alone is still being obscured by both secrecy and denial.

The original resonance of these terrifying revelations about ETs that happened back in the 40s is still vibrating in the land of America; still characterizing a drama that is unfolding behind the scenes. At present, the worlds of greater potential that might have been are more than echoes. They are pulsing into our present like cascading waves of light that can reveal to us the choices that we made as our other selves. We have entered into a powerful, multidimensional window of time when the resonance of these other versions of history are more linked together.

Through this event, we have the opportunity to undo the decisions that bind us to a lower vibration of reality. We can even release the resonance of fear from the land and be lightning rods for a whole new love based reality to ground.  The Sirius movie is helping to inspire a push for a reformation. It is a sign that we are moving in the right direction, and that we should all remain engaged and inspired by the potential for humanity’s transformation into a lasting age of peace. The world is ready for peace. It is only a minority that is seeking to hold us back.

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